Shen Yue Shishi Liu Play)

Shen Yue grew up in the wolves, indifferent, free and unruly, and dare to love and hate, firm and independent, for the hardship of life and love are optimistic to face, cherish the life they have come . A Die nurture, with A Die learn tactics, so she was straightforward and cautious, after A Die died because of the coup, only to flee, back to the wolves. Wei WuJi in the desert and handsome and unruly Mo Xun, under the influence of the two came to Jian. Jian'an in the song and dance, met Hong Gu, Qin Xiang and others. After encountering Mo Xun, Wei WuJi, first fell in love with the first to give her a warm Mo Xun, repeatedly refused to heartbroken determination to return to the desert, however, Wei WuJi learned that Shen Yue left, immediately scrambling day and night It is recovered. Into the power of the South whirlpool, Shen Yue did not benefit the heart, only to identify the love of the lover, with him storm.

Shishi Liu

Liu Shishi (Chinese: 刘诗诗, born 10 March 1987), also known as Cecilia Liu, is a popular Chinese actress who graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy with a major in ballet. She is best known for her role as Ruoxi in the Chinese time-travel drama Scarlet Heart.

Wei WuJi Eddie Peng Play)

Southern Wei WeiJuJi generals generation famous, valiant, chic uninhibited, invincible Ares. Although humble origins, but persistent self-confidence, there is the courage to break through all the boundless courage and will not give up the firm will to give up. Love in Shen Yue, although not responded, but has been boldly fight. Repeatedly won the battlefield on the battlefield, invincible. He tired of the battle in the court, shrewdly humble, hoping to stay away from the dispute with his lover. The encounter with Shen Yue in the desert, destined to pay this life, Jianan meet again, he decided not to let go. Quarrel usually two dumbfounded, buried the seeds for this situation. Shen Yue and Shen Yue are each other all, regard each other as life, Shen Yue can ignore him for life and death, and he is not for Shen Yue let go of everything?

Eddie Peng

Eddie Peng Yu-yen (Chinese: 彭于晏; pinyin: Péng Yúyàn, born 24 March 1982) is a Canadian and Taiwanese actor, singer, and model. Peng moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at the age of 13. In 2000, he graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. Subsequently, he was admitted into the University of British Columbia and majored in economics, but later dropped out to begin his acting career.

Mo Xun Ge Hu Play)

Gentleman Mo Xun gentle, mysterious. The main anchor Jian'an, known as "nine Lord." Ruddy, but physically disabled. The first encounter in the desert, the reunion of Jian, he and Shen Yue's fate is not a pity, disability, he has been faint humble, I feel that I can not match the mind that only nine days Phoenix. He retreat, he hid, he resisted, forbear of love for fear of his complex identity will bring twists and turns to love, but also afraid he can not give Shen Yue happiness. After she left Jian, she realized that she must strive for love and the future. Finally, in order to complete the lover, only his own life and extermination this love. "He is used to it and one looks at it"

Ge Hu

Hugo (Chinese: 胡歌, born 20 September 1982) is a famous Chinese actor and singer. While studying at the Shanghai Theater Academy, he was invited to play the leading role Li Xiaoyao in the 2005 television series Chinese Paladin, and immediately skyrocketed to fame as one of China's most popular actors. In September 2012, he was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 31st Hundred Flowers Awards for his role as Lin Juemin in Chinese historical film 1911. He is best known for his role as Mei Changsu in the 2015 television drama Nirvana in Fire, for which he received the Best Actor Award at the 22nd Magnolia Awards. Hu Ge is currently managed by Hu Ge Studio, contracted under Tangren Media.

Qin Xiang Fala Chen Play)

Concubine Concubine foreign woman, good song and dance, looks stunning, Mei does not float. Qin Xiang and his elder brother were collected by Shen Yue. They danced and danced in song and dance halls. At the banquet, Zhao Zheng, an astonishing dancer and beauty, was admired by the emperor Zhao Zheng. It also attracted the attention of General Li Ji. With the help of Shen Yue and Zhao YangGongZhu, she was admitted to the palace as a concubine and won the emperor's love of the Southern Dynasties. But concealing the secrets of her life she was bent on subversion by the power of the South.

Fala Chen

Fala Chen (Chinese: 陳法拉) is a Chinese-born American actress and singer. Currently active in Hong Kong's entertainment industry, she was previously signed under Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). Having starred in numerous Hong Kong drama series and movies, some of her notable works are Moonlight Resonance, No Regrets, Lives of Omission, Triumph in the Skies II, Turning Point, Tales from the Dark II, and her latest stage debut - Skylight (play). Known to be multilingual, Chen's mother tongue is Mandarin, but she is able to speak English, Cantonese, as well as Japanese, with ease.


Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Hao Qin Hu WeiLi Originally a tribal prince, Hu WeiLi, a tribal prince of the desert, was brave and resourceful. He had been the object of Shen Yue's childhood and later took part in a coup to kill Shen Yue's A Die et al. Like Shen Yue, thinking she was dead in the coup. Hu WeiLi, as the leader of the Jie tribe, contradicts the South during many incidents, and led troops and the General Wei WuJi in the south repeatedly fought against each other.
Dong Han Li Ji Infatuated son Li Ji is the younger brother, a well-known family, family power in the Southern Dynasty can not be underestimated. Li Ji and Wei WuJi, both military commanders, have considerable military talent. Treat love firmly, love Qin Xiang, originally wanted to marry Qin Xiang, but she did not want to become the emperor's woman. In order to help a loved one can pay for what it has become a political tool used by Qin Xiang.
Kristal Tin Hong Gu Dance Square Guan Jiancheng famous song and dance "fall Yufang" management, song and dance business for many years Shifang. Although older, but the charm still exists. When Shen Jian first arrived Jian'an, she was deceived by Hong Gu into Lok Yu Fong as a singer, but later became a friend because her temper was congenial. After Shen Yue became the founder of Yufangfang Square, she always assisted Shen Yue in her business and hoped that Shen Yue could find her sweetheart.
(None) Zhao Zheng Emperor of the Southern Dynasties he is the mighty emperor of the Southern Dynasties, a small throne. He loved Qin Xiang as her own ordinary wife, but also reluctant to Queen's wife and his wife for many years; he was trusty loudly want to rely on to protect Paul but also want to suppress Wan, but all he ultimately just for their own country . In the end, the loved ones left, and the letter departed, leaving only a handful of wandering princes.
Xiaoqun Shi Zhao YangGongZhu The eldest sister of the emperor Zhao Zhao of the Grand Duchess, the wife of the general Wan Wan, and the aunt of Wei WuJi. Zhao YangGongZhu has been looking for beauty dedicated to the emperor in order to gain power. Once helped Queen million Queen won the post. When the Queen grew older, she introduced Qin Xiang to Zhao Zheng and became Zhao Zheng's favorite pet concubine, making Zhao Zheng more trustworthy to her. When Wei WuJi was relied on by Zhao Zheng, Wan forces broke down from time to time, allowing Wan Qian to continue to monopolize power and call Wan Qian's son to assassinate Wei WuJi, letting Wei WuJi be dead or alive.
Maggie Cheung Ho Yee Wan ZiJin The Southern Empire Wan ZiJin is the eldest sister of Wan Qian, the aunt of Wei WuJi. Queen million was born civilians, young Zhao YangGongZhu was introduced to the emperor Zhao Zheng, once pet darling harem. Wan million generous gentle, respectful modesty, a mother of all world style. As the Queen gradually fell out of favor, but still bent on safeguarding family stability.
Andrew Wu Wan Qian Wan Qian, a great minister in the court, was the general of the Southern Dynasties, the widow of Zhao YangGongZhu, the brother of Wan Queen and the uncle of Wei WuJi. Wan Qian led his army for many years, running the army well and prestige. Be courteous, generous, passionate family members, re-justice to friends. Just carrying too many family interests, so that the emperor had to fear of him.
Yatong Cai Mao YunZhu Tribal girls Mao YunZhu and Shen Yue was a childhood playmate, grew up together. Mao YunZhu loves Hu WeiLi, and Shen Yue becomes a princess of Hu WeiLi after leaving the desert. She opposes Shen Yue for fear of her status being threatened.
Xiang Zhang Qin YuanQi No introduction
Xuxing Ding Ling No introduction
Shengwen Ruan Hei Shi No introduction
Dilraba Dilmurat Li Ji No introduction
(None) Chen Shu No introduction
Limin Deng Shi Bo No introduction
(None) Wu Ye No introduction
mimi Xin Yan No introduction
Shuailiang Liu Wan Ang No introduction
Yancheng Zhou Chen YanGuang No introduction
Zhang 羴 Zhao MengShan No introduction
Yong Qin Qin YuanChao No introduction
Chen Xuming Si MaZan No introduction
(None) Si MaLie No introduction
Chunyuan Wang Shi JinYan No introduction
(None) Shi ShenXing No introduction
(None) Shi Feng No introduction
Emma Wu Wan FuRen No introduction
Qiang Yu Mu RongFeng No introduction
Wenhao Zhao Li Cheng No introduction
Mao Su A Die No introduction
Nien Wan Shuang Shuang No introduction
Yuanyuan Lu Qiu Xiang No introduction
Zhang Yindi Yun Yi No introduction
(None) Zhao Di No introduction
Zhao Zhifang Zhang YanMei No introduction

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