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Xiao Yong Mu Filmography(3)


密查 (TV)[2018]


电视剧《密查》剧情介绍:讲述了一九三八年,在抗日战争、国共合作背景下,蒋介石听信谗言授命西安特务组织,密裁第十八集团军高级参议、中共党员 Xuan XiaFu ,此举引发中共强烈抗议。迫于舆论压力,国民党被迫在西安成立破反专署,调查 Xuan XiaFu 失踪案。中共地下党员、原中统特工 Wu ZhongMing ,成为国共双方共同认可的破反专员。 Wu ZhongMing 彻查 Xuan XiaFu 案两个月间,不仅是刀锋上的对决,也是人性的较量。在地下党组织引领下,正义同道前仆后继追寻下, Wu ZhongMing 终于查明真相,拿到了密裁 Xuan XiaFu 手谕。迫于证据确凿,蒋介石不得不向中共认账,自吞苦果!


OnMyWay (Movie)[2012]

Feature: Li XiaoTian (Miao Yaning ornaments) parents divorced, which makes stubborn personality stubborn he was very hurt, he longs for maternal love, but LiXiaoTian's father Li Fei Xiong (Cheng-Yung Chang) nothing know. Li XiaoTian loves running and loves to feel the speed of the wind while running. However, Li Feixiang just wanted her son to be honest and honest, thinking that there would be a way out. By accident, Da YanZai (Tian Liang) discovered Li XiaoTian's talent for running and became Li XiaoTian's coach who took him to the "Running Night" event. During the event, Li XiaoTian met many like-minded friends including Xie Zi (Mini Yang), Cai Pan (Mickey He), Cindy (Qi Wei) and Zhi Zhu (Liuxi Bai) and others. Here, Li XiaoTian regain happiness. The race is imminent, Li XiaoTian only insisted on rigorous training, will it be possible to obtain the final victory.

National flavor (TV)[2011]

Feature: "Aromatic" describes the beginning of the Republic of China, famous for its scent of Baihuiling every family. Gong ShaoHua, the eldest son of Gongsheli, the eldest son of Baihua Ridge, and Su YuNing, the eldest sister of Miss Su, have made an engagement contract since I was a child. Su YuNing gifted, taste particularly sensitive, is recognized as the first Baihua Ling perfumer. Gong ShaoHua went out to study Lianxiang, Su YuNing met Xiang Xiangda young master Xiang HaoYu, they fall in love at first sight. Su family ruined marriage, the palace grandfather attempting Su compensation for the ancestral perfume recipe, conceal Gong ShaoHua agreed to retire marriage. Su YuNing married the same day, Gong ShaoHua came to stop the wedding, unexpectedly accidentally died in Palace Palace. Two families of the Forbidden City Ming fight for many years, so far it is brought to justice. Xiang HaoYu developed an unparalleled good perfume with the help of Su YuNing. Xiang HaoYu thinks the new perfume is like Su YuNing's beautiful eyes and has the charm of making men drunk and drunk. Love market two disappointments Shaohua made a poison oath, to regain their own women, regain their own family's glory. Haoyu go to Shanghai to participate in million incense, Su YuNing alone to go home. Night Sufu was a fire into the scorched earth. The scene left more than a dozen difficult to defend the defocused body. However, arson is not Shaohua, Hao Ze and Shaw Hua are not guessing who else will be in the background Censor Su. Su YuNing mistakenly believe that Shaohua killed his family, hated China Shaohua. Shaohua Su YuNing locked in the back garden in the greenhouse. Rainy night, drunk Shaohua came to the greenhouse, two violent clashes. At the Wanxiang Fragrant Conference, Haoyu finally won Golden Pedestal "The First Fragrance in the World" and Su YuXin, a young Miss Su Jiaxin who studied new science in Shanghai, Is the bad news that Husseong brought the Su family to be destroyed. Shaohua found an Amnesiac woman who looked exactly like Su YuNing, and spent three years co-cultivating her as another "Suning" full of hatred toward her. Three years later, under the intimidation of her mother Xiang Lin Shi, Haoyu decided to marry Yu Xin on the Tanabata day. And Shaohua think this is the best time to send back to Hong Xiang Ning. Tanabata arrived, Yu Ning Haoyu Ying-Qin embarrassed on his way, Haoyu she was shocked at a glance, the blood spatter on the spot, Ning Ning was also men stabbed into serious injuries. Shaohua and He Kun night search incense house, was found Xiangjiayang gun team. He Kun ran away, shot in Shaohua and rescued by Hao Ze and Wen Yi. Wen Yi, who has always looked down upon the incompetent husband and left out by her husband, has fallen in love with Gong ShaoHua. Haoyu found that the current understanding of rain rather, are forced to instill in her after her memory. Haoyu the whole family are not to tell the truth for the time being rather, he did not want to force amnesia memory and passive acceptance of another person instilling memory, he wanted her to love him again. Xiang Yu Fu Ning Fuming made restless. Shaohua help Haoyu Zhu Shu outlander grab power. Haoyu unprecedented pressure. Haoyu finally touched with their own painful Ning, Ning Yu Ning found it is only a substitute. Haoyu bitter contradiction will account for the plan, the use of a copy of the counterfeit Ningyun to Shaohua, so Gong house bankruptcy. Yu Ning learned that he is just a substitute, in fact, is a woman of unknown origin named ruby, do not want to go back home to see Haoyu Xiang, wandering outside.Red jade seriously injured, ill after suffering from eye disease. Rain heart found ruby, ruby ​​but do not want to fool the heart of rain really love rather rain, refused to go back with rain heart. Haoyu find ruby, posing as a dumb has been with her, until she cured his eyes. Shaohua bankruptcy came to ruby, told him Xiang HaoYu already know she is not really Ning, has been using her facts. Haoyu request red jade forgive yourself. The two decided not to pursue the past, everything from scratch. However, Shaw has really used the remains of the pure Ningyu ruby ​​and was designed by Haoyu fraud cheated. Hao Yu agreed to live for the dead. Ruby endless pain. Shao Huaqiang married red jade, desperate Wen Yi design fans fell all the owner, open the door to help Haoyu into the palace. Haoyu regardless of ruby ​​begging Kennedy, overbearing Red Belly pocket into the brazier: you are not, you can only be my Ning Ning heartbroken, left alone. Shaohua received by the police. He wants to seize the ruby ​​to threaten. Shaohua dying. Wen Yi vowed to live with him, Shaohua moved. Red jade do not count in the hatchet, did not hesitate to return to the fragrant family, in exchange for huge amounts of money to Wen Yi, for the treatment of Shaohua. Shaw shameless. Red want to keep the life of Shaohua, good to know his own life experience, refused to appear in court to prove Shaohua crimes, Haoyu think this is not only red betrayal of his, but also his betrayal of the Ningning. Two intense conflict again, Hongyu left the fragrant home. However, Shaohua also refused to say the truth about her life experience. Red jade after a difficult search, step by step approaching the truth of their own life experience. And her real life is related to the truth that Su was destroyed. Hongyu faces the entrance to life and death, Haoyu save lives, the two finally realized that the most cherished is not not and has been lost, but now can grasp the happiness. Two broken mirror & nbsp;

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