Junior Yang Jia will(TV)[2005]
Junior Yang Jia will(TV)[2005]

《Junior Yang Jia will》Cast

Yang YanZhao Ge Hu Play)

Juvenile Rokuro grew up in a cozy environment, living a single aristocrat life, against the war, Yang Ye's "stupid loyalty" had doubts, and later gradually understand Yang Ye first world widened mind, and to the Golden Beach battle, Seventh son to return to a child, Rokuro undergoes death and robbery and the family tremendous change, as Yang's only man, fought bravely to complete the last wish of Yang Ye, cast into a wise man of character.

Ge Hu

Hugo (Chinese: 胡歌, born 20 September 1982) is a famous Chinese actor and singer. While studying at the Shanghai Theater Academy, he was invited to play the leading role Li Xiaoyao in the 2005 television series Chinese Paladin, and immediately skyrocketed to fame as one of China's most popular actors. In September 2012, he was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 31st Hundred Flowers Awards for his role as Lin Juemin in Chinese historical film 1911. He is best known for his role as Mei Changsu in the 2015 television drama Nirvana in Fire, for which he received the Best Actor Award at the 22nd Magnolia Awards. Hu Ge is currently managed by Hu Ge Studio, contracted under Tangren Media.

Yang YanHui Peter Ho Play)

Young with their parents on the battlefield, lost in the war with their parents, was adopted and Cui YingLong martial arts, adult return to the Yang family, behind the sight of Yang is his solitary wandering ten years, can not be relieved, the thought After repaying the grace of birth, with the severance of the relationship between Yang, after fighting side by side with father and brother on the battlefield, finally misunderstood.

Peter Ho

Peter Ho (simplified Chinese: 何润东; traditional Chinese: 何潤東; pinyin: Hé Rùndōng, born September 13, 1975) is a Chinese American singer, actor and model based in Taiwan. Since his debut in 1998, he has released seven albums and has starred in over 25 films and television series, most notably Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Wind and Cloud, One Meter Sunshine, Goddess of Mercy,The Young Warriors, Three Kingdoms, Legend of Chu and Han, Summer's Desire, and Nothing Gold Can Stay.

Yang YanSi Eddie Peng Play)

Qilang is a tricky, optimistic and active sunshine boy. Martial arts is not outstanding, like to study Yung-chu, Qilang particularly admire the martial arts superior Shiro, in order to save Shiro mishandled Pan Bao, was sentenced to prison and in the future battle of Golden Beach, was Pan RenMei ruined, Heart, heroic sacrifice.

Eddie Peng

Eddie Peng Yu-yen (Chinese: 彭于晏; pinyin: Péng Yúyàn, born 24 March 1982) is a Canadian and Taiwanese actor, singer, and model. Peng moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at the age of 13. In 2000, he graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. Subsequently, he was admitted into the University of British Columbia and majored in economics, but later dropped out to begin his acting career.

Pan Bao Jianze He Play)

Pan RenMei veteran minister alone, reckless, unrequited love like Luo ShiNv, set the ring and Yang Silang contest, Siro was seriously injured enemy but Pan Bao, Qilang to save Shiro, Pan Bao was Qilang manslaughter.

Jianze He

Jianze He was born in Tianjin, Mainland China actor, graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy performance undergraduate. In 2005, participated in the costume inspirational drama "Ink Road", as Zhao Zhen Ren Songzong and official debut. In 2006, starring in action action film "Ink Attack" released, the film in the 12th Golden Bauhinia Awards ceremony won the Best Film Award. In 2007, he participated in the costume fairy drama "Xin Fourteen Mother of Strange Stories from a Lonely Studio", playing Chu Mid-levels. In 2008, participating drama "Tien professor's family of 28 relatives", played Tian Siwen. In 2009, he participated in the marriage drama "30 Years after Marriage" and plays He Tianming. In 2010, Shi Pujie (small stone) was played in the female legendary inspirational drama "Tianya". In 2011, participated in the legendary costume drama "Mulan legend", played Rouran prince Wu Ti. Republic of China drama "Republican hatred recorded", as Chen Shujin. In 2012, participated in the Republic of China drama "Feng You gantry", played Zouding Cheng. In 2013, he participated in family love drama "Bloody Love" and played Zeng Qingquan. In 2014, he participated in Emotional Light Emotion Literary Comedy "Dudan's Dream Life" as Gaobo. In 2015, he participated in the urban ethical drama "Tree of Peach Blossoms", playing the reputation of overbearing president. In 2016, he participated in the epic drama "Tears of Heaven Legendary Phoenix Warriors "filming, as the first generation of the North Qi family" Miao Mingtai "," stay in the Northwest, hold the soldier 200,000 ", but also actress" Miu Miu "(Wang Li Kun ornaments) brother.

More《Junior Yang Jia will》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
(None) Yang YanDe Since martial arts superiority, there are natural philosophers general head. Later, Jinshatan battlefield, life and death, Goro's killing was pushed to the highest peak, but experienced a painful loss of his father and brother, self-blame, eventually realized the true meaning of life, bid farewell to everyone, monks as monks.
Jiaming Weng Yang Ye Yang Ye is famous for his bravery and bravery. His exploits have always been invincible and his countrymen have called him "Yang invincible." During the war between Song and Liao, they bravely fought the enemy and flew into the battlefield. However, they were finally tired of being traitor Pan RenMei. After being captured, they hunted for no more than three days and were martyred for martyrs.
Sau-Man Chan She SaiHua In the early days of the match, the eldest son of Sassafras Hsiang-hsien supported Yang Ye in the back and taught his children with his superlative gunmanship and trained his children to help Yang Ye. After going to war in Jinshatan Beach, he went onto the war-beacon and became a generation of heroines. TaiHou Dingzujuju, wits and tricks, escort homeland.
Hong Yuan Ye LvXie No introduction
Chia-Yu Lin Chai JunZhu No introduction
Xiaojun Wei Guan Hong No introduction
Shishi Liu Luo ShiNv No introduction
Xiaojie Liu Xiao Lin No introduction
Zicun Zhao Yang BaMei No introduction
Yao Tong Pan Ying No introduction
Jiani Wu Ye LvQiongE No introduction
Limin Deng Pan RenMei No introduction
Fengyan Zong Zhao DeFang No introduction
Ethan Li Yang YanPing No introduction
(None) Yang DaNiang No introduction
Yang Song Yang YanDing No introduction
Tingjia Chen Yang ErNiang No introduction
Jianfu Wang Yang YanAn No introduction
Bonnie Yang SanNiang No introduction
Ruijia Zhang Xiao TaiHou No introduction
Bayin Tian Ling No introduction
Haodong Zhou Cui YingLong No introduction
cola Cai Die No introduction
Zhi Han Jiao Zan No introduction
Jie Li Zhao KuangYi No introduction
Wang Pei-pei An DeXuan No introduction
(None) Qi TianHong No introduction

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