Hong Funv(TV)[2006]
Hong Funv(TV)[2006]

《Hong Funv》Cast

Hong Fu

Female, twenty years old. Young parents died, Du GuCheng was taken to the underground palace to become a dark man. Beautiful and clever, martial arts. Because of secret training, the appearance of cold, not easy to express feelings, but in fact very affectionate. Her love of Li Jing, life and death to it, no regrets.


No introduction

Hong FuNv Hsu Chi Play)

Hsu Chi

Lin Li-hui (Chinese: 林立慧; pinyin: Lín Lìhuì, born 16 April 1976), better known by her stage name Shu Qi, is a Taiwanese actress and model. She is among the highest paid actresses in China.

Li Jing Wallace Huo Play)

Male, twenty-four years old. A family background, an early age by the country's economic aspirations. He is full of military strategy, but lacks practical experience. Cheerful personality, heavy feelings. Generous, informality. Ambitious, but also affectionate.

Wallace Huo

Wallace Huo Chien-hwa (Chinese: 霍建華; pinyin: Huò Jiànhuá, born 26 December 1979) is a Taiwanese actor, singer and producer. He is known for his roles in At Dolphin Bay (2003), Chinese Paladin 3 (2009), Swordsman (2013) and The Journey of Flower (2015).

Yang Su Kent Cheng Play)

Kent Cheng

Kent Cheng Jak-si (born 22 May 1951) is a Hong Kong film and television actor. He has won twice the best actor award in the Hong Kong Film Awards.

More《Hong Funv》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Ringo Yu Qiu RanKe Male, thirty years old. Deep personality, open big family. Is a hero, but also a tragedy. When young, because pro-sister was the local chieftain rape, to revenge, peasant background, learn a good martial arts. Ten years later finally returned to the customs, killing the chieftain, reported revenge. Wife Hua FuRen, affectionate, but poor expression, until his wife died in his arms, only to find that their love is too late. He will miss his sister projection on the Hong Fu, Hong Fu has a relationship between love and love between men and women, but never revealed. He is a man of great martial arts, the best of the world, but in emotion it has always been a loser.
Kwong Wa Du GuCheng Male, thirty years old. Yang Su Yoshiko. Look cold, reticent, is the standard killer. Martial arts high strength, regardless of Qiu RanKe Xuan 轾. He is also an understatement of Yang Su. Act in accordance with the commandments of the underground palace, but the fact that people are upright and have their noble place. His deep love, unforgettable, but unfortunately it is always too late to start love.
Kent Cheng Yang Su Male, fifty years old. Sui Dynasty Sagong, equivalent to the prime minister. High power, empty-headed everything, and ruthless, eliminate alienated completely soft. He is an arrogant man, has its domineering. Disobedient personality, as human beings, but the only door is his son. In the interaction with the mysterious feeling, he showed the weakness and suffering facing the unscrupulous son, showing his human side.
Le Li Li ShiMin Male, thirty years old. The play time set at the end of Sui and Tang Dynasties, the world is famous all over the world, campaign countless, to prove his ability to work. He is the supreme noble, born superior. Naturally pretentious. His character is easy-going and not pro-Lai, open-minded rather than over, all who know him are convinced. He is intelligent and extraordinary and often has his own unique view on things. He has a city hall but not gloomy, cheerful personality, self-confidence, generous, inclusive.
A-Pang Cheng YaoJin No introduction
(None) Chi Su Female, twenty years old. She and Hong Fu enter the underground palace at the same time. Not as good as Hong Fu beauty, not as good as Bao Qin martial arts, the beginning is a completely unobtrusive ordinary girl, stubborn personality, unyielding, reticent. Is slave completely dependent on her, making her confident, know how to love.
Yvonne Yao Ping YangGongZhu No introduction
Nailiang Jia Yang XuanGan Male, twenty-two years old. Yang Su son. He is completely a small Yang Su, heartless, selfish, self. Unscrupulous for the purpose. After becoming a slavery slave, he became mentally handicapped, personality completely changed, simply like a child.
Yong Hou Li Yuan No introduction
Xiangjin Luo Bao Qin No introduction
Yun Liu Chi Su No introduction
Guangmin Si Hua FuRen No introduction
Yoyo Yang Lv Yu No introduction
Zhihua Dong Li Ke No introduction
Chunzhong Zhang Yin ShiShi No introduction
Yan Qin Sui YangDi No introduction
Iron cranes Li JianCheng No introduction
Wang Xing Kai Li YuanJi No introduction
(None) Shan Ben No introduction
(None) Shou Chun No introduction
vivienne Huai Xiang No introduction
(None) Qin Qiong No introduction
Jessie Zhang Wei Zhang No introduction
(None) Wei ChiGong No introduction
Zhao Dongbo Wang ShiChong No introduction
Guo Minghan Liang Peng No introduction
Tongjiang Hou Zhang Yang No introduction
(None) Bo YeYe No introduction
(None) Xiao Mi No introduction
(None) Xiao HuangHou No introduction
(None) Chou Jia No introduction
(None) Yu WenHuaJi No introduction
(None) Dou Shi No introduction

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