The ghost off(TV)[2018]
The ghost off(TV)[2018]

《The ghost off》Episodes

《The ghost off》Ep1:Yin huaping cui yunji ying met Yin huaping for the first time to seek revenge for her mother

< p style = "text - align: left;">It came from the east sea, and clung to the black and soft-hearted, and was no longer human after it, and they became happy for the death of man, laughing at man, and deceiving him. So who is that?

< p style = "text - align: left;">On the beach of donghai, a sweaty, tired middle-aged woman, who had been working hard to earn money, handed out the leaflet of sashimi to the tourists on the beach. At this time, she met a woman who did not know how to respect people. Such a hot day, such hard work, was treated with such contempt. The woman's face was full of anger at the moment, and there was a loud noise in her mind, and she drew nearer with her knife to the woman who had insulted her. Suddenly the middle-aged woman grabbed the young woman's hair and thrust the knife into her body. And this middle-aged woman is possessed by it. And that's the ghost.

< p style = "text - align: left;">Twenty years ago, there was a small town called guiyang on the edge of the east China sea. Both his parents and grandpa were calling Yin Yin to help out in the yard, but Yin was watching TV alone. The more he called, the louder the sound of the TV turned. His father got angry and asked him to lower his voice. At this time, Yin huaping looked at everyone and said that there was a sister behind his grandfather. It turns out that Yin was born into a family of wizards, but unlike other people, he can see what others can't see, so he is a wizard medium. But his parents told him not to say such strange things to others.

< p style = "text - align: left;">The fish feast began, and people walked along the beach singing the ritual. And Yin huaping squatted on the side of the road, when Yin huaping's uncle came to Yin huaping told a story about park ji-tu - that is, ghost possession origin.

< p style = "text - align: left;">After the star offering was over, several strong men put the water lamp into the water. Just as several people were about to return to the shore, Yin huaping's uncle suddenly fell into the water. He frantically catch yourself, don't see things in the right eye, then picked up a knife stabbed to his father, after he began, in all his right eye eyes become black, when his mother came out yelling for him, but he will be in the hands of a knife inserted into the eyes, he turned around, and then Yin Huaping also walk outside, watch to his uncle, four eyes relative, suddenly let out a cry uncle, followed by Yin Huaping fainted.

< p style = "text - align: left;"Over the next few days, yoon can't see anything in his right eye, and he has been in a weak state. That night, Yin huaping's mother was looking for Yin hua, who disappeared in the middle of the night, and never came back. The next day, everyone found her dead in the sea. Later, Yin's grandmother also died mysteriously. Yin huaping's father also had a grudge against Yin huaping. In the evening, grandpa found Yin huaping the town witch to drive away ghosts to Yin huaping. But the witch was also hurt by the harsh ghost of Yin huaping.

Still, his grandfather did not give up and hired two priests, who felt he had been abused by his family. One of them, a priest named cui shangxian, wrote his home address to Yin huaping because he was poor. Just as he was about to leave, Yin huaping suddenly pulled him to write to him.

Leaving Yin huaping's home, cui shangxian's face has changed, he looks pale, the pace is light, walking posture is no longer right. He told another priest he would come home in the evening, and hurried off. At home, he confessed to his father that he did not want to be a priest, but the dog in the house kept barking this evening. He beat the dog to death mercilessly.

On the other side, Yin huaping's illness has been completely cured, eyes can also see, it is his body attached to the evil spirits has been on cui shangxian body. But his father wanted to kill him to stop him from doing harm to others. Luckily, his grandfather arrived in time to tow his father, and Yin took advantage of the chaos to escape. At this time Yin huaping did not know where to go, then thought of the pocket has the cui shangxian address, on his way to the cui shangxian house, he felt wrong, standing there. After killing their parents and Cui Shangxian, received a phone call from cram school, my brother choe yun didn't go to class, he didn't realize there is a person in the home, and my brother also saw it all, and he quickly locked the door, while Cui Shangxian hit the door, in the land of gravity as the door opened, he found the younger brother of hiding under the bed, at this time, a sudden knock on the door to let he had to give up his act. It turned out that jiang jiying was passing by with her mother, who was a police officer. Seeing Yin huaping standing by the road, she went to inquire. When she knew something was wrong in the front room, she went alone. On the pretext of drinking water, she entered the house of cui shangxian. When cui shangxian went to the bathroom, she checked the whole house and found the two people killed. She searched again and found cui yun hiding under the bed.But now jiang Jane saw her mother did not come out, she was very worried, and her mother had already died under the cui shangxian.

In 2018, all three of the children who once had a traumatic experience have grown up. At that time, Yin yinhuaping was a taxi driver, and his purpose as a taxi driver was to find the evil spirit of the body of cui shangxian. Although his mental strength has not been as good as when he was a child, he still has some inspiration.

In the evening, it seemed to him that a corpse had been placed at the mouth of the reservoir. The next day, he went to the scene and called police. So he followed this lead, hoping to find cui shangxian. Now that she has grown up, Jane jiang, like her mother, has become a police officer, and she is in charge of the case. The police examined the body and found it strange that there was water on it, and it was still seawater. When Jane learned that a taxi driver was investigating, she named him as a suspect. On the other hand, Yin huaping had already found the address of Kim yong-soo, who was the same company as the body. He was sent by the company to clean the drain on a rainy day. Yin showed Kim a photo of cui, and Kim responded with great delight. Seeing that Kim was in a bad state, Yin had to leave first, leaving his contact information to Kim's wife before he left. When he came out of Kim yong-soo's house, he met Jane and was taken to the police station to ask her about it. In the police station, he seemed to see the Kim yong-soo home, his home has been turned into a murder scene. From the police station, he hurried to the Kim yong-soo house and met jiang, who was aware that Kim yo-soo house was not right and wanted to check it again. They found that the door was unlocked, so they went in and found that Kim's wife had been killed by him and his daughter had gone missing. The two men walked out of the room, only to see Kim yo-soo standing on the ground floor looking at them.

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