Wu moved heaven and earth(TV)[2018]
Wu moved heaven and earth(TV)[2018]
Wu moved heaven and earth(TV)[2018]

Wu moved heaven and earth(TV)[2018]

Episode: 60 Area: The Chinese mainland
Stars: Yang Yang Crystal Zhang Chun Wu More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Li Zhang Year: 2018
Genre: Ancient costume | Wuxia | Fantastic
Producer: Wei Zhang

《Wu moved heaven and earth》Episodes

"The emperor" tells a young boy who dreams of gloryLin Dong(Yang Yang (actor), by chance, acquires the mysterious stone symbol left by the ancient supreme symbol. Since then,Lin Donghas been surrounded by three super sects, including the wuxiu sect, the great hero sect, and the super sect of zhongshan state, which has no connection with Lin DongLin LangTian(Wu Chun), he also begins to care about Lin Dong. After experiencing many hardships such as clan competition, vassal war and inheritance of descendants,Lin Dongtrained herself to be an outstanding martial artist with her hard work and great opportunitiesLing QingZhuLikun WangYing, HuanHuan(Zhang Tianai). However, the remnants of other demons, which once threatened for a time, reappeared in this land. Even Lin LangTian, Lin Dong's old enemy, finally joined forces with the remnants of other demons.Lin Dongcan only unite with his two sworn brothers and the people of the wulin around him. Relying on the supreme martial arts, which has been passed down from the ancient runic ancestors,Lin Donghas taken on a battle with others. .

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