《KungFuSoccer》Ep16:Episode 16

Kung Fu team more and more smoothly, and other teams also won the game, each skill is also more and more skilled, we are very morale, very happy. Gold's torsional wave technology is more and more superb, once hit a breakthrough in the interception of 11 individuals, setting a record. The top wave of ice attack astonishing, even the other gantry even ball into the net. Shadow of the other side of the defense more like nothing in the ball, calmly football into the net. Xiao Shun's S-shaped ball skills amazing, and later interviewed, explain the principle of this play is surprisingly winning, because the most dangerous place is the safest, the most dangerous is the most dangerous. Unfortunately, Xiao Shun because the skill has not yet recovered, every shot will fall. Reel James James fell into the other 18 players can not be prevented, even with the ball fell into their own net. Strict gas function blown away football and red card, so that the other teams have no paroxysm power. Kung Fu football in the way the audience spectacle, Kung Fu team is also more and more popular. Month and small Shun forward to the FA Association to apply for Group A match. As Xiao Shun was late, the atmosphere was solemn when talking to the Committee alone. However, as the incident was approaching, the atmosphere became relaxed and harmonious immediately. Members also wanted to sign a photo and submit photos. They also said Xiaoshun was honored by China. Little Shun 捀 God. However, when it comes to joining the Group A competition, members have changed their attitude. They explained that the Kung Fu Team is a new-born thing and that the country needs to consider it carefully. However, there should be no major problems and no anxiety. Everyone was happy when everyone moved into a new dormitory. Everybody praised the new quarters environment is good, rushing to fight the room. Strictly into the sauna, thought it was an ordinary room, wanted to take for granted, ice also fancy, but also said that with their own children, should be special treatment, the two quarrels endless sauna. Shadow explanation This is a sauna, not an ordinary room, and said the role of the sauna can eliminate fatigue, but Yan and ice insisted that there is still no argument, but also intends to come in baked wave of the Bulls all driven away. Xiaotao, Xiaoshun try to mediate, but no fruit, then the landlord came to explain this room is really a sauna room, two people believe, but in order to face, still said to support a long time ago known, only for practice to fight for housing and Agreement endurance to see who the final victory. Yan and eventually both were severely Bing Bing fainted were carried out, but the two were still fighting to ask who was the first to be carried out, the public was angry knot. Kung Fu team began to be sponsored by different products, shooting different ads (women, drinks, rice wine), and widely known, the crowd excited and inexplicable, began to drift. During the filming process, people repeatedly distracted, but concentrate on watching beauty, the result is tired director directed NG. In addition, the month found all the players behave rude, difficult board of decency, month for this fear, but also secretly frown. On the other hand, when accepting a reporter's visit to the Mainland, the government disclosed to the outside world that there was a way to heal Xiaoshun and restore memory. Month Care Xiaoshun body, and everyone should study how to cure Xiao Shun. The various public conspiracy, to different division methods, each out of their schemes, such as spirits to send earthworms, poisoning and other drugs, Xiaosun body does not support, repeated invalid, leaving half the life. Clear came, see all nonsense, drink in real time only, and research methods together with the month.Xiao Shun recuperating period, the month rap the public to attend the public performance when it is too rude and misdemeanors, decided to conduct ceremonial training for everyone. Feeling disgusted, feel self-policing, do not need training. The training was officially launched. At the beginning of the month, everyone was taught to dress, such as hairstyles, costumes, and so on, but the crowd did not taste the result. The same month also found a small cis smooth tattoo, and decided to let Shun show off with a bald head, tattoos are covered with tape. Xiao Shun said the tattoo is left by his father, with special significance and secrets, but the details do not know. Months with all the people to the restaurant dining, and teach them Western etiquette. Because the film is known for its training, it is arranged as a squad leader to guide the players on the correct Western etiquette, such as how to use knives and forks, gestures, and order of precedence. However, many people do not listen to teaching and make mistakes repeatedly. Month continued to arrange different courses for the players, such as coping etiquette, learning modesty, learning English, comprehensively transform the team, in order to make reborn, refreshing. After some training, everyone has made some progress. Xiaoshun to worship the Dashun, tell Dashun their current situation, and said he has learned English, I hope Dashun also have the opportunity to learn, by the way burning paper Zarling style to Dashun, siblings love, do not speak at all Among them. In fact, Xiao Shun did not understand English, just read the word crooked. Kung Fu team practice ball, has attracted many female fans came to observe, everyone is very good, thinking they are great, especially happy movie, that all this is due to their own charm. Peach often want to enter the stadium work, the junction was blocked by the fans, how can not come in. A mysterious man came to dormitory gold, the two left, Xiao Shun look in the eyes, curious to follow.

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