Tang XiaoShun Dicky Cheung Play)

Born in the fishing village, martial arts genius, since childhood with his sister learned 36 big Tan Tan legs, legs law superb. Optimistic, enthusiastic, curious, ask everything, but suffering from trance disease, in addition to elder sister, and favorite martial arts and football, often forget people and things around, to write important things in the palm of your hand; In addition The most dangerous is the frequent illness, the entire portrait freeze as motionless, to smell an oil can wake up. Because I have never been out of town, I have never seen a person living in the country. After healing is a genius. There has been an affair with Wang XiaoMei and Ye Yue.

Dicky Cheung

Dicky Cheung Wai-kin (born 8 February 1965) is a Hong Kong actor and singer.

Wang XiaoMei Joey Yung Play)

Born in rural areas, her mother died prematurely, and her father was jailed for theft and only lived with her blind grandmother. Inferiority, very concerned about what others think of themselves. Growing up, looks beautiful, green body, become a model, but has not yet become famous. Become greedy vanity, has been eager to marry wealthy little grandmother, do not worry about livelihoods.

Joey Yung

Joey Yung (Chinese: 容祖兒; Jyutping: Jung4 Zo2 Ji4; born 16 June 1980) is a Hong Kong singer and actress signed to Emperor Entertainment Group. Since her musical debut in 1999, Yung has won numerous awards, including the prestigious JSG 'Most Popular Female Singer' and 'Ultimate Best Female Singer – Gold' awards a record-breaking nine times, thus emerging as one of the foremost Cantonese singers of all time. She was ranked 63rd on the 2014 Forbes China Celebrity 100, making her the most influential Hong Kong-based female singer that year. In 2014, she reportedly earned HK$80 million (US$10.3 million).

Lin ZhongHu Anthony Wong Play)

Football genius, shine on the court, jealous of his brother Xia Shanbao, was poisoned by taking poison, so that the heart problems, can not cope with the entire game, each time at halftime was replaced leave, the state gradually decline, The team was forsaken by the end, no team accepted, forced to retire. Since then sinking for many years, until witnessed China's defeat at the World Cup, only determined to cheer up, but also think of the combination of kung fu and football, re-shining in the ball altar. And female acupuncturist Li XiaoQing there is something like no love.

Anthony Wong

Anthony Wong Chau-sang (born Anthony Perry; 2 September 1961), known professionally as Anthony Wong, is a Hong Kong actor. Wong is perhaps best known in the West for his roles in the 1992 action film Hard Boiled, the 2002 critically acclaimed Infernal Affairs, and as General Yang in the 2008 Hollywood film The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Tang DaShun Sandra Ng Play)

Xiao Shun sister, childhood duties as both parents, take care of Shun, everything to Xiaoshun as the center. Character like a man, very eager to dating. In itself, it is a famous Tan Leong master, martial arts faction, with the ancient legacy, often find someone contest, was clearly born in the wrong era.

Sandra Ng

Sandra Ng Kwan-yu (born 2 August 1965) is a Hong Kong film and television actress.


Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Zhengrong Wen Ren Ping No introduction
(None) Chen GangChenJiaoTou No introduction
(None) Lu Wen No introduction
Weiming Meng Li Chang No introduction
(None) Hong Shi No introduction
Sirong He A Mei No introduction
Rain Lee Choi-wah Bai TaoHong No introduction
Gillian Chung Li CaiJiao No introduction
Charlene Choi Zhu DaCai No introduction
YoYo Mung Ye Yue Ye Wanshan daughter, shrewd and competent, straightforward speech. As dead brother suffering from trance disease, so very concerned about the small Shun, Xiao Shun and Xiaoshun feelings.
Lin Yi Zheng Li Jiu No introduction
(None) Liu Hua No introduction
Emme Wong Jia RuHua University graduate, a computer company programmer. Since childhood with my sister dependent, very filial. In order to reduce the burden on my sister, only focus on work, ignore the dress, buried its own beauty. Although flowers are not beautiful, but also by the Kung Fu team Lu reel crush. [Finally, the Land Rover for flowery, but also for the brothers, Kung Fu team, offering the liver to flower sweetheart (Hawking), but because of their excessive bleeding and death. ] As early as dark shadow Nong shadow, and then vote with Hawking, and is the only one who knows Hawking. In the football lottery, re-use their own re-dress. Stunned as heaven, but Hawking instead inferiority. Finally, she helped Hawking eliminate inferiority complex, and Hawking together.
Bowie Lam Lin ZhongBao Surface gentlemanly style, full of benevolence and morality, often good, bones unscrupulous, not really like football, just use football to profit. Framed genius brother tiger, make their own domination on the pitch. A clean addiction. Love infatuation, the tiger was the girlfriend is very good, but married with her. Finally, the wife left him, coupled with losing the game, committed suicide on the pitch.
(None) Li XiaoQing No introduction
Chapman To Lu Lu No introduction
Jerry Lamb Lin JiangLong No introduction
Gabriel Harrison Huo Jin No introduction
Gabriel Wong Yan ZhenBei No introduction
Yut Fei Wong Tie RuBing Savage, thought blocked, so that one thing is true, they persist in the end. Learned studing skills "soft mallet top", specializing in header, is the overlord. Big country, a little country dialect. Piggy money, playing pig food tiger. Mrs. remarried, with a son named Tie BingEr. To support their son alone.
Anson Leung Hua NongYing Hua NongYue and his younger brother grew up in the field, his father running a business, rich family. My father came back to the mainland to open up the market. When he returned to his father's homeland, he did not quite understand Chinese. He often confused English with his speech. Clever, handsome, greedy, gentlemanly, always dressed, is a perfectionist. Arrogant, a bit unnatural The western literature, art, new technology is very research. Secretly follow the housekeeper Bi YanHuLi study dodge "no trace of snow", joined the kung fu team, became the wing front. Later, with the peach know each other in love.
Kenny Kwan Hua NongYue No introduction
Steven Cheung Gui Zai No introduction
You-Nam Wong Ba GuaGong No introduction
Mandy Chiang Man Di No introduction
Kiki Sheung Bi YanHuLi No introduction
Ng Man Yan Xia YanYan No introduction
Jim Chim Zhu YuLu No introduction
Rico Kwok Mao WuYu No introduction
On-on Yu Miao QingQing No introduction
Andy Hui Chi-On Johnny No introduction
William So Wing Hong Kang YiSheng No introduction
Pak-cheung Chan Qiu PingALe No introduction
(None) Little sister's grandma No introduction
Fui-On Shing Wang's father's father No introduction
Bobby Yip Jue SaiCaiPan No introduction
Lai Kei Chung Interview Kung Fu Team Reporter No introduction
Tak-Fai Kwan Yin Feng No introduction
(None) Interview Tang Xiaoshun radio Zhuoqi No introduction
Bobb Tie BingEr No introduction
Gallen Lo She YingShi No introduction

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