The general is up(TV)[2017]
The general is up(TV)[2017]
The general is up(TV)[2017]

The general is up(TV)[2017]

Episode: 60 Area: China mainland
Stars: Sandra Peter Chuan Ding More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Wen Jie Clarence Fok Year: 2017
Genre: Costume Drama | legend | Historical play | Romance
Producer: Jin Yi Philippines

《The general is up》Episodes

During Song RenZong years, general Ye Zhao's daughter Ye Zhao, dressed in a man's costume, excelled in martial arts and energetic. General in the stills 16-year-old court was appointed to the task, put on battle, killing numerous enemies on the battlefield, well-known. Because Ye Zhao led Ye Jiajun won the border victory, the emperor sealed the Ye Zhao generals. Ye Zhao is actually playing on the emperor himself is a girl, the ruling and opposition to whom the shock. Liu TaiHou, who drafted the curtain of government, has been worried that Ye Zhao has taken a heavy hand to deter imperial power and that Yi Zhao has given Ye Zhao the right to marry the emperor's nephew to the emperor's nephew Zhao YuJin. One is the battlefield to kill winking living hell, majestic generals, one is a spoiled childhood since childhood Prince Jun, eager to pull the mountains and rivers of men and women, the two opened the couple between the main War.

Plot Summary>>

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