《KungFuSoccer》Ep19:Episode 19

Just as Xiao Shun talked about the tactics with the crowd, his wife suddenly burst into trouble, Xiao Shun told her to wait till they finished, and the wife would not say anything and insisted on making it clear before the crowd. At first, everyone heard that she was going to take the ice, all applauded, because Bing was too naughty and brought many troubles for everyone. Xiaoshun also thought it was miserable to take care of children without their mother. Ice reluctantly said his wife was remarried, the son will change his name, his dignity as his father will be swept away. Ice wife ice drag time, refused to give a serious reply, and curse ice is not a man. Ice wife asked ice children want to tell which, Bing said that both pick, ice wife think ice does not obey, start playing Bingle. Everyone feels that the wife is brutal, and then supports the ice to help him survive. However, the wife must insist on taking the ice child to go, and finally, Kim for ice in the future, and told her to talk about the back alley. When Kim was young, her mother remarried him, leaving a shadow in her childhood and hencefacing her mother. Gold self-inductance and the ice are similar, volunteered to help Bing Bing Bing children. Gold and ice wife negotiations, asking whether the money impressed ice wife, let ice left, the wife actually said that can be considered. The two sides talked about the price, ice wife even insatiable, demanding a lot, and finally angered gold. Gold false claim that the amount of money his wife needs too much, you need to go back and discuss with my brother, excuse to leave, and then dressed in black people, jumped out to attack the ice wife, a vent to hate. Ice and ice children to the hospital to visit his wife, ice wife complain about the current law and order is really poor, during the day there will be a hit accident, Hawking even more cat cry mouse, fake fishy for accidental apology. Ice wife because of serious injuries to rest in hospital for six months, her fiancé has also abandoned her, she is expected to have no chance of short-term take away the ice, ice children to listen to his father's words, ice children verbally agreed, turned around and began to troubleshoot the hospital. Shadowfair suddenly find a dorm to find the film, everyone see the movie's father's show, astonished the shadow of his family. Shadowfinger saw all the people look different clothes, frowned, everyone thought that Shadowmasters do not like shadow 踼 football. Actually, the shadowfinger is happy with the fact that the movie is no longer a waste of time. He also praised the morale of the Kung Fu team and thanked them for taking care of the film. When the time meal time, the shadow patriarch invited everyone to share meals, while others happy, but fortunate enough to learn the table gesture. The actress invited everyone to eat in a high class French restaurant. When they opened the menu, they found that they were all French and were speechless. Xiao Shun wrapped around the shadow of the French study of the French meal, shadow Xiaosun Club will make her disgusted, but the shadow of the father but said Xiaoshun studious. In the restaurant, there are also shadow friends with digital friends. From time to time, they talk about such complicated topics as brief history of history, quantum mechanics, and politics. They can not stand their mouths altogether. The peach tries hard to get along with him. In fact, it is only nonsense that the result is ugly in front of his shadowfinger friend . Friends applaud Peach lovely on the surface, added that she had a fresh perspective, peach at first triumphant, but the film was called her to avoid the sound of the ugly. After listening to the peach, the board face immediately got up and left, consciously and shadow class more and more distant. Blossoms and Peach Blossom is the same day cliff, both equally frustrated in love. During the period of writing cheerleading slogans and dance steps, the two talked more about investment, formed friends and co-wrote bad money and films.Reel intended to pursue peach, with the story of the male mermaid Peach attention. Peach again out of the imagined boyfriend as a shield, face refused to reel. Increasing number of lies made by Peach, less and less under the station. Beaver found Kung Fu team game betting code is very strange, intuition that this is a ghost disk, there must be a conspiracy behind, then repeatedly came to warned shadow, they are careful to deal with. On the other hand, the cane warned the ice not to let the iron Tuo to find her troublesome, otherwise the ice will not let go. Ice went to visit Shi Tetsuo, Torto and killed, said the raccoon Yin with him. Ice letter seems to be true, promised to help him get revenge. After the ice left, Tottori eat toxic milk, seven holes bleed and die. It turned out that some people in order to gain business, in the milk under the rat poison, has been poisoned in many people died, Tito is also one of the victims. Ice was informed of the death of Iron Tuo, insisted he did not believe the death of Tito was poisoned in the collective, that must be related to the raccoon, decided to find a raccoon revenge. On the other hand, the shadowfinger discovered the secret of the raccoon and fired him. The raccoon was grateful to the shadowfather for many years, and after turning over, turned away. Kung Fu team because of raccoons to remind, step up training, the dragon's goalkeeper martial arts amazing everyone rest assured. Who knows, the eve of the game, the dragon suddenly disappeared. At first, everyone thought that the dragon was taken abducted. When he went to Long Family, everyone noticed that his wife and children did not see anything. Xiaoshun worry about the safety of the dragon, but also worried about how the team should be without a dragon fight. At first, everyone thought that even without a dragon, lost a ball or two can easily recover, I feel no big deal. Later, someone suggested searching the dragon's room to see if you could find some clues. At this point, everyone also found the bankbook of gold accidentally, but also found a contract, indicating that the gold promised to do without knowledge of the Kung Fu team one thing. Hawking think they sell them around him to ask, Kim heart, frankly, there are some things without telling everyone.

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