Sun WuKong Dicky Cheung Play)

A 殒 stone into a stone monkey, and then learn the essence of sun and moon, coupled with natural intelligence, and soon became a magical Monkey Sin. Goku met Zi LanXianZi of the Temple in heaven. During the court of heaven, Wukong even got acquainted with him. The two of them met and became friends. One day, Wukong found and dissatisfied with his low status, again harassment Temple and Peach Assembly, planted the reason was demoted. The last Tathagata shot, the Wukong will always be pressed under the Fingers.

Dicky Cheung

Dicky Cheung Wai-kin (born 8 February 1965) is a Hong Kong actor and singer.

Tang Seng Edmond Leung Play)

Year-old 18-year-old; have supernatural power, and have never forgotten ability, proficiency in Sanskrit, is a language expert. In the early days of the journey, Tang Seng received Bai LongMa, Drifting and Zhu BaJie as their disciples. Because of the impulsive nature of Goku, it often conflicts with benevolent Tang Seng because of his point of view. On the way to the road, Tang Sanzang unhappy Goku killings and curse Goku, Goku furious left everyone.

Edmond Leung

Edmond Leung Hon-man (born 5 November 1971) is a Hong Kong singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, and television host from Hong Kong. He was a youth development footballer and coach until 17. At age 17, Leung became a finalist in the eighth annual New Talent Singing Awards (新秀歌唱大賽) in 1989, which won him a contract with Capital Artists. He made his recording debut in 1990 with the release of Listen to the Edge (細聽鋒芒). He propelled to teen idol stardom in the mid-1990s and was famous for his rather feminine look, in which many of his songs portray the life of timid men dumped by their lovers. He was suspended and barred from performing or appearing on variety shows by TVB for three months after he uttered profanity during a live broadcast of the Tung Wah Charity Show in 1995.

Zhu BaJie Eric Kot Play)

Crape myrtle make accounting fraud Wu Gang to the canopy to drink spirits, canopy fascinated fans want to Chang'e misconduct, but Wu Gang was blocked. Jade Emperor refers to the canopy private heart, devalued his mortal experience of worldly robbery, canopies found himself into a pig, heartbroken, crape myrtle stole the mortal heal to eat magic recovery saver, but still waiting hundreds Years, the canopy fell into the lake.

Eric Kot

Eric Kot Man-fai is a Hong Kong singer and actor who studied in California and is the youngest of three brothers.

Sha HeShang Sam Lee Play)

Ryoma said non-what he did not flood, next door savage. Wukong to see and found that savages I do not know what to say, then made he was derogated from the shutter general, also waiting for the emergence of Xuan Zang.

Sam Lee

Sam Lee Chan-sam (born 27 September 1975) is a Hong Kong actor. He started his film career when he was first spotted by director Fruit Chan who cast him in Made in Hong Kong. Since his debut, Lee has been working hard on many films. In 1999, he made thirteen films in that year alone. He appeared in a Japanese film Ping Pong as one of the contestants in the movie. Lee is best known for his role as Sha Jang in the Hong Kong television series The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra (2002).


Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Jimmy Lin Ne Zha Chen Tongguan Li Jing third son, to the East China Sea met fire and wukong Wukong three princes, the three princes Dragon tendons out, after the dragon tendon broth to Li Jing drink, almost gas mad Li Jing. Er Lang Shen asked Yu Huang DaDi's life to arrest Na, which mother to save himself from the crime, which 咤 distraught, responsible Li Jing not to save his mother as his thorn in the face, angrily cut his father, cut the meat and mother. Tai YiZhenRen See where I haunted, refused to go to reincarnation, to help him rebirth, after immortal classes.
Charlene Choi Zi LanXianZi Itself is a purple orchid, Zi WeiXianZi is its sister ~ purple or a flower when protected by Sun WuKong or stone. Dew depends on the survival of hard stones, to absorb the essence of immortality. After meeting Wukong in heaven still can not let go of Wukong's obsession, follow the Sun WuKong under the mortal, participate in Western learning.
Gillian Chung Zi WeiXianZi Crape myrtle and purple orchid are two sisters. They are all flowers. They were fanned by Wang MuNiangNiang and finally became the fairy of heaven. They met Ne Zha in heaven and fell in love with each other.
Kristy Yang Bai GuJing Niu MoWang with the fairy peeping beauty bath, aghast find she is Bai GuJing. Bai GuJing see all demon fled, sad. Bai GuJing said her life ordered with peach, curse so that men can not approach her, Goku into Bai GuJing amused her happy, and more determined to kiss her for her spell, Bai GuJing heart secretly promised. When Goku arrives in heaven, Er Lang Shen is not allowed to bring the bone chain into heaven. Bai GuJing chase to heaven, Tian Bing Tian will be returned to the white chain and drove away, Bai GuJing angry.
Yuki Hsu Hong HaiEr No introduction
Niu Tien Wang MuNiangNiang No introduction
Anita Yuen Jiu TianXuanNv No introduction
Stephanie Siao Tie ShanGongZhu Niu MoWang accused Niu MoWang of being an iron fan all the time. Niu MoWang also reprimanded her for dancing. An iron fan went to school to look for Hong HaiEr. He learned that he had not attended classes in a few months, but also felt sad about playing the game with his classmates and classmates. Fan iron tears hugged the pillow of Hong HaiEr fell asleep, surprised to see Niu MoWang went to find a woman, anger to Xiaoyu home, but also with a banana fan dial two. Iron fans were annoyed by Niu MoWang and Hong HaiEr, when Bai GuJing arrived and comforted her.
Ai Iijima Hei ZhiZhuJing Black spider caught Xuan Zang, his words to be married to him, Xuan Zang stunned. Wukong three people to find holes in silk, Wukong suddenly familiar feeling. Three separate search, Wukong black spider at first sight that is happy, the original two are old acquaintances. Black spider with nine days suddenly nun inserted into the back of Goku, Wukong emotionally asked her if she can remember after two acquaintances. Black spider's thoughts that drift to the year when they just turned into a human form, and is being observed in the Samsung Wukong concept of salvation.
Paulyn Sun Bai ZhiZhuJing No introduction
San-san Lee Qi BaoLuoSan No introduction
Fennie Yuen She Yao No introduction
Jess Zhang Su Su No introduction
Jackie Lui Er LangShen No introduction
Yut Fei Wong Niu MoWang No introduction
Law Kar-ying Tai BaiJinXing No introduction
Kenneth Tsang Yu HuangDaDi No introduction
Ah-Niu Bao Gang No introduction
Ka-Yan Leung Li Jing No introduction
Simon Loui Xiao Bi No introduction
Eddy Ko Tang TaiZong No introduction
Hui Shiu-hung Tai YiZhenRen No introduction
Jing Hu Nv ErGuoGuoWang No introduction
Nicholas Tse Zhong Kui No introduction
Andy Hui Chi-On Bai LongMa West Sea Dragon King's son, Goku to the river to see the public Yu Jing, shrimp crazy crazy obsessed with the South China Sea Dragon King Prince prodigal, feeling disdain, lessons Zhong Jing and Ryoma. Long Ma speak out of my heart distressed, Wukong self-introduction and recommend him to take the West with Xuan Zang. Ryukoku Wukong ecstasy in the name of the original, he turned out to be another disciple of Xuan Zang. Ryoma also said that he did not flood the river.
Barbie Hsu Xue PoDaXian No introduction
Sammi Cheng Guan Yin No introduction
William So Wing Hong Dong HaiLongWang No introduction
Ko Bum Shao NianTangSeng No introduction
Lu Meng Jiu ZiMoMu Superb martial arts, the devil's wife gave birth to nine sons, dodge very powerful, very laughed martial arts, nine Yin white bone extraordinary, nine little devil's martial arts can not be underestimated.
Eric Tsang Pu TiLaoZu No introduction
Teresa Mak Yu Jing No introduction
(None) Hua ShanShengMu No introduction

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