《KungFuSoccer》Ep4:Episode 4

Early in the morning, Dashun et al. Were intimidated by surging outside candidates and their neighbor, Ba GuaGong, volunteered to join the examination of applicants. It turned out that many people came to apply under the flock psychology, in fact, there is no nanny experience. Candidates' status is unique. Young children, old people going to the woods, blind spots in the field, laid-back chefs, ugly women, terminally ill patients. Busy all day, there is always no suitable candidate. People take an abandoned attitude, Ba GuaGong excuse to go out to talk about business, intends to leave, and soon back, the original beauty come to apply. Dressed in a frivolous little girl does not meet the requirements of Dashun in mind, Dashunjue see the more undesirable, intends to rush her away. Suddenly, Xiao Shun disease, Dashun hectic and can not find the oil. In a critical situation, Xiao Shun has woken up, the original sister's voice resembles Xiao Shun's mother, has a special effect on Xiao Shun, Dashun although do not like the little sister, at this time helpless, was forced to hire a younger sister Xiaoshun Nanny. Two young girls and two peach models are three-year-old girl younger, and has been too angry, the peach because too young and not people know. They both share the same situation and rent a place jointly because they have not been working for a long time. They have already owed rent for six months and were finally driven away by the landlord. Two desperation, sleep overnight, decided to bite the bullet together to Xiao Shun family living. As a young nanny Xiao Shun, but small Shun shy, often read magazines, but also bully Xiaoshindian poor, purely in troubled fishing way to work. Dashun defense, Xiaoshang Ji younger sister out of time, so young girl for the knot. Little Shun great impression on the little sister, but also very obedient, the younger sister found that you can use Xiao Shun. Tiger has not given up the willingness to form Kung Fu football team, but friends advised him to find a job or a down-to-earth job better, and introduced him to a school application. The principal was reluctant, but after a friend's lobbying, the headmaster again recognized Tiger as his idol and finally promised to hire a tiger. It turned out that tiger only served as a school in primary school, leisure itch, while physical exercise coach, they act as football coaches, explain the football principle for students. Although the working environment is not satisfactory, the tiger is still not willing to give up the ideal, often to the ball will be self-recommended, failing repeatedly, repeatedly failed. One day, tiger to a ball will (Bulls team) hit the opportunity to see the players are all brave but did not rule, and the team happens to have a vacancy of the coach, the tiger buy more, decided to win a coach job. It turned out that the ball will be owed wages due to lack of funds, the coach did not quit without saying goodbye. When the master came back to bring a candidate, the class demanded the tiger and its contest, but each other regardless of the outcome, then the class demanded that the two contest with money, who would like to invite guests to dinner, the tiger has ninety yuan, decided to pour pocket Out, the opponent had only thirty yuan, had to give up. Players eat and drink in restaurants, the tiger can not help but frown, and finally only the number of restaurant proprietress, to replace the lack of meal money on behalf of the dish washing. At the same time, the class owner announced that there will be a match tomorrow. If tomorrow's defeat is to end, the team will be dissolved, but if Tiger can lead the team to win, they will officially hire the tiger. The following day, Bulls team training, tiger real-time pointed out that everyone's shortcomings, and teach them offside trap, all the players feel weird.Afternoon, the game began, the Bulls were underestimated, the other host, and from time to time set offside trap. Fortunately, tiger training in advance, the Bulls always did not be fooled, but also strictly guard, forcing the other serious competition. The first half Pro before the finish, a member of the Bulls team walked without permission, exposing flaws, the result was the other goal. The second half, the tiger changed tactics, put away the strongest two players, and use the tricky way to disturb each other's line of sight, then recover a ball. And then strict defense, consumption of each other's strength. When Pro finished, and then transferred to the previously put away the strong, the implementation of the storm, so that the other side of the chaos chaos. The Bulls final successful injection of 12 yards to win the event, tiger has also been officially hired. Dashun Xiaosun go to the hospital to do a detailed examination, the younger sister also followed, we finally understand the cause of Xiao Shun, the younger sister also feel Xiaoshun pitiful, Xiao Shun but calmly. The younger sister finally succeeded in entering the qualifier of the advertising model, excited inexplicable plans to immediately prepare, but the thought of the present job is to take care of Xiaoshun mood immediately sink. The younger sister intends to go to Dashun for leave, but she can not claim it. Dashun claims the price of leave is dismissal. Little sister to the small hand embarrassed, left to right degrees have failed, the last little sister to get a kiss Xiaosun agreed, and decided to play Xiaoxun men, go to the hotel interview. Xiaoshun dressed as a girl, accompanied by a small peach and peach interview. Three people 忐 忐 忑 忑, worried that Xiaoshun identity will be identified. Little sister frustrated at the casting, but the director unexpectedly disguised as a boy dressed in small Shun, to "She" as a trance girl. Little Shun opened his mouth, but the director said there was no problem. Everyone feels it's not a taste. Later, Xiao Shun was removed wigs, rage face area, young peach with him fled. After this disaster, the young girl knew her reputation was bad, it is difficult to foothold in the model, Ann decided to do their nanny. When the three returned home, they found out that Dashun had been waiting at home.

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