Jia RuHua Introduction

Jia RuHua
Jia RuHua (Emme Wong Play)

University graduate, a computer company programmer. Since childhood with my sister dependent, very filial. In order to reduce the burden on my sister, only focus on work, ignore the dress, buried its own beauty. Although flowers are not beautiful, but also by the Kung Fu team Lu reel crush. [Finally, the Land Rover for flowery, but also for the brothers, Kung Fu team, offering the liver to flower sweetheart (Hawking), but because of their excessive bleeding and death. ] As early as dark shadow Nong shadow, and then vote with Hawking, and is the only one who knows Hawking. In the football lottery, re-use their own re-dress. Stunned as heaven, but Hawking instead inferiority. Finally, she helped Hawking eliminate inferiority complex, and Hawking together.

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