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  • Famale
  • Sagittarius
  • 174
  • 2000-12-12
Name: Aruna Birthday: October 12 Blood Type: B Constellation: Libra Birthplace: Inner Mongolia Nationality: China Height: 174cm Weight: 49 kg Education: Central University for Nationalities Idol: michael jackson, Gwen Stefani Favorite sport: Running, Badminton Lucky Number: 12 Food: Plum, Yogurt, Corn Favorite Place: Any warm place Winning experience 2006 Runner-up, the first image ambassador for the "Golden Five Stars" Cup in Beijing, and third place in the finals of the MTV-Olay 2006 New Talent Awards in the finals of the Beijing Division in 2006. Participated in the Inner Mongolia Satellite TV Lantern Festival in 2006. 2007 Anhui Satellite TV "My biggest" guest in 2007 Happy Bernardo Bertolucci big star concert, with network singers Double Tap, Zheng Xuyi, Super Girls' National Top 10 performances. In 2007, he participated in the Jiangsu Star Concert and performed with Ke Liu, China Power, and Beautiful Musical Notes. In 2008, he participated in the large-scale concert of the Spring Festival in Xinjiang and performed with Allen Lin and Jin Qiaoqiao Hu Dong. In 2008, he participated in the Spring Festival Gala of Inner Mongolia Satellite TV and sang original works "faster than love." In 2008, Beijing Xingrumu Culture Development Co., Ltd. was released on July 13, 2008. It released its first full-length album "12 Me". In July 2008, it was awarded "National Young People's Self-Supporting Entrepreneurial Aspirational Image Spokesperson". It became Huitong in August 2008. The e-commerce spokesperson participated in the opening ceremony of the 7th China-Russia-Mongolia International Tourism Festival in China-Inner Mongolia-Manzhouli in September 2008. “Singing Manzhouli” Ajuna sang the theme song (in Manchuria). Album introduction Album: "Twelve I" Singer: Ajuna Distribution Company: Beijing Zhongdai Shidai Audio and Video Co., Ltd. Time: July 2008 The album highlights the personality of 80 men and women and the distinctive characteristics of the times, expressing the fashion of the 80s. The embarrassment and pursuit of life, in the face of setbacks, is not to give up, not to fail, and to advocate an active, self-reliant and simple love life. The album songs use Middle Eastern-style electronic dance music, Indian Santoor, Arabic flute, Mongolian matouqin and other musical elements. 1 faster than love 2 snow flakes 3 beautiful grassland is my home 4 I miss you 5 love music I don't wanna cry no more love Duo Duo boredom lonely say love Mongolian sister dawn light love I want to be on weekends The moon said to me Singer News In 2008, Aruna's full-length album (12 me) was launched. 01 "The Cheese Girl" Ajuna's new album starts with Ma Xiaonan's cheesecake girl "Ajuna's first music album "12 Me" in Beijing on the afternoon of July 13th. The Chinese popular music player Ma Xiaonan Mr. Zhang, the famous director Zhang Yang, Now, Voyager and the famous singer Wu Wei, the 1983 team, Grieve, the S-wing group member Sun Hui and other friends in the circle and hardcore “cheese” were on the scene to congratulate. The City Tour Concert was presented as a gift to Aruna, and the National Youth Self-Supported Business Startup Office awarded Ajuuna an honorary certificate and trophy for the image spokesperson, bringing the lively meeting to a climax. The meaning of the language is "pure", born in Inner Mongolia, born in a musical family, grandfather Ari Bujie as a national first-rate actor, and a winner of the Chinese Golden Record Award. Aruna loves music and dance and likes to creatively In combination, he also wrote lyrics, composing and choreographing.Art school life has cultivated her good musical qualities and body language. Duration and students bring a different surprise, it is also young music ...

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