Chicken dragon fairy(TV)[2018]
Chicken dragon fairy(TV)[2018]

《Chicken dragon fairy》Character Relationships

TV《Chicken dragon fairy》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Chicken dragon fairy》 Character Relationships:

《Chicken dragon fairy》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Xuan YuNan

Fairy good jade south lost her feathers at fairy falls and could not return to the sky. After 699 years, she worked as a barista at fairy tea house at the foot of mount chicken, waiting for her husband to reincarnate. Her gentle, warm, four-dimensional character makes her deeply loved by the people around her. She left chicken dragon mountain for the first time, until the man who supposedly was her husband showed up. In order to see her husband again after reincarnation, she entered the civilized society, in order to adapt to the life of Seoul and launched a circuitous adjustment of Seoul life.

Zheng YiXian

A biology professor with good looks and brains who complains about everything, and a sharp personality who is not like the usual cleanliness.

Jin Jin

Biology graduate student with warm personality.

Zhao FengDa

Zhao FengDa, an official at the residence who runs a coffee truck, is also one of the first to decide to do his bit for the environment by not using disposable items such as paper cups.

Dian Shun

Dian Shun, daughter of the fairy Xuan YuNan (CAI yuan) and the woodcutter, met his mother Xuan YuNan after he was reborn. Although he was born a tiger in his life, he experienced the cultivation and transformation into a human figure. His appearance lingers between a cute cat and a human figure, while his inner self is actually a famous banned novelist.

Ju XianSheng

Outwardly handsome, handsome and honest, he was, in fact, the equivalent of Ju XianSheng, a racer of gossip. Taciturn and taciturn, it will be found that all the rumors spread because of him, and is a very vindictive terrorist.

Wu XianNv

Wu XianNv, who somehow loses her coat and can't return to the sky, sets a goal to find the woodcutter who stole her coat 300 years ago, while Xuan YuNan (CAI yuan, Go doo-shim) is committed to finding her husband. Her plan to search for a husband is different from that of Xuan YuNan, who is looking for a husband.

Pu ShenXian

He insists that he was an idol in the past, unlike the immortal 'Pu ShenXian'. Ju XianSheng (kil-kang Ahn) at least has the ability to spread rumors. On the contrary, Pu ShenXian was always tortured by Wu XianNv (Hwang young-hee) because he was not outstanding.

Li XuanShu

A professor of psychiatry who has shown unusual enthusiasm for research. In particular, the perfect figure and the deadly, sexy visual effect of a doctor's white robe can't be hidden, and it can attract a lot of male attention everywhere. A close colleague of professor Zheng YiXian (Yoon hyun-min), Li XuanShu listens to advice on everything from trivial complaints about Zheng YiXian to genuine annoyance. In addition, she has a hidden, unique inversion charm.



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