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Wang Jianing Filmography(6)


我不能恋爱的女朋友 (TV)[2019]


《我不能恋爱的女朋友》讲述了 Ding XiaoRou 是一个很普通的女孩子,机缘巧合下遇到了 Chi Xin ,两人之间误会连连,都时分讨厌对方。万万没想到,接下来两人又因为各种事情总是能够遇到,随着接触的增多,两人发现对方的闪光点,逐渐放下心中芥蒂,互生情愫,最终他们走在了一起。

命悬一线的浪漫 (TV)[2019]


热爱音乐的前歌手刘星语由于不实报道被迫退出乐坛,随后化名为新宇,过起校园生活。在经历了一系列事件之后,一场关于“控制他人情绪”芯片的实验逐渐浮出水面。在世妍、英娜等人的鼓励之下,新宇最终克服心理障碍,重新站上了属于他的舞台。本剧以稀缺题材科幻的软植入为亮点,以一项可以“控制他人情绪”的芯片植入实验为隐线,叙述了科技的两面性,在科学技术高速发展的时代,也决不能触碰人的道德底线 。


Eighteen years old give me a girl (TV)[2018]

Feature: "I am a girl at the age of 18" tells the story of a group of teenage boys and girls dating from Qiu Shui. The film's producer, Hu Zhenpeng, CEO of Beijing East China Sea Unicorn Culture Communication Co., Ltd., said the play tells a story of innocence and sadness. And because the protagonists are in secondary school stage, ignorant, impulsive and direct factors rampage in their body, resulting drama contradiction, making the image of the "18-year-old to give me a girl" and the same type of drama with the same subject Compared with a more intense pure sense of juvenile. / p>

Give me an 18 years old (TV)[2018]


The TV series "Give me an 18-year-old", also known as "Give me a girl at the age of 18". Story introduction: Tells a group of teenagers headed by Qiu Shui, a series of youthful things that happen around friendship and love, and will be 18 years old. The performance of the show is vivid. Another interpretation of youth is not the growth of sitting in danger, but the rate of arrogance.

"Give me an 18-year-old" adapted from the famous writer Feng Tang's novel "Give me a girl at the age of 18", starring Beijing Donghai Kirin Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Youku, directed by Ding Wei, starring Qilin Guo and Wang Jianing. Ting Mei and Geng Le starred in particular, starring Weihao Sun, Fangchuan, Li Yan and Baizihui Yuan.

Campus "Spring": all the members are on the line

In the full lineup poster, Qilin Guo (decorating Qiu Shui), Wang Jianing (decorating Zhu Chang), Weihao Sun (decorating Liu JingWei), Fangchuan (decorating Jia Xiaocui), Li Yan (decorating Zhang GuoDong), Baizihui Yuan (decorating Ti Zi) The young starring dancers dressed in blue and white classic school uniforms, paired in pairs, stood at the gate of the campus; Ting Mei (Tian Yu) and Geng Le (Kong JianGuo) were dressed in uniforms and stood on the corner of the campus to form a beautiful landscape. . Qiu Shui stood side by side with Zhu Chang, his eyebrows smiled; Liu JingWei and Jia Xiaocui shouldered their shoulders; Ti Zi and Zhang GuoDong smiled and sent Qiu Bo, one person bowed his head and shy; Ting Mei stood with Geng Le, the former dressed in a flower skirt, The girl is full of emotions, and the latter's hands are behind her back, and she does not dare to look directly at Ting Mei's appearance.

The actor's styling on the poster continues the style of the drama's youthfulness, and the emotional relationship and the mode of getting along with it are very clear. Whether it is straightforward and cute, slightly "dominant", or clear-minded, the youngsters in the play are full of vigor and radiance, which outlines the most dazzling gesture in youth.


Brewing time: heartbreaking tears Qilin Guo confession Wang Jianing no regrets

Emotional growth is a double-edged sword. The process is not only beautiful and pleasant. Based on the emotional state presented in the poster, the emotional time of the "During the Time" version reveals the more detailed emotional entanglements of the teenagers. Accompanied by the gentle piano music, Qiu Shui (Qilin Guo) walked alone on the rails. "But I am afraid that I will not say it again, I will never have a chance." A narration reveals the innocent and sad tone of the play. . The rhythm of the music slowly became heavy, and the emotional entanglements between them began to appear: Liu JingWei was helpless to Cui Er. "Some things are not useful." Cui Er expressed his heart to Qiu Shui, "Now At this time, only I am with you"; Zhu Chang returns Qiu Shui's collection of poems, "Please don't be self-righteous in the future";Qiu Shui has a deep affection for Zhu Chang, “I am wishful thinking”... This series of dramatic conflicts has accelerated the rhythm of the entire trailer and faintly reveals the emotional direction between them.

“What would it be like if I kept going?” Qiu Shui’s question at the end of this question is both to Zhu Chang and to us: How will your youth choose to face such a situation? "18 years old" will lead the audience to relive the youthful growth, those who have regrets, joys, but the most precious time.

It is reported that the super series "Give me an 18-year-old" adapted from the famous writer Feng Tang's novel "Give me a girl at the age of 18", produced by Beijing Donghai Kirin Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Youku, directed by Ding Wei, Qilin Guo, Leading starring Wang Jianing, starring Weihao Sun, Fangchuan, Li Yan, Baizihui Yuan, and Ting Mei and Geng Le. The show will meet with the audience this year, and Youku will be broadcast on the whole network.

致命x (TV)[2018]


电视剧《致命X》剧情介绍:讲述了意外车祸后苏醒过来的 Shi Da 对以前的生活记忆一无所知,在前女友 Xia MengYao 的叙述和帮助下回到车祸前快递员的工作中,但随之而来经历的各种人与事,以及自己肩上X标志和身体的异样变化,开始让他对自己真实的身份产生怀疑。偶然间发现的一本科学书,发现自己与著名科学家有着奇怪的关联,在后续探索的过程中顺便帮助了科学家的女朋友小丽。前女友的哥哥 Xia DaWei 带着他的炮炮团在替妹妹出气的过程中,无意中发现 Shi Da 聪明过人,软硬兼施以妹妹当诱饵让其帮助自己进行诈骗。 Shi Da 为重新追回 Xia MengYao ,无奈答应帮忙,但却受不了良心的谴责暗中帮助受害者,救人后成为平民偶像——快递侠,同时在他的影响下炮炮团也逐渐走上正道 ,并且赢回爱情。而他不知道他的这一切举动一直落入暗中跟踪他的国际犯罪集团头子 Ji Jie 眼中,一场更大的阴谋正在袭来。


Once Again (Movie)[2017]

Feature: Ye Lan, a dancing goddess of temperament, and her husband Lu JianGuo, a middle-aged man in crisis, entered a period of matrimonial fatigue and began to argue for some minor trifles. She was a big fight on the wedding anniversary day, Lu JianGuo angrily away from home and staggered onto an unusual train. In the meantime, Lu DaMin, who never met, went into Ye Lan's life not only with Lu JianGuo who was a young man but also with some small habits like Lu JianGuo and dances with Ye Lan. Let Ye Lan suddenly heartbeat.

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