Im a special soldiers blade out of the sheath(TV)[2012]
Im a special soldiers blade out of the sheath(TV)[2012]

《Im a special soldiers blade out of the sheath》Cast

Wang YanBing Jia Xu Play)

A full "small bum", accidentally Fan TianLei found that he has a gun talent, coupled with a strong physique, so Wang YanBing doing so altogether as a special forces team to absorb the target. Wang YanBing's father is also not simple. He seems to be a small group of criminal gangs. It is a veritable "big bully." Wang YanBing, his son, naturally becomes a "mixed generation," but as the story progresses, I was the special forces of the sharp blade out of the sheath, "to reveal a secret to resolve the petty grudges Wang YanBing and his father for many years, Wang YanBing also take away the" mixed generation "status, the official return to the" military second generation. "

Jia Xu

Jia Xu, courtesy name Wenhe, was an official of the state of Cao Wei in the Three Kingdoms period. He started his career in the late Eastern Han dynasty as a minor official.

Li ErNiu Xun Zhao Play)

Li ErNiu attracts Fan TianLei to pay attention to his simplicity and extraordinary perseverance. Like many children in rural areas, Li ErNiu did not have particularly superior conditions for growth. However, It is in a more difficult environment to exercise him so that he is more capable than other children of the same age, and Li ErNiu had a good influence on him from a small living environment, at the same time, he also made him particularly cowardly. Li ErNiu was often bullied by other fighters as soon as he entered the army. At this time, Li ErNiu played beyond his perseverance. With his own efforts, he became stronger and stronger, not only won the friendship of teammates, but also trained He ChenGuang, Wang YanBing are amazed at the skillful knife and superb culinary skills.

Xun Zhao

A teenage martial-arts student (Zhang Yishan) tries to find superstar Jackie Chan in Beijing.

He ZhiJun Yong Hou Play)

Yong Hou

Hou Yong (born 23 February 1967) is a Chinese actor from Lianyungang, Jiangsu province. He graduated from the Jiangsu Drama School (江苏省戏剧学校) in 1989.

Fan TianLei Huilin Zhou Play)

Chinese people's Liberation Army spiked special brigade chief of staff, soldiers.

Huilin Zhou

Huilin Zhou, born on February 15, 1967 in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, graduated from the People's Liberation Army Academy of Arts and is a national-level actor. In 1990 transferred to the Nanjing Repertory Theater, officially began acting career. In 1994 in the CCTV version of the history drama "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" played Mao Zhi. In 1995 by virtue of Hou Yong co-starring piece "refund" and became famous. In 2002 appeared in military drama "DA division." Since 2008, he has been participating in the martial arts drama directed by Liu Meng, "I am a Special Forces" series. In 2011, he participated in the performance of Huang Wenli spy drama "dance with wolves", then participated in "dance with wolves 2". In 2013 in the revolutionary historical drama "Shuai Shuai" decorated Lin Shiqun. In 2014 in the modern revolutionary drama "Warriors out of Sichuan" as the chief of the thank. In 2016, the TV series "Jade Begonia" starred in.

More《Im a special soldiers blade out of the sheath》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Honghao Xu Gong Jian No introduction
Da He Chen ShanMing No introduction
Feng Lang Xu TianLong No introduction
Kenuo Ren Song KaiFei No introduction
Chin-sung Wang Ruan WenXiong No introduction
Mengsha Hou Tang XinYi Scientific Research Cadres of the Sniper Research Group of Special Operations Research Center of the Southeastern Military Region Command and director of the military games office of the Military Region have worked for the intelligence department of the General Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, and have been codenamed "Swallowtail butterflies."
Xiaojie Liu Lin XiaoXiao No introduction
Li Fei Cai XiaoXin No introduction
Chengpeng Fu Wang YaDong No introduction
Wei Hong Lao Hei No introduction
Jing Wu He ChenGuang Since he was a great martial talent, has become the national junior martial arts champion level, a good kung fu attracted the spike special war sniper Jiao Guan Fan TianLei's attention, I hope he abandoned the martial arts, join the special forces team. However, one of He ChenGuang's kung fu is not a "hole", it seems that there is some genetic and He Weiguo, He ChenGuang's father was a sniper Spike special reconnaissance unit, the rank of captain; He ChenGuang's grandfather is the original Deputy commander. Despite his "great family background", he could not see the slightest shadow of "young master" from He ChenGuang. At a very young age, his father sacrificed his war comrades in a mission. He ChenGuang learned at an early age A strong, when Fan TianLei proposed that he join the Special Forces team, He ChenGuang military factor fully resurrected, he gave up the great future of martial arts champion, decided to join the army.
Cui month A Hong No introduction
Qiang He Wang QingShan No introduction
Wang Amano Cha Cai No introduction
Bao Guo'an Gao ShiWei No introduction
Junyi Shen Bei JiXiong No introduction
Tianye Ren Jiao Guan No introduction
Guangping Guo Guo PingAn No introduction
Huimin Tao Lin Mu No introduction
Ming Gao He FuSiLing No introduction
Ming Fan Lao Ma No introduction
Hewei Yu Kang Lei No introduction
Lei Fan Huang Mao No introduction
Su Cheng Zhang LiNa No introduction
Liu bamboo Peng DongHai No introduction
Yu Mengyu Gu XiaoJie No introduction
Xu Hai for Lian Zhang No introduction
Xu Yongchang Zong BuShouZhang No introduction
Wang Tao Miao Lang No introduction
Jinshan Liu Shang Ming No introduction
Ying Gao Tang Juan No introduction
(None) Lao Qiao No introduction
Tin Lam Xiao HeChenGuang No introduction
(None) Lin Fu No introduction
Changlin Wang Wen Zong No introduction
Hao Shuai Huang JingYuan No introduction
Li Cuiyun Qian ChuZhang No introduction
Liu Xin Yuan Deng Min No introduction
Division built Liu LaoDa No introduction
(None) Hu Sha No introduction
Ye Huan Cui Fen No introduction

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