《KungFuSoccer》Ep28:Episode 28

The crowd on the FA theory, can not join to appeal, Leopard claimed to have dismissed his Kung Fu football team. After the theory is over, the FA suggests that there is scope for a turnaround, claiming that if a player plays a friendship with the champion of Team A without any hard work, he can think twice. Of course, the Football Association hired recognized ball cards and kung fu experts to do the assessment, if confirmed players use Kung Fu in the race, it will be driven away. Tiger accept the conditions, but everyone doubts, do not have to kung fu how to kick it? Tiger and Little Shun buried study without kung fu how to play football, but always want to go some can not figure out. At this time, their foreign disciples came back, claiming that they had previously played football with the British star Beckham, quite a few experiences. Initially, the tiger and Xiaoshun are not believed, and later when they saw the apprentice and Biwei together practice video, only one by one to believe. Apprentice and tiger, Xiaoshun three people together to study, Kung Fu skills into the football principle, the players also practice together. Shadow and friends to go to high speed pastime, meet again with red refining, this time, the film did not take the initiative to say hello to red refining, red refining but take the initiative to come and shadow talk. Qiang refined Qiliao, after the two often meet frequently. According to legend, the player found a beautiful and capable and capable girl, and has been in communication. Month asked Peach what she and her boyfriend's progress, Peach greatly stimulated, nonsense boyfriend will come back next month and has promised to marry her. Little sister and boyfriend go home, clothes Jin Ronggui. His father was just released from jail at home. Seeing that his little boyfriend is rich, he continually extorts money from him. On the surface, as long as he is good enough for his younger sister, he in fact hints at hoping to own a Shanghai property. The younger sister embarrassed his father's behavior, but her boyfriend said she fully understood and fully understood, kept comforting the younger sister and proposed to eat with her younger sister's father and grandmother. Surprisingly, the younger sister's father actually made his own claim, a large banquet banquet to all friends and relatives to show off their little boy's boyfriend. Returning home, the younger sister apologized for her father's misconduct and kept apologizing to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend gave the younger sister a two-way permit to Hong Kong. She said that she punished her for going to Hong Kong with him and went further. . The other hand, the player knew Xiaoshun mind, urging him to go to the little girl to express his intention. The younger sister while packing, preparing for the trip to Hong Kong, while talking on the phone with Peach, said excitedly finally can go to Hong Kong to see. Little sister and little peach talk about the heart, asked Xiaoshun side should be how to deal with, peaches little sister do not think too much, horizontal cross has the opportunity to go to Hong Kong, go go and see, but be careful not to lose to others . Little sister said he used to run laughing rivers and lakes, he would be careful to guard, big deal to wear more underwear and so on. In addition, the small peach care girl to help her buy something, wrote a long list of shopping list to the sister to buy a single. Little sister finally arrived in Hong Kong, such as grandmother Liu Grand View Garden, do not understand anything, what are curious. Her boyfriend sent her to a hotel, she did not live with her, only to say later that she will pick her up, so the little girl was surprised. In addition, my boyfriend sent a gorgeous evening dress, the little girl dress up, because there will be an important date at night.In the evening, the little girl sat up to pick up his car, but the car took the back lane, leaving the young girl confused and ignorant of what medicine was being sold by her boyfriend. Finally, the driver took the girl to a jewelery shop where her boyfriend had been waiting in the store and arranged for the band to perform accompaniment. Then she knelt down and marry her and chose a ring as she chooses. Sister moved deeply, nodded promised marriage. She YingShi boyfriend then go home with the younger sister, her boyfriend saw the luxury of her boyfriend's residence, and again surprise Mo Mo. Sister took advantage of her boyfriend to go away, anxious to call Xiaotao, praised not only the beauty of Hong Kong, but also told her the rapid development of her boyfriend has proposed to her. The two had very happy talk, but heard a small Shun voice immediately stunned words. Recall, the younger sister received urgent line, thoughtfully. Ice to the hospital to visit his wife, so he had been his wife never forget, from time to time to go to the hospital to look after her. His wife was deeply moved, frankly said her fiance has abandoned her, or ice more honest and reliable, the two were released, breaking the reunion. The little girl came back from Hong Kong, about small peach together, and bring letters. Peach is a lie for the previous boyfriend and worry, do not know how to lie, the two discuss, the younger sister proposed to find extras to help. At this time, the phone call, the younger sister sweet response, and seeking help peach preparation wedding. Binger birthday, everyone celebrates, but Binger is still trouble from time to time, so that all the headaches. Peach boy appeared with fake boyfriend, deliberately in the presence of the shadow and boyfriend pretending to be affectionate. Shadow in the eyes, enraged, while asking false boyfriend's background, while calling the phone called refining red, intends to make revenge on the peach. Cheer refining came, the film revenge and red refining talk and laughter, intimacy, so that Peach both gas and jealousy.

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