Junior Yang Jia will(TV)[2005]
Junior Yang Jia will(TV)[2005]
Junior Yang Jia will(TV)[2005]

Junior Yang Jia will(TV)[2005]

Episode: 43 Area: China
Stars: Ge Hu Peter Ho Eddie Peng More>> Language:
Director: Shengquan Liang Hon To Wai Stanley Leo Huang Year: 2005
Writer: Lik-Kei Tang Raymond Wong Ho-Yin Genre: Martial arts | Costume
Producer: Karen Tsai Zhonglei Wang Zhongjun Wang

《Junior Yang Jia will》Episodes

In AD 980, the Liao Army constantly attacked the song "Young Yang Jialing" Shiro and his wife as they headed toward the border. There was no peaceful day in the Song Dynasty, and Yang Ye, the brave and invincible Taizong school, kept guarding Yanmenguan. Yang seven son, Zhiyong Shuangquan, all loyal courage. Xiao TaiHou sent 100,000 troops to win the Yanmenguan. Yang Ye led thousands of Yang Jiajun to make a defeat by the enemy and the Liaodong defeat. Yang Rokuro (Hugh ornaments) met the snow smart Chai JunZhu (Chia-Yu Lin ornaments), two people in order to detect the three mysteries spread among the family, made it a mystery. Li Lang met Pan RenMei's daughter Pan Ying by coincidence, and Pan Ying fell in love with the Rokuro. In order to seize the heart of Rokuro, Rinpoche tried his best to separate Rokkom and Chai JunZhu's relationship. The relationship between Taizong and Yang gradually appeared across the nuclear, pay more attention to traitors Pan RenMei, estranged Yang. Taizong alienated from the Yang family, intended to rely on Pan RenMei, Pan RenMei took the opportunity to the only child Pan Bao (Jianze He ornaments) Zhao Zhaozhong, Pan Bao dedication, arbitrary Mang, lawlessness, but also set the ring against the Yang contest Sons, Shiro Zhongji, Qilang to save Shiro, manslaughter Pan Bao, Pan RenMei vow to hold to the end, Yang Ye tied to the temple, Qilang was held in jail pending trial. The death of Pan Bao makes Pan RenMei and Yang more grudges! Pan Bao stills of Pan RenMei Pan Bao stills (Jianze He) In the meantime, Shiro (Peter Ho) returns to Yang's house to become the star of Yang Ye. Goro (Johnny Chen ornaments) juvenile deign, married with Guan Hong. Qilang (Eddie Peng ornaments) and Kim E privately set up marriage union. Xiao TaiHou deliberately negotiated with the Song chamber, Yang Jiajun led to Golden Beach, Liao Dynasty, thousands of troops already ambush, under the Pan RenMei and Liao Jun conspiracy, Yang will be a heroic, but the enemy Liao Jun tide Surging, Golden Beach Battle, Dalang, Erlang, Saburo tragic death, Shiro I do not know the whereabouts of heavy injuries, Goro see through life and death, a monk as a monk, Yang Ye to protect the public named life, break out, bloody battlefield, and finally for the Liao Jun prisoners , Finally fucking Li Ling monument to protect the name section. In the end, Yang family will be in the Jinshatan battle nearly annihilated, only Yang Luolan Bao lives on the return, and Chai JunZhu lover get married. Tianbo House suffered every robbery, as the only male Yang Yang, Yang Lulou since then assume the task, hard work to complete the Yang Ye's last wish, to protect the family.

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