Born under a lucky star pig(TV)[2004]
Born under a lucky star pig(TV)[2004]

《Born under a lucky star pig》Cast

Tie ShanGongZhu Cecilia Han Play)

Private iron fan and iron sweep of mortal play, witnessed the Er LangShen Niu MoWang Niu suffered a failed defeat. Iron fan inadvertently awakened, Lord of the Rings through the face of a small dragon woman mistakenly believe that the iron dragon is a small dragon girl, all the way back to the Iron Fan back to heaven. Yu Di and the gods are unable to catch Niu MoWang to worry, the iron fan volunteered to be cowhide when undercover

Cecilia Han

Han Xue (born 11 January 1983), also known as Cecilia Han, is a Chinese singer and actress of Miao ethnicity.

Niu MoWang Xuebing Wang Play)

Niu MoWang only know that they are born of gods and monsters, but the situation unknown to the biological parents, he has been for his wild species to heart, so engage in flight competition, in fact, want to chaos into heaven to find biological father.

Xuebing Wang

Wang Xuebing, Chinese film and television actor. Born in September 6, 1971 in Urumqi, Xinjiang, graduated from the performance department of the Central Academy of Drama in 1994. In 1998, he starred in the youth idol drama "Will love go to the end" into the audience's sight; in 2001 with the TV series "Do not talk to strangers" won the "China Top Ten TV actor" award. After that they starred in "Absolute Control", "Blue Bird's Sky", "Seven Swords Mountain", "Yangcheng dark whistle" and many other television series was well-known audience. In 2012, for the first time, Wang Xuebing won the "Director Style Award" of electrifying unit at the 24th Harbin Ice and Snow Film Festival for his first film "Steadfast Tin Soldier" directed by the director; starring in the movie "Hear the Wind". In February 2014, participating in the movie "Daydream" won the best film "Golden Bear" at the Berlin Film Festival; the same year, starring drama "People's Enemy". In addition to performing arts, Wang Xuebing is enthusiastic about social welfare. Since 2002, he has been serving as the "Anti-Domestic Violence Network Ambassador" for 12 consecutive years. As the torchbearer for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic torch relay was passed twice. At the same time, served as a number of public welfare charity project ambassadors and ambassadors, and won many public welfare awards and "ambassador" title.

Tie SaoGongZhu Yanmin Zhang Play)

Yanmin Zhang

Yanmin Zhang, born October 28, 1980 in Jinyun County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, China Mainland actress. Her representative works include "Knight-errant", "My Gesangmei Duo", "Dream Combination", "Fuxinggaozhu Pig", "Girl Moran", "Wang Shusheng expedition in western Henan," "Be Happy Pig" and so on.

Yu Di Haibing Huang Play)

Haibing Huang

Huang Haibing was born on July 23rd, 1973 in Shanghai, China. He was a actor in China's film and television industry in Rucheng County, Heze City, Shandong Province. In 1996 graduated from the Central Theater Academy performance department. In 1993, he starred in Jin Yong's martial arts drama "New Shujian Encauseu" as Chan Ka-lok and starred in Cliff Lok's martial arts drama "Wulin Foreign History" in 2001. In 2002, he won the second "Top Ten Performers" of Chinese television art. In 2003 starring Liang Yusheng martial arts drama "Ping Xia Xia Ying". In 2013, he participated in Mao Zedong's 120th anniversary anniversary film “Mao Zedong in Shanghai 1924”. In 2014, he appeared in the TV series "Sui Tang Hero 3" in Xue Rengui. In 2016, he participated in "Zhu Xian" and adapted TV series "Qingyun Zhi". In the same year he participated in the TV series "IceFantasy". In November 2013, he married the actor House Of Zeenel.

More《Born under a lucky star pig》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Baobao Gao Wang Mu No introduction
Zhong Chao Er LangShen No introduction
Yuan Xie Tuo TaTianWang No introduction
XiLiBoXiang Hua QianNiu No introduction
(None) Yue Lao No introduction
(None) Niu MoWangYuanXing No introduction
Bingbing Fan Jin MaoShu An elven weird, arrogant fairy, always trying to tease others, was moved by Zhu BaJie, in order to eventually escape the family did not kill the tragedy, ashes.
Ke Hu Zhu Zhu No introduction
(None) Sun WuKong No introduction
De li ge er Lie RenWang No introduction
(None) Mu XiangYao No introduction
(None) Wen ShuPuSa No introduction
Yijin Dong Heng Jiang No introduction
Chao Liang Ha Jiang No introduction
Ying Bao Lin Tai ShangLaoJun No introduction
Ruoxi Yang Cui Hua No introduction
Lin Kong Nian HuaWangHou No introduction
Haibo Huang Zhu BaJie Tie ShanGongZhu Zhu BaJie wakes up for 180 years unconsciously Zhu BaJie wakes up as a beloved little dragon girl of his ancestral life but is involved in a war in heaven to conquer Niu MoWang and also involved in Tie ShanGongZhu and Niu MoWang, Lang's entanglements of love, when the iron is not a dragon girl, decided to help promote the iron fan and the magic bull king's love, wait for one hundred and eighty years of loneliness Wait until the reunion with the dragons.
Zhan-Wen Keu Jia Ye No introduction
Boqing Li Lv MoWang No introduction
(None) Da Bao No introduction
Deshun Wang Hu GuoGong No introduction
(None) Xiao WangZi No introduction
Li Pei-Ze Hou Yi No introduction

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