《TheBachelorette》Ep2:Episode 2

Wang Hao will be sent to the cottage Xiaoping, in case of rent was Wanling Ling Wan out of the "landlord" Gong Xi, he laughed at Wang Hao no money car, but also to borrow money from a woman. Ha Mei followed Wanling to meet with her sister before I realized that Wan originally came to Hong Kong from Shanghai two years ago because Wan Ling ran away from her parents with her resentment. She decided not to break into the sky in Shanghai. After he worked as a department store handyman, the more he tried to break into the office of the general manager, trying to get it back, the new Wang Hao did not know, explaining to Xiong Jingli, who broke into the office. Xiong JingLi suspect ru man inhumane. Ha Mei danced in a discotheque, see Xiaoping depressed, want to go to the ballroom for her music. Wang Hao just came to find Xiaoping, due to the lack of male dancers, Ha Mei, dragged him together with Gong Xi to the ballroom. Ha Mei Luo MiOu accompanied Xiao Ping, Xiao Ping Luo MiOu like her, actually drunk with him late at night. Ru men fear Xiaoping insulted, blame Ha Mei mindless. Until the early morning, Xiao Ping came slowly, because she could not tell what happened with Luo MiOu in the end. Everyone is nervous for her. The next day, Ha Mei went to blame Luo MiOu, who told her that nothing had happened between them. Ke Xiaoping has been waiting for his phone. One day, Ru Man at work, accidentally discovered the company has a tourism division, where there is no other than left behind. So, she began to ask in detail about the situation, want to research and development.

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