Zhaoma Xiao westerly(TV)[2000]
Zhaoma Xiao westerly(TV)[2000]

《Zhaoma Xiao westerly》Ep1:episode 1

Dragon will be the Wushu Zhongzheng for Marina justice and the establishment of the gang, the council in addition to a "leader" in charge of the General Forum, the other with "dragon", "dragon", "red dragon", "Wolong" four altar. It was the ninth day of September, coinciding with the ten-year term of Dragon's "faucet" exchange. This caused great concern among martial arts factions. The Dragon will be the internal, four altars in order to fight the next "leader" is secretly rivalry, but the old "leader" Shang GuanBo secretly already successors will be set. Martial arts high knight Fu HongXue to kill his father and enemies came to Chang'an City. In a fight, Fu HongXue and Ye Kai altar master Ye Kai made a sincere deal. Overnight at "Wind Sand Dunes," Fu HongXue met Ming YueXin, the daughter of Tang Zhan, a member of the Qing dynasty. Ming YueXin Killer who encounters sword while walking Meng XingHun, Meng XingHun Handsome appearance and beautiful sword law aroused her great interest. When she learned that Meng XingHun was suffering from asthma, Ming YueXin, a masters doctor, enthusiastically treated him.

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