Deep courtyard(TV)[1987]
Deep courtyard(TV)[1987]
Deep courtyard(TV)[1987]

Deep courtyard(TV)[1987]

Episode: 40 Area: Taiwan, China
Stars: Han Chin Hsueh-hua Liu Lin Tzay-peir More>> Language:
Director: Lily Liu Year: 1987
Genre: Love
Producer: Ping Hsin-tao

《Deep courtyard》Episodes

Qiongyu drama "courtyard deep" stills Bai Park tea Grand Master Bai PeiWen met by chance by picking tea female workers chapter containing tobacco, impressed by her noble purity of temperament. So, after the efforts of cypress, they started a hard love process. After marriage, Bo mother had to do Miss Miss smoke contains all the dissatisfaction with the weight of tobacco bites finally ran out in a storm, the whereabouts of unknown, and later, a ruthless fire destroyed the smoke containing Villa, Bin Wen eyes blind, ten years After returning to the ruins of the smoke-containing Villages with old smoke, saw the binocular blind Wen and lovely daughter, she found that they can not do without them again ...

Plot Summary>>

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