《KungFuSoccer》Ep1:episode 1

Plot picture Lin ZhongHu, a genius of genius, was jealously framed by his talented young boy, Xia Shanbao, who took chronic poisoning for a long time to cause heart disease. Eventually, his condition was deteriorated, he left the ball alley and went down to an unidentified Stadium as a low-level cleaners, although down-to-earth life, but still maintain a football full of enthusiasm and dedication. One day in 1997, after the game, the players changed their shirts in the lounge and talked about the ball game, arguing how a kick should be played in the event. Tiger comments, pointed out that it should be how to shoot into the gantry, but was all joking and teasing, and with huge amounts of betting tiger just braggingheaven, it is impossible to do. Tiger under the crowd's coercion, the spot demonstration ball, although his footwork and shooting angle is very strange, but surprising, surprising four. All praise the tiger 's ball game, but when it comes to money, all make a shameless move, not only refused to count the loss of money, fight the tiger was a hegemony and scattered. Tiger angry relentlessly playing football, but touched the old trouble, endless pain. Dark field to explain the football kicked out by the tiger, experiencing the spring, summer, autumn and winter, from the hands of different people were removed, and finally fell into the hands of a small smooth, become Xiaoshun love plaything, but also V Fu Xiaoshu met Dark line. In 2001, China reached the periphery of the World Cup. The tiger filled with emotion. On the one hand, it was thrilled that the national team could enter the World Cup. On the other hand, it lamented that the Chinese team's skills are still not enough. Falling on the streets of the tiger heavy old former teammate, he felt ashamed, refused to recognize the brothers and sisters, and finally forcing forced reluctance to admit identity. All the brothers, including the Hachimori meaning leopard also sincerely invited him back to the team, the result was rejected him. The brothers and sisters all for him, with money around the tiger side of people, but also help the tiger to change furniture, the implementation of soft offensive. Tiger neither bounty nor unmoved, and finally simply move away from the crowd. In the rain, the tiger is alone, the past, the glory of the old days, the love of the old days have become the fatal pain of today. In 2002, the tiger wandered into the bar of the southern city as a cleaner. At that time, the television was showing off a football match between China and Brazil. Finally, the Chinese team defeated Brazil under no more than four defeats. While watching the tiger, on the one hand, there are thousands of possibilities and finally arouse his ambition. He is determined to train a team of superb soccer teams and fight for the Chinese people. Tiger recruits a group of young people to learn to play football, but we are just trying to cheaper and have no mind to learn. Tiger inadvertently saw Dashun kick junk work, scared as stranger, determined to recruit students. The original, Dashun just a girl, suddenly aware of the tiger extremely disappointed. A martial arts teacher widely recruits apprentices in the square, claiming that he is proficient in the martial arts of all walks of life, and boasts how skillful his martial arts can be. In fact, this coach was only a liar. Not only did he lose his martial arts, but also the enterprise organized the little girls to teach them the impoverished people who dressed in rags and prayed for sympathy in the streets. Black people (Dashun) to teach the afternoon war, asked to learn martial arts, coach in the disciples at the instigation of the scalp played under the field.The coachman saw the powerful mankind of black people, hurriedly bowed back, called all the disciples swarmed on, the results of all disciples scattered, coach coach outlet, the man was black people Tanjia legs fooling around, embarrassed end. Tiger duo look duel, praised the agility of black people, and decided to track the black people, a check their identity, but the last failure. Dashun back home, Xiao Shun cooked rice and other sisters back home. Xiao Shun is a martial arts genius, since childhood with Dashun secretly learning martial arts, but also love football, but unfortunately suffer from severe trance, not only often amnesia, the disease will be paralyzed, risky, so forced to normal social isolation, Talent is thus buried and abandoned. The siblings prepare meals at home. Serve, Xiaoshun disease, food diarrhea one, painted medicine oil Xiaoshun only return to normal. Xiaoshun forgot to cook their own hands, that they live up to some of the big Shun machine, guilty extreme. Dashun Xiaoshun trance disease has become accustomed to patiently answer the same question Xiaogan repeatedly asked, and proposed as out of bounds meal. Dashun, Xiao Shun two siblings in the food stalls, small habit of forgetting food stalls boss, buddy and other people's identity, apparently drag their own boss money, and remember that others owe their money, and finally awkward and escape. Tiger tracking Dashun, but unfortunately failed several times. Tiger accidentally know Fat Aberdeen, see Fat Aberdeen footer Aberdeen Aberdeen, estimated fat like soccer, intend to solicit fat Aberdeen players. Fat Boy admits that although he likes football, but playing football has no future, willing to learn sumo, and recommend to the tiger loves football Xiaoshun. Under the leadership of Fat Aberdeen, Xiao Shun met Xiaoshun home. Tiger and Xiaoshun they see the same, because they are equally passionate about football, so the conversation is very fond of, a sense of late-night hate. Tiger on the small Shun very deep hope, is planning to recruit Xiaoshun as a player, Dashun home.

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