Dr Qian fleas Shi Qian(TV)[2006]
Dr Qian fleas Shi Qian(TV)[2006]

《Dr Qian fleas Shi Qian》Ep1:episode 1

West cool angel escort the national treasure Zijin eight luminous pot to Song, midway in Jizhou Zhu Zhuang Zhuang Luan TingYu gang robbery, seeing the national treasure is about to fall into the hands of thieves, who claim the best catch Yang Xiong made the national treasure , And began to trace the case. Zhou prefect decided to use the opportunity to display the national treasure, cited the thief out of the hole, a clean sweep. Luan TingYu with his disciples Lian Er and Zhu Long and other men had to temporarily retreat Zhu Ke Inn in an opportunity to regain the Zijin eight luminous pot. Shi Qian, a young man at the Zhu Kee inn, was a hidden bullshit. At the pawn shop, when he was dragged by his boss's dragon wrench, he accidentally learned that the Zijin eight-toned luminous pot had fallen into place in Jizhou Prefecture.

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