《KungFuSoccer》Ep13:Episode 13

Xiaoshun whether the decision to receive treatment to the month. If you have a choice, he would like to choose a dish that must have a half pie, or try it on an adventurous basis, choose another unknown dish, and the result may be a whole cake, It may be a cake or not. Small Shun decided to bet once. Sunny also hesitated, afraid to do treatment for the small Shun, fear of failure will be tired Xiaoshun. Dashun expressed full confidence on the Qing, Xiao Shun also voted in confidence, and finally, sunny decided to use the coin to decide, the coin is a public adventure to try once, if it is the word to give up. Finally, Providence also supports sunny adventure to try again. Sunny and strict healing Xiao Shun, everyone anxiously waiting outside. Ivory gold dog has always been a long time not to say some of the auspicious words, angered the film, the two scolded, after being persuaded by the peach. Before the start of treatment, Xiaoshun uneasy, the month to catch a small Shun hand, give him courage and confidence. During treatment, there have been problems, Xiao Shun gas confusion, then cramps, the crowd rush to first aid, the last sunny as the small needle assassination into the longevity, Xiao Shun into a coma. Peach see the situation is critical, quickly called Xiaodi, with her back. Just as Xiaoshun wandering the edge of life and death, the young girl is in the mansion and Johnny Qing me and I talk about the marriage event. Tense, young girl deliberately do not listen to the phone, and later even more quietly put out the phone, the peach for the knot. The younger sister promises to Johnny's proposal, thinking she is going to be rich, who knows Johnny is asking for a loan at this time. The younger sister confess to Johnny frankly that he is not rich, that Johnny will not mind, but Johnny immediately negative. The truth one by one was exposed, the two found each other are wide enough to play money, mutual scolding. Timely Johnny's boss came back, finding Johnny's evil deed, dismissed it on the spot and drove the two out of the mansion. Two people continue to fight each other outside the mansion, not the number of each other, the little girl borrowed expensive clothes have also been torn rot. Sister frustrated back to the dorm, a embarrassed. Dashun younger sister because of the previous ruthless and irresponsible and fury, threatened to dismiss her. Little sister see Xiaoshun into a coma, but also some guilt, coupled with just a major blow, excitedly crying. But everyone did not believe the younger sister, but also reprimanded her just doing the show, the gold must also catch the younger sister go. Little girl temper, pull the peach together, but the peach refused to go, but accused the younger sister is not. Everyone left the little sister, little sister feel isolated. Dashun knew that life is going to be done shortly, and he explained his heart to the tiger. He said Xiao Shun must learn to be independent and he can not help Xiao Shun now. Dashun said there are still two things left before his death. One is to challenge the real master; the second is not to repay some of the feelings of the crush, but also to the tiger a large pile of love letter, tiger overwhelmed. Dashun formally to the pork man's war, similar to the battle in Huashan.The battle day is up, the pork guy wife actually forgot to call him to get up, before leaving, his son dragged him to sign the manual, the pork guy moment feeling, passionately sang "on the eve of the decisive battle," and exhorted his wife to recover the street widow owed Pork debt, his wife suspicious from time to time, that pigs and widows are ambiguous, crying some. After hard work, pork guy just got rid of his wife, catch up with the bus to Huashan battle. At that time, he and Dashun take the same car, two from the car until the end of the arrival, are waiting in the wings to look Gundam. To Huashan, two people can not match the martial arts several times: In the morning, two were blocked by tourists, foreigners hard to pull the human landscape board; at night, but also because someone was on the hill barbecue, still can not calm down than the test. Two went to a secluded place, is planning to begin the test, but also the police suspected robbers, was locked into the police station. Two were released after the public security, rented a warehouse, hiding in peace test. After some fighting, both were seriously injured, and even the roof was hit bad. The pork guy knew he was not a big shun opponent, wondering why Dashun's mercy, did not make a force. I asked, did not know that the big command will be carried out soon, because they do not want to die in bed between brothers, so bent, willing to die in the hands of experts. Pork deep touched, also admitted that his Nanquan lost to the big north leg. After the war, Dashun drew the dying man back to the dorm, but still holding the factory's wave shoes in order to deceive the public. Crush co-workers to visit Dashun, see the last side. Dashun will go to death, make every effort to save him and let the two sisters see the final face again. Before he died, he handed the shoes to Xiao Shun, saying he hoped he would take care of himself and take good care of himself. Tiger and month agreed, followed by the big peace of mind to die. Pig guy in the street posted a large paper, propaganda north leg wins Nan Quan. The police locked the pork man, saying that he could not mess up his paper and went on to convict him of illegally fighting and damaging the roof. Pork guy do not mind being locked, requiring the public security to retain the wall of the paper, so that the world know that North Kwan Nam Fist this thing.

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