Ghost Story(TV)[2010]
Ghost Story(TV)[2010]

《Ghost Story》Cast

Meng LongTan Roy Chiu Play)

Roy Chiu

Roy Chiu (Chinese: 邱澤; pinyin: Qiū Zé; born October 14, 1981) is a Taiwanese actor, singer, and racing driver. He made his debut in 2002 with the television series Starry Starry Night. In 2006, he was enlisted for his mandatory military service. He returned to acting in 2008 and rose to prominence three years later after appearing in the dramas My Daughter (2011), Waking Love Up (2011), and Office Girls (2011).

Meng Fan Mi Gong Play)

Good fox demon Meng Fan do not love to fight with people, and scholar Meng LongTan staged an envy of others people love. Pure and kind-hearted she also eventually stay with her lover.

Mi Gong

A young man tries to get away from his family's power until he kills a local thug.

Meng Yan Zheng Yi Tong Play)

She Yao, who lives in murals, has confused the minds of other people by virtue of beauty to achieve the goal of strengthening one's cultivation. Consciousness is not correct, eventually get out ashes.

Zheng Yi Tong

Yitong Zheng (formerly known as Zheng Yatong), was born in Handan City, Hebei Province, graduated from the PLA Art Institute, the Mainland actress. In 2005, starred in the first personal TV series "surrender to innocent girls", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2009, starred in the war drama "youth in war." In 2010, starred in urban emotional ethics drama "The Temptation of Home"; Later, appeared in the costume fairy tale "Living Buddha Ji Gong." In 2012, appeared in the era of love film "Big Shanghai." In 2014, starred in costume fairy tale "god seal". In 2015, starring in the era of war drama "loyal invincible." In 2016, he played Liu Dandan in the modern medical drama Emergency Department Physician. In 2017, starred in urban emotional drama "cotton jacket."

Meng SuNiang Yuan Wang Play)

Yuan Wang

Roy Wang, also known as Wang Yuan is a Chinese singer-songwriter, television host and actor. He is a member of teenage boy band TFBoys. He was named by Time as one of the 30 Most Influential Teens of 2017.

