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  • 2013
Good sister band, the Chinese folk band, composed by Qin Hao, Zhang Xiaohou. In 2010, Good sister band was formally established. In 2012, the band's first music album "Spring Festival" was released. In 2013, the band's second music album "North and South" was released. In 2014, he won the "MusicRadio China Top Ranking" Best Orchestra of the Year. In the same year, the band's third music album "Still Saying." Was released. In 2015, the band's fourth album "West Window" was released. In 2016, it won the "Best Composition and Band Award" of the "16th Music Billboard Annual Gala"; in the same year, it held a tournament of "Free and Easy" National Stadium. April 7, 2017, launched the band's fifth music album "real-name system."

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