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Linkeddb included fly Qin Works 2 ,And Fantasy 2 ,Romance 1 ,Adventure 1 ,Costume Drama 1 ,Action 1 ,War 1 。

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fly Qin Filmography(2)


Tang brick (TV)[2018]

Feature: "Tang Brick" tells the story of the hero Yun Ye back to the early Tang Dynasty, with his own possession of modern science and technology step by step knight, princes and brothers, for the old love involved in the court battle and a series of full of love and hatred, but also ridiculous story.

LongZhiZhan (Movie)[2013]

Feature: "3D Legend of the Legend of God" is a Chinese mythology film released in 2016, directed by Xu An, Yang Longcheng, Li Xin and others, starring Jet Li and Wen Zhang.

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