Episode: 40 Area: China Hong Kong
Stars: Dicky Cheung Joey Yung Anthony Wong More>> Language:
Director: Man Kit Poon Year: 2004
Writer: Mark Wu Liu Wenhui Genre: Action
Producer: Sanping Han Lee Lieh


Tang XiaoShun, an avid football and kung-fu artist who grew up in childhood, lives with her elder sister, Dashun, a martial arts film, with her legs and legs. Lin ZhongHu and Lin ZhongBao two brothers since childhood are orphans, two people love football, determined to become a football player. Lin ZhongHu due to repeated failures, hit, become irritable and cynical, but still love football, determined to organize football team. Lin ZhongHu recruited a group of teenagers to accept football training, Dashun siblings met Lin ZhongHu, after twists and turns, Xiaoshun finally joined the team and gained unprecedented joy. Tiger and then organize a combination of football and kung fu team, with Xiaoshun as the core, launched Xiaoshun full of challenging football career.

Plot Summary>>

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