《KungFuSoccer》Ep10:Episode 10

Tiger back to the dorm, people have been busy asking whether to find a new class leader, or the old class leader is willing to change their mind. Tiger frustrated to tell the truth, disappointed. Kim suggested that we all be self-reliant, that is, using their own power to find the team for life, we all sincerely, finally came up with the idea. The crowd held a show in the food stalls, playing F4 singing and dancing, but the effect is extremely poor, provoking disgusting patrons. In the end, the food stalls were dispatched by the Department of Health due to illegal operation. The peach and the younger sister came forward to release electricity and were suspected of operating in unethical places. The food stalls finally closed down. The boss lamented the team and was really unlucky. While everyone desperate to clean up the soft, intend to leave the occasion, someone ring the doorbell. Peach opened the door, that is, dizzy wave, who turned out to be the shadow. Shadow to the people who volunteered to join the team, said he saw the TV press conference, think they are ambitious, decided to join to become a member. Tiger come see is the shadow, overjoyed, that he should be arranged to do wing front, but shadow insisted only to do gantry, and said he has difficulties, can not reveal before Kung Fu identity. Large splash of cold water, that the ball will be dissolved due to funding issues. Shadow comfort everyone said that money is not a problem, tiger immediately move into the room dwell, ice to hear the shadow tweak, secretly to pay attention. Shadow and tiger in the room close to talk, reveal the origins of the film, and said that in order to evade the enemy, so we can not open their martial arts. Tiger strongly lobbying to do wing front, but the shadow always insisted on serving as gantry at the same time promised to find sponsorship for the team. At the same time, ice eavesdropping in the doorway of life experience background, and then went to the pier to inform Shishuotuo Tuo. Shadow planning and paternity counseling sponsored Kung Fu team, who knows his father had left due to business. Shadow and the cats discuss, the conclusion is to find a friend to help. Shadow found a lot of girls back, all kinds of rallies, dedication, but also to introduce clothing company to do sponsorship. Girls group, blossoming because of the appearance of ugliness, discrimination and rejection by the daughters, but she proficient in computers, but also a loyal FANS shadow. Civet females annoying, excuse no cooking, want to catch them to leave. Daughters instead of ardently fighting for cooking, the result because they do not know how to cook, the kitchen was very dirty, raccoon angry return to the room. In the middle of the night, the travertine throws stones at the rattan room and leads the rascal out of it. In the meantime, it is revealed that the raccoon came to find the revenge of the rascal, but the raccoon can not even figure out what the characters are. It turned out that many years ago, the raccoon dog and the top Tuo decisive battle on the cliff, two kung fu regardless of the upper and lower, Tuo Shi stumble fell cliff occasion, the crouch throws cloth rescue, but because the fabric is too slippery, the tutor finally catch Can not live, fell down the cliff and died (dying to show the raccoon clean water before the book). The raccoon is the name of Paul Tu, claiming to be himself killed him. Tetsuo revenge for the newspaper, continue to train the iron Tuo Gong finally Tuo back more powerful, finally became loner. Civet Tootuo as a neuropathy, refused to fight with them, and dodge with light, go back to the room, the raccoon scolded shadow should not be displayed outside the martial arts, tired of being enemies found. Iron Tuo dead endless entanglement, the only helpless beast fight with it. After a fight, Tito was injured and defeated. Shadow according to the business card given by the girl, and tiger went to a women's clothing company to talk about the sponsorship issues.After talking to Ye Yue, the person in charge of the company, the two found out that the company did not agree to sponsorship at all, and that the girls who were related to the relationship were not familiar with the month. Shadow was forced to use the handsome man, wink on the month, but did not work. Shadow never lost in front of girls, on the other day. Father Ye Wanshan (hereinafter referred to as the mountain) back, the original mountain and shadowfather met, to see in a familiar face, the mountain did not spot on the scene and the tiger under the command. Shadow wrapped around the mountain, hoping to have a turning point, but the mountain was rushed to a meeting, there is no time to greet the movie and the tiger. In order to win the chance of sponsorship, shadow at the expense of scalp, hard break into the conference room, the public in the meeting asked the board to sponsor the team. Hill gave the film an opportunity to explain to him that the company is just a women's clothing, what is the justification to support the football team. Shadow just intellectual life, that kung fu with football is a good beating, like selling women's clothes like Bi salt also works. Calling the guards to call the mobsters in a month, the tiger suddenly made bad decisions. At that time, Shan announced his agreement to sponsor the team because he admired the daring and tough character of the film, but the sponsorship also came with a condition that the team must pass a month later Hill friend team game, win before they can get sponsorship. Before leaving, the film to the month required to pay a month's sponsorship fee, the beginning of the month refused to agree. Tiger made evil, said the team lack of funds, simply can not support until next month, blame the moon there is no sincerity, or deliberately want him to waste a lot of hard work. In order to win sponsorship fees, tiger staged scenes in front of everyone: pretend to suddenly heart disease, painful expression into the wood third. Wanshan finally concessions, the month to the tiger a check, but to be signed by the fact that film, there are events by the shadow father responsible. Shadow early refused, tiger aggravate scenes, finally forced the film under the word.

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