More《Ghost Story》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Yansu Wang Shen YueJiao Yansu Wang plays Miss Shen YueJiao daughter, on the surface gentle and kind, private but admired vanity, bent on clinging power,
Peiran Zhang Zhu XiaoLian Is a wealthy family origin, can be romantic, often leaving the wife, everywhere patriarchal brother, since the encounter She Yao was confused, dangerous trapped in the wall painting world, but fortunately was Qing Shui Residents were able to save lives.
Ben Ng Qing Shui No introduction
Houjiang Long Hei ShanLaoYao No introduction
Xuehai Ren Meng Yuan No introduction
Gong Fang Min Shen RenFu No introduction
Nikita Bai QiuJu In the play and Fiona Sit sister Bai QiuLian plays two hundred years of refined fish essence, but intriguing two people often secretly ran out of the Dragon Palace shore to play to help mortals, by many occasions, both encountered My favorite man, the ultimate rule out all the difficulties and loved ones together forever.
Shuo Liu Pang LiRen No introduction
Tong Xiaomei Yang PoPo No introduction
Stephanie Siao Pan XueMei He was persecuted hanged himself to become a hanged haunted, since then rampant mortal, killing innocent, after being Shanglai Jun wounded. Twenty years later, she encountered poor student Feng YunTing. Pan XueMei launched a ghost love with him, and after a lot of hardships to form a couple.
Di Wang Gu ShuLan No introduction
Frankie Lam Feng YunTing No introduction
Timothy Zao Han JiZu No introduction
Yong Cheng Wang ZhengXiong No introduction
Evans Da Gui No introduction
Zang Xiuyun Hong Ma No introduction
Xu Chao He DaRen No introduction
Ming Yi Li DaRen No introduction
Qing Jia Fan JiangCheng White rabbit reincarnation, beautiful appearance, graceful character, civil and military will. She Yao possessed. Although usually a little barbaric, small captaincy, but tender and lovely, and her husband respectable, but once "She Yao" upper body, strict discipline on her husband, a lot of restraint.
(None) Gao Fan Fan JiangCheng's husband, gentle and wealthy son, his past life in order to save two rabbits killed a snake, one of the rabbits in return for grace, the present and future generations as his wife, but was killed She Yao was unwilling to vows Entanglement of two revenge.
Li Mao Xiang Lan No introduction
Victor Chen Wang ZiYa No introduction
Wang Gang Nie QingYun No introduction
Bojun Zhang Gao Fu No introduction
Hong Zhou Gao Mu No introduction
Yinuo Chen She Yao No introduction
(None) Xiao Die No introduction
Yulong Li Ma Shan No introduction
(None) Xiao GaoFan No introduction
(None) Xiao JiangCheng No introduction
Cui Manli Ge JiXiaoZhao No introduction
Fiona Sit Bai QiuLian Beautiful Chan, passionate love of the centuries-old fish demon, but with a magnificent but martial arts scholar Mu ChanGong staged a Simon Love.
Minhe Du Tong XiaoMei No introduction
Jia Jin Mu ChanGong No introduction
Xianghong Wang Zhen Jun Catch the demon heroes, a pure good man, his principle is "good deed, to be honest, move forward", known as the costume version of Xu San-long, and sometimes simple and honest people can not help but hold up, and sometimes stubborn people angry.
Mingming Zhang Long TaiZi No introduction
Wang Jin heart Jin Gui No introduction
(None) Bai Mu No introduction
Hou Jie Long Wang No introduction
Qingxiang Li Mu XiaoHuan No introduction
(None) Jin MaoCai No introduction
(None) Xian Ling No introduction
Zhong Zhou Zhu ShuYao No introduction
(None) Zheng Er No introduction
Jess Zhang Geng Niang Persistent for love, married with her husband SanShosown, but also sentimental SanSiShi. Geng Niang flirting with Long Nv and want to overthrow this unfair fate, but eventually to save the common people themselves vanished.
Qi Daji Long Nv No introduction
Junze Du Wang ShiJiu No introduction
Yu Jung Huang Jin DaYong No introduction
Berg Ng Wang ShiBa No introduction
baby Xiao Niang No introduction
(None) Dan Er No introduction
Liu Guang thick Xian YunJuShi No introduction
(None) Geng FuRen No introduction
(None) Da YongDie No introduction
Mao Jianping Da YongNiang No introduction
(None) Da YongGuMu No introduction
(None) Dao MuZeiJia No introduction
Hai Ren Dao MuZeiYi No introduction
Akina Hong Gong SunJiuNiang Because of the fight against power and sacrifice, wishful thinking can not be reborn, so as "ghost man", in the world continue to uphold justice. And finally in order to be able to defeat bullies, she chose to give up love with Du HuaiSheng; and Du HuaiSheng also committed to the nine mn, unshaken alone with the grave of nine mom.
Tony Sun Du HuaiSheng No introduction
Doris Lai Hu CaiLing No introduction
Yuming Du Ling YangZi No introduction
Chen Wen Zhan Yun No introduction
Dongsheng Zhang Hu XiaoTian No introduction
Jin Zhang Zhu Kang No introduction
(None) Xiao Yue No introduction
Xue Xiaolong Su ChengEn No introduction
Bell Li Li Xue Lian No introduction
(None) Zhang Fu No introduction
Meifang Lu Xiu Qin No introduction
(None) Liu BuTou No introduction
(None) Gong SunFuRen No introduction
(None) Hei GuiCha No introduction
(None) Bai GuiCha No introduction
(None) Gong SunGuanJia No introduction
Chen Weiguo Hei DianLaoBan No introduction
Min Xu Hei DianLaoBanNiang No introduction
(None) Shi Ye No introduction
Li Zhishan Yu ZuJia No introduction
(None) Yu ZuYi No introduction

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