It's 30 but it's still 17(TV)[2018]
It's 30 but it's still 17(TV)[2018]

《It's 30 but it's still 17》Episodes

《It's 30 but it's still 17》Ep1:episode 1

Kong YuZhen, a 17-year-old high school student, went to shanyu art high school. When he came home from school in the evening, he passed by the street bridge. The boy who has had an affair is full of curiosity. Who is this girl? Why such a gorgeous smile? Why frame the moon? Think between the yu zhen fix eyes to see, unconsciously read out the name on the girl's school uniform - lu xiumei, in the heart a shiver. After this, yu zhen often encountered the girl who made him fascinated, but the girl did not realize the hot adoration. A street corner encounter, the girl was intoxicated in the hands of the music, heart without anything else, unfortunately, was splashed all over, yu zhen was very surprised. Another street corner encounter, kind and warm yu zhen loudly called "lu xiumei" to avoid the girl into the soup. The elvish girl, a talented violinist, took the entrance exam at the prestigious music college abroad. Her name is Yu RuiLi. Ruili's uncle and aunt were overjoyed at the fact that her piano skill had won the competition and she would go to Germany for further study in two months. One early morning on her way to school, the girl was singing and dancing with her music in her hand. The bells on her school bag were ringing and the pictures on the wall were moving. At this point, her best friend pulled her behind, so that she did not hit the roadblock. Later, friends complained that the girl was wearing her school uniform by mistake yesterday (" lu xiumei "was the name of her best friend), ruili apologized, but mistakenly took pet fei as the uniform of xiumei, xiumei then made fun of her sloppy, the girl is also a bit careless lovely. Between jokes Jin HengTai suddenly appeared and took out a bunch of flowers to woo ruili, but the head teacher kicked him out mercilessly. The art student yu zhen painted a painting of a girl and explained to his equally curious young nephew liu can that it was a girl who made him curious and attracted his heart. Yu zhen often went out with the painting, looking forward to the chance to give it to his beloved girl. One day tianyu met ruili again on the bus. The smart and smart ruili asked yu-zhen for directions. Yu-zhen was nervous and excited. Yu zhen wanted to send the picture, but the discordant, struggling. Ruili was about to get off. Uzhen finally summoned up her courage and suggested that ruili get off at the next stop. He had a gift for her. As yu zhen pulled out the painting, the bus arrived at the station and xiumei appeared. Yu zhen felt shy and rushed off the bus. Yu zhen closed eyes to relieve the mood and then found the hook ruili's bell, then rose to chase. At this point, clouds fill the sky, rain becomes dense, and lightning RACES. Several tires rolled onto the ground from a pickup truck, resulting in the fatal crash of a dozen cars, which killed ruili's bus. Yu zhen was caught in the heavy rain to witness the car accident, momentarily out of spirits and on the verge of collapse, just holding ruili's bell. Yu zhen regrets unceasingly, blamed repeatedly is oneself killed the beloved girl, the walking in the rain slowly like the walking dead.Ruili fell into a coma lying on her side in a pool of blood, and was sent to the hospital. The electric shock could not make her regain consciousness. Hentai rushed to the hospital anxiously in the rain, praying ruili was safe. Unfortunately, ruili remained in a coma and had to be admitted to a hope convalescent home for special treatment. And beauty died. Thirteen years later, he became a neurosurgeon to treat ruili and tried to help her. Yu zhen became an unkempt stage designer, living a hermit's life in the Alps. My uncle and aunt were nowhere to be seen. The nursing home gave a refueling concert, and the sound of the violin reached ruili's ears. Poor ruili didn't know she was 30 now, and thought she was 17 when the accident happened yesterday. Ruili saw herself in the mirror so old, unable to accept this sudden growth, in the middle of the night cry.

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