《KungFuSoccer》Ep25:Episode 25

Tiger decided to find a master of martial arts for everyone, earnestly train the basic skills of all people. Finally, I found a teacher who claimed to know Taiji actual combat law. Teachers teach us to fight sandbags, lifting weights, the training process is like playing Muay Thai. Months and sunny strange, asked the teacher passed away. The teacher's biography actually says that the old Kungfu is powerful, but it takes too much time, not to mention that nowadays are not popular real kung fu. Now the popular is Sanda, not talking about the zhang law, in short, can win the ring on the line, and the so-called taiji combat law is only one name. Months and sunny knot, intend to find another martial art, but the master said no, the crows in the world are generally dark, but also put the video to everyone to see, to prove that they did not lie. Months and sunny disappointed, is there no real talent in the world? No one knows the traditional kung fu? When they visit the vegetable market, they accidentally saw the extraordinary skills of throwing vegetables into the air and shaking themselves in horror. Two people in the outskirts of the test arm strength, its indiscriminate cast stone, arm even received all, the two sigh, and decided to solicit players. In the introduction of a thousand arms, two people are aware of another wizards but unlucky people: Lion roar. Months and sunny earmuffs, to the roar of the factory to lobby. In the middle of the night, Xiao Shun was studying photos of tattoos. The younger sister secretly peeped outside. Although she was always concerned about her heart, she never dared to express Xiaosun. Little sister focused on the occasion, did not find someone approaching behind, the original is peach. The two initially bucket Tsui, but in fact are hard-hearted, the last and early. Peach know little sister is still very interested Xiaoshun, promised to tell her the status quo by telephone SMS, the younger sister also care for her to take care of Xiaoshun Peach. The younger sister worked hard in the restaurant, and a She Ying Shi suddenly came to invite her to shoot an advertisement. Little sister does not believe this is a fact, a refusal. Surprisingly, She YingShi privately to the sister of the sister, the boss also promised, Xiao Ni was forced to answer. At first, the younger sister thought it was just a simple shoot of hard work, and did not mind. Surprisingly, as soon as the filming site was discovered, the scene was so shocking. The young man not only helped her with her hair, make-up, and remuneration but also unexpectedly high. It turned out that this name She YingShi is the chief Chinese She YingShi, he more formally invited the younger sister out for a meal, put on clothes, but also shuttle bus service, young girl suddenly felt fly on the branches of the Phoenix. Xiao Bian and She Ying Shi in the restaurant dining, Yan Yan Yan Yan two people, the little sister said a lot of things about Hong Kong, and laments have not had a chance to see. She YingShi cut himself out of profile, but fortunately in the United States to work hard, so have the chance to succeed, due to the sincerity of the attitude, so young girl left a good impression. On the way, the younger sister received a message about Xiao Shun, look like. Month, sunny to Kung Fu players introduce new members: Thousands of armor, Lion roar, we hate each other late. Month to peach by phone, peach sweeping, the month to take, inadvertently found peach to the young girl telecommunications. Ching Hu for the tiger, glad Fortunately, the Western medicine tiger disease, the two then discuss the team's business. Talking about, sunny test tiger, asked him if he still obsessed with the old girlfriend, tiger said every other, has long been forgotten. Clear again ask the tiger will find a companion, tiger leather lantern, actually said have not found.Ching asked myself if it is appropriate, the tiger thought it was playing until clear, just realized. However, Tigers feared the game and said that for the time being Qing will put all their spirits on the team and that other things will end when the match is over. Ching Chua on the home pass Jade as a token of trust, and he kept a good collection, tiger elated, into the trance into the wrong room of others, but also dancing to self-celebration of some excitement to show. Tong-arm punch in the revolving sushi shop performing Kung Fu, where customers take the swivel belt on the sushi, Tong-arm fist that Kung Fu, the sushi quickly fill the vacancies (arm can be extended one foot), all customers are through arm Boxing God skills and cheer. Leopard feel that many people, decided to close for their own use. She YingShi intends to pursue the younger sister, the younger sister goes out, the younger sister takes the job as an excuse, evades gently. Who knows, when the younger sister returned to the restaurant, I found She YingShi is working in the restaurant helper, and said he has five years in the United States-related experience, already skilled skilled workers, Xiao Bian began to be impressed. The eve of the battle, the month for Xiaoshun dressed, ready to go to a press conference, and called Xiaoshun confidence. The other hand, Qing Qi Hu public relations skills, advised him to have style, not too arrogant, so as to attract fans' support. At the press conference, the tiger introduced the new player officially, with great dedication and threatened to win the competition. When asked whether there is a gantry, strength is not enough and other issues, the tiger was angered, and then temper, not only the mad number not the leopard, and finally even the reporters were all scolded, the situation out of control. Yin Feng cone disguised as a reporter, took the opportunity to attack Xiao Shun, tiger found, secretly pay attention. When the yin and want to start on the occasion, the tiger quickly opened Xiao Shun, he was mistakenly in the car, injured fell to the ground.

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