《Thrill》Ep1:episode 1

One day 15 years ago, Zhou ZhiLong, chairman of Zhou's company, killed two killers in the villa for revenge. His son, Zhou Jun (7 years old) stared at the horrified eyes and witnessed the killing. Cheng Meng 晞 also know the story of her husband when the underworld triumph. Not long after his mother died of illness, Zhou Jun was so stimulated that he ended his naive and happy childhood. 15 years have passed, Zhou Jun 22nd birthday, unfortunate heart attack. Zhou Jun's life was saved by the transplanting of the heart of a migrant worker who was unknown to him. A few months later, a girl who had no connection with Zhou was graduated from Yang XiaoYue University. She relied on her brother to work and earn tuition to finish college. But she returned to the house but as thunderstruck, she saw the portrait of her brother and sad mother in bed, but also know that his brother's heart transplant to others. Aria on his brother's dead heart suspicion, in order to ascertain the truth of his brother died Aria decided to Zhou's job search.

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