Jiqing ranshao de suiyue(TV)[2002]
Jiqing ranshao de suiyue(TV)[2002]

Shi GuangRong Introduction

Shi GuangRong
Shi GuangRong (Haiying Sun Play)

Miao Tun people in Northeast Dongliao Province in China. In 1935 to participate in the Northeast Anti-Japanese coalition forces, the Soviet Union to Yan'an in 1937, to participate in anti-college learning, 1940 Shandong Eighth Route Army Regiment battalion commander, to participate in fighting Qing Shiling, wounded. In 1945 with the troops into the clearance. Ren Northeast Democratic Coalition regiment of a regiment, participated in the battle of Siping, 1948 Ren Northeast Field Army regiment. Participate in the battle of Liaoning and Shenyang, Tianjin battle. The army reorganized as the fourth field army 183rd regiment. Rate Department south. On the way promoted to teacher. In 1950 to participate in the War to Resist the United States and Korea, volunteer army division. The Democratic Order of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is awarded a two-level flag. After returning to the Dongliao military chief of staff, was awarded the rank of colonel in 1955. And two independent Medal of Independence, two Liberation Medal, promoted to Major General in 1964 rank. Retired in 1980. His wife Chu Qin, son Shi Lin, Shi Hai, female Shi Jing.

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