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Knife and knife (TV)[1995]

Feature: The "knife and knife" narrates the turmoil of the country in the early days of the Republic of China and the warlords' separatism caused the people to talk about the people. According to legend, the main figure of the royal family dynasty hiding a large number of treasures, after Pirates of the Empress was offended Chao cut, leaving only the young girl Biyun Gege play with a troupe teacher escape. Fifteen years later, all forces including Yuan Shih-kai's military governors, the Japanese spies and the revolutionaries started to trace their desire for treasure hunt and a battle of justness and evil began. Southern government agent Vivian Chow sneaked into the troupe to trace Yuan Shikai's treasure map, but unexpectedly lost his memory. Fortunately, the master Shen TieLan (Law Lok-lam) rescued and incorporated under the name of "Shen JuXian," but Sister Ju Sheng (Liang Pei Ling), Ju Qiuxiu (Xu Qiuyi) prejudice against the Chrysanthemum, plus Sheng, Chrysanthemum two hearts with the rich young master Sunny (Sunny Chan) who, sisters and almost anti-eye. The Beijing opera troupe, which is based on the male class, was promoted by Roman Tam and Joyce Koi, who deserved to be deposed at the time, and inspired the morale of teachers and sisters to raise their eyebrows. In the meantime, Juxian gradually restored his memory and was shocked to find himself secret possession of treasure map, becoming a arena killings goal!

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