w u shi Lang(TV)[2007]
w u shi Lang(TV)[2007]
w u shi Lang(TV)[2007]

w u shi Lang(TV)[2007]

Episode: 32 Area: China | Hong Kong, China
Stars: Miriam Yeung George Hu Alina Zhang More>> Language:
Director: Bo-chu Chui Year: 2007
Writer: Ren Sha Genre: Action | Comedy
Producer: Lu Chao

《w u shi Lang》Episodes

In the early period of the Republic of China, Wu DingDang, a martial arts master, gave birth to nine girls in succession with his wife. For the fear of her husband, she married another wife in order to find a male and a female behind the incense light. Shi Lang, who, Wu ShiLang from small to large over women disguised as men's life, regardless of demeanor and personality like a boy. Juro, who has done his father's martial arts, has inherited the personality of his father's martial arts. His favorite line is chivalrousness and weakness. Juro even fell in love with the little orphan Li YaShou who feels like a brother. However, Yushou does not know her secrets. Only when Juro is a good brother and a man thinks highly of money, he just wants to climb a dragon with a phoenix and marry a rich girl Have fun days. One day, the town came to the rich households held a lei hometown contest, Aasu bent to win the ring to win the beauties and gold, Juro in order to prevent Aksu marry wealthy daughter, actually took the stage and beat Asia, so mistakenly hit Ray has become the quasi-son-in-law. Lei Xiao Miss Lei Xiao thought Juro is a boy, love at first sight, and he is determined not to marry. Lei ShengDa coincidentally met Juro female makeup, just shines, scared to Heaven, vowed not to marry non-Qing. The two sisters did not know Selang's secret, so for Juro who belong to fight a crack collapse. Juro see misunderstanding more and more trouble, but had no choice but to frankly frankly himself is the secret of the girl's life, Jingleng at this time was aware of his son was actually a daughter, which stunned. Even more surprising is the Lei family's owner Lei LaoHu, was actually the year of Wu DingDang bitter fruit, martial arts brutal evil woman. Tiger met the most beloved Jindang, bent on with the Jeddah to the front edge, while Jingle heard "tiger" color change overnight with the armed families to leave the town to avoid Lei LaoHu. Jiro Abandoned life, before leaving to admit that he is his daughter's identity, but also to show his love for him. Asian life unhappy Juro bad things are good anger beyond his anger, the secret of life and love of Jiro is unacceptable, the two hadtily ... ... After all the people to the town of Jingwu, Ding finally accepted the fact Juro is a girl, And later she wanted to behave like a daughter's house, and she was not allowed to dance with her sword any longer. However, Juro's accusation against her was that she was bitter, but Juro became aware of her makeup as her first cousin, A Hao, in the city Dress, and slowly like the girl's identity. Lei family of three are passionate and mad delusion, knowing that everyone overnight after the military escaped, had no choice but to find the whereabouts of four consistent. Asia Life to please light rain, but also with the drizzle to go to Jingwu find Juro, bent on recognizing Juro is a girl, the switch to the embrace. Asia life and thunder family finally found in Jiuwu town Juro and other people, Unexpectedly, the rain knew Jiro afterlife, but did not switch to the Asian life embrace, but fell in love with A Hao group under the minister Lin Chi, Asia life frustrated. Pure and infatuated voice of Juro can not live on the pursuit, Juro did not like the sound of Johnson spoiled, often to avoid it. A Hao, who had been longing for marrying rich people, was impressed by his gentleness and prominent family background. Even though Lin Chi's childhood friendliness and considerateness, A Hao still tolerates Lin Chi's feeling, Determined to make loud like yourself, with its rich dreams.Ping Jian, a villain in the city, often gets angry at public life. Only love Jibing's weakening Juro and Yasuharu only carry Jang Dang against him. Juro is even more martial art. long. Light rain see Yasu many lives and save, actually fell in love with the Asian life, and played fiery, Juro big hair, Ya know Shou Lang mind, often avoid everywhere, the two make a joke. Juro and Yasushi defeated Ping Jian in the lion dance competition and asked Lion King Shang Zhong for help. Unexpectedly, Shang Xi, a daughter of Shang Zhong, fell in love with Yasuhiro again, breaking the gap between Yasuko and rain. Juro thought Yasuoch saw his own way, disappointed, see the rich son of self-improvement and courageous, and all the way to make ends meet, can not help but secretly excited. When Juro and Yasu beat Ping Jian, the courageous and pervert martial arts legend Bai QiuFeng appeared in Jingwu. Bai QiuFeng's strong, so Lei LaoHu and Shang Zhong also could not, Bai QiuFeng favorite trickery, the town was hesitant, Juro and Asian life had to exhaust him, but unexpectedly Bai QiuFeng original Asian life is closely related to the dead father ... ... many experiences, Asia Life began to understand the love than money, began to pay attention to Jiro, Juro Although interested Yasukatsu, but the heart has gradually been impressed by the loud and clear, the three feelings Ambiguous, delicate relationship, has always been strong Juro, the first taste of the pursuit of boys, heart like deer hit, I saw Juro suddenly fallen heart, determined to be moved by the sincerity; Another was sumptuous, but true feelings Cut love touched tears. Juro for the election loud, or choose to love Asia and endless annoyance, had to come up with a ring to determine who is the heart ... ...

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