《GodsOfHonour》Ep1:episode 1

Tianjie celestial beings, gods of the gods, from all directions, flying clouds to the gods, Jiang ZiYa hand-held yellow scrolls, that is, the gods list, seal the two armed generals on the gods table, solemn, attentive listening咤 originally ambitious, but when the child teeth talking about his past memories, looking gradually gradient, looking back and forth, all sorts of taste in my heart. Speaking before his death, Ne Zha was Fairchild Fire Dexing Jun, all day long with the group deer, wandering in the mountains and streams, enjoying themselves, and one of the four famous Shang Dynasty - Li Jing, in order to take deer for Di Yi treatment, came to deer hunting, mistakenly ordered Star NeZha cling to the cliff, three years and six months later, Li Jing led the group will fight the enemy, when Lee wife Yin ShiNiang pregnancy three years and six months, giving birth Immediately afterwards, however, they still took the enemy to fight the enemy forces. Under the joint efforts of the two men, the enemy troops were extinguished and when they were delighted, Shiun was suddenly activated and all the troops stationed in Li Jing. After ten hardships, but the birth was actually a meat ball, Li Jing concludes that this is a sin sin into the world, swing anger split the meatball, jumped out of a three-year-old - Ne Zha, Ne Zha remember past events , So that Li Jing became deeply jealous of him, ten Mother Careful, decided to Ne Nepalese to Nv Wa Temple recuperate, Ne Zha first tasted lonely taste, depending on the birthday of Li Jing, Shirenuma marsh sent to Satsuki Li Jing, father and son release the hatchet.

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