Youth stage(TV)[2009]
Youth stage(TV)[2009]

《Youth stage》Cast

Xia Lei Geng Han Play)

A sun-loving big boy whose father is a top archery athlete who had missed the previous Olympic Games due to the death of Xia Lei's mother and whose father hoped Xia Lei could inherit the mantle but Xia Lei only liked to dance and was experiencing contradictions with his parents , A lot of self-challenge, unremitting efforts, finally achieved self-sublimation, the achievements of the wonderful life and growth as a new generation of dance stars.

Geng Han

Han Geng (Han Geng), born February 9, 1984 in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province, China Mainland film actress, pop singer, dancer, businessman and racer, graduated from the Dance Department of the Central University for Nationalities. In 2005, as the sole Chinese member of Super Junior officially debut, and became the first Chinese official debut in South Korea. In 2008, served as the captain of Super Junior-M. In 2009, the company was terminated with SM and returned home. 2010, debut solo album "Geng Xin". In 2011, with the movie "Takefu" won the second New York China Film Festival Asia's most popular artist award. In 2012, the second solo music album, "The More Cold," was released. In the same year, it was awarded the World's Best Artist Award at the European MTV Music Awards. In 2013, he won the 26th Children's Choice Awards Asia's Most Popular Artist Award; In the same year, his starring youth love movie "To Our End Youth" made a 726 million yuan box office results. In 2014, won the 22nd World Music Awards Best Male Artist Award. In 2015, his starring youth love movie "Everything Grows" was released; the same year, the third solo album, "Three Gages," was released. In 2016, starred in sci-fi action drama "Amnesia City."

Tian MoMo Yi Huang Play)

Xia grew up with a neighbor girl, teacher from Xia Lei father became a seed to participate in the Olympic archery competition, the appearance of a clear, very determined heart, but because of her long-term training she arose archery occupational disease - Yellow heart disease, in the team to cancel the qualification of Olympic athletes, Xia Lei's father is Tian MoMo's master to take her again, so that he overcame yellow heart disease, in the selection of Olympic athletes, quietly come to the fore, won the participation Olympic Games opportunities.

Yi Huang

Huang Yi (born September 13, 1979) is a Chinese actress and singer. She graduated from the TV Film Department of the Shanghai Institute of Oriental Culture.

Ding Xiao Johnny Zhang Play)

A young prince who was born in a dancing family, looks arrogant and cruel, but full of passion in his heart. At first, he was an uneasy competitor. After experiencing the initial contradictions, conflicts and antagonisms, he and Xia Lei combined with everyone However, before the first performance, Ding Xiao was unable to attend the performance due to a foot injury. At the end of the performance, Xia Lei invited Ding Xiao and the two of them embraced the stage and cheered them on.

Johnny Zhang

Johnny Zhang, born March 22, 1985 in Gulou District, Nanjing, Mainland China, actor and singer, graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy majoring in music. In August 2005, Johnny Zhang, who was still in sophomore at the Shanghai Theater Academy, debuted in the urban emotional inspirational "Five Star Hotel" by Hai Yan. December 25, 2008, with "five-star hotel" won the "most promising annual TV actor." In April 2009, Johnny Zhang released his first EP "Peter Pan" and by virtue of the album in 2010 won the fourteenth Global Chinese Language list Best New Artist Award. In 2011, starring Taiwan youth idol "Sunshine Angel" and played Geng Fei. In 2012, he played the male No. 1 and plays Ma Ying-jie in his youth idol drama The Summer of Morning Glory. In 2013, starring in food fashion TV series "Happy Noodle", plays Chef Zhang Che-hung belly; starring in the drama "Dragon Flying A", as Hu Zhongyu. In 2014, she performed as a singer in the youth idol drama "A North Story." In the romantic comedy movie "The Disintegration Expert," she plays "Cheap Man" Tai. In 2015, the starring drama "Have To Love" plays Li Muchen; starring in the Guerong martial arts giant system "new border prodigal son", plays Lu Xiaojia. In 2016, starring in the TV series "Qi Xing Ji Xi Lie Ma Ma," plays the money; starring in the suspense movie "can only live one", plays Su Cheng. Starring TV series "choose diary," played Akiyama Jun; starring in the TV series "Mang Huangji", as winter seven. In 2017, Lin Zi was played in the youth inspirational drama Spray Blossoms.

A Bo Kenny Kwan Play)

Xia Lei's buddies, buddies, have no proper cause whatsoever, but in reality they are full of ideals. Occasionally met Shen ZhenYi fell in love with the real, and start the pursuit. He will always help while Xia Lei needs help most and capture his own happiness with the goodness and passion of justice.

Kenny Kwan

Kenny Kwan Chi-Bun (born December 30, 1980) is a Philippine-born Hong Kong singer-songwriter and actor, under the music label Emperor Entertainment Group. He was born in the Philippines, but grew up in Hong Kong.

More《Youth stage》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Joey Yung Shen ZhenYi Shen ZhenYi from South Korea, her father used to be an old friend of Xia Lei's father is an old friend, his father asked to practice archery along with reality to China to relax and be familiar with the environment. In China, Shen ZhenYi discovered that the most powerful rival in the future is Tian MoMo, which encourages silencing silently when suffering from yellow heart disease.
Yumiko Cheng Shen ZhenHui Shen ZhenHui is a famous transnational dance economist and trainer. He is a brilliant trainer at work. He is known as a trainer economist. His heart is actually kind and simple. Once excavated to bring out the international dance star FLA, but because of FLA's affection and came to China to pick the star of tomorrow, so Shen ZhenHui became Xia Lei and Ding Xiao's bole, training them cold, high strength, not near human Behind them silently pave the way for them, fight for everything, eventually succeeded in pushing them to the world stage.
Zhiqi Fan Lao Xia No introduction
Gordon Wang Feng No introduction
(None) She JianJiaoLian No introduction
Andy Yang Liu MiShu No introduction
Zi Yang Ke Chuan No introduction

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