《TheSoundofDesert》Ep1:Episode 1 Xin month 九九 初 相识 Xin month 解困 Wei Wuji

Depth of the desert, deserted. Shen Yue remembers childhood memories. Shen Yue, who lived with the wolves, saved A Die. A Die brought Shen Yue back to the human race, and lived with the crowd in the desert. But soon A Die passed away, Shen Yue returned to the wolves. Shen Yue prepares to attack the forces hurrying in the desert and takes some clothing and salt. Nine Ye also brigade troops. Shen Yue ready to start on the occasion, was arrested, ready to flee to get nine crossbow phase force, Shen Yue frankly want to own a dress and salt, did not expect Jiuye answered. Shen Yue put on the clothes donated by Ji Ye, dancing under the moonlight. The people led by Wei WuJi lost their way in the desert and did not want to be ambushed. See Shen Shen in the eyes of the wolf soldier rescued, but also led Wei WuJi troops came out of the desert to Jian'an City. Wei WuJi sent Shen Yue a pot of wine, this wine so that Shen Yue recalled childhood and A Die mouth of a product, sad. Shen Yue asked Wei WuJi for the payment of the guide and decided to leave the wolves and stay in Jian'an. In the bustling Jian'an City, Shen Yue opened his eyes and put on a suit, Shen Yue came to a product. Wei WuJi intends to go to a home, midway was summoned to the palace. Shen Yue, who has been eating and drinking in a hometown, has spent all his silver gift from Wei WuJi. Hungry hunger Shen Yue wants to eat buns, but Shen Yue has no money to drool. Shen Yue, a cash-strapped man, has nowhere to go. Only in the woods in the suburbs does he not expect to be beaten by beggars in the woods. Shi Yue, who was reduced to a beggar, was so kind-hearted to grandpa that she was very touched. Hong Gu, who fell in Yufang Square, saw Shen Yue's handsome look, and pretended to send Shenzi buns to Shen Yue. Shen Yue, who was under the guilty conscience of Hong Gu in the steamed buns, was taken to Jade Jade Boulevard and sold out to her own mother Ding Ling and Ding Ling here tell Shen Yue about the brutal reality of the dance floor, but Shen Yue is not afraid. Hong Gu saw the two people talking and took Ding Ling away, and she also talked about the reason to be settled with Shen Yue. Shen Yue, who studied song and dance in Lofty Jade, danced in the desert. She was the first card Shuyu Shuang who wanted to teach Shen Yue and did not want to be ridiculed by Shen Yue. Hong Gu made a New Year red envelopes for everyone, after three tours, we all fell asleep. Suddenly, Wu Ye came to Yufang for the Lord to find someone to take away Shen Yue. Hong Gu is very self-blame for the matter, Shen Yue did not mind. The original boat main is encountered in the desert Jiuye, two greeting for a while. Shi Feng was also saved by Nine Yeh, bringing Jian'an to be a servant. Ji Yue treated Shen Yue a table gourmet. Shen Yue had a good time at Jiuye's Stone Boat and met with Jiuye's entourage in the desert. The followers do not understand why nine to stay Shen Yue in the government. Shen Yue decided to go out and visit Hong Gu in Lok Yu Fong and see Wei WuJi on the way.

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