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Yang Zhen Kam Filmography(3)


Spirit and Meat (TV)[2015]

Feature: The play is based on Mr. Zhang Xianliang's novel "Spirit and Flesh". On the eve of the birth of New China, the father of a capitalist abandoned Xu LingJun, 11, to the United States. In the early 1960s, Xu LingJun (Calvin), who had been wrongly labeled as a rightist because of his father's capitalist, placed the teamwork of He Lan Shan's seven work teams and married the beautiful and kind-hearted Li XiuZhi (Sun Qian). In the face of various unfair conditions for up to 20 years, Xu LingJun did not give up his dreams, cultivated a group of rural children as artistic talents and affected honest and kind-hearted seven teams of workers. After the Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, Xu LingJun transferred Yinchuan to engage in cultural studies. In order to prove the value of the culture, Xu LingJun established a film and television company to develop the Zhenbei Fort and built it into a famous movie location in the country, led by cultural forces Farm workers get rich together. He used culture to turn the ruins into spectacle, using art to elevate the realm of the people, and writing the legendary tale of the new generation of Chinese intellectuals sticking to their faith and realizing their dreams.

The Warth Of Vajra (Movie)[2013]

Feature: In the early 1940s, Jin Gang Wang and his brother were sold by pirates from China, Fujian Province, to Hades Shrine in Japan when they were young and were subjected to brutal fighting training. Eight years later, Jin Gang Wang, who has become Hades's top killer, fled to China and survived South Shaolin Master to become a patriot who engaged in activities against Japan and a few years later he was named Shaolin Gang by South Shaolin. At the behest of the Japanese military, the Hades organization established the Hades King Kong Shrine in a huge Hakka earthen tower at the foot of the southern Shaolin in Fujian. They set up three fighting arenas, wounded altar and elite altar, in order to kill and conquer China's martial arts masters as well as the prisoners of war from various countries in the Chinese Far East Army special forces and publicize the results through the world media so as to destroy The will of the Chinese people to resist. In order to help people from all walks of life who fall into the earthen tower, Jin GangWang defies rape and lives without fear of death. He lives alone in the earth building with Tie MuLei, the tyrant of the tyrant, Diamond Cang ShengDaJie launched three thrilling fighting wars, destroying the Hades Diamond King shrine in one fell swoop.

Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu (Movie)[1990]

Feature: The dispute between the demon and the goddess stretches for thousands of years. Mankind has always repressed the demon by the Buddha, and the devil reawaken by the hellish virgin A XiuLuo. A XiuLuo has an innocent and lively naughty nature, but it leads to humanity A catastrophe A XiuLuo's friends Kong Que and Ji XiangGuo, as well as Lun XingNi, Lun YueNi, Lun GuangNi three gods together in the heavens Wuxu Wicked, but Wicked and the devil too much, and demon law, they are not each other's opponents, thanks to get A XiuLuo's help, kill them with fire. The three nun came to the temple with A XiuLuo to see their Master Ci Kong. Master Ci Kong tried to shut her into the reclining Buddha twice with the Dharma, but A XiuLuo fought with death, failing both times. Master Qiu let him live in the world, the master promised to give her seven days in the world of life and send apprentice Ji XiangGuo and Kong Que guard A XiuLuo a week to require her to come back after seven days. A XiuLuo playing with friends in the sunshine in the human play. Gui Fei in the demon world in order to draw A XiuLuo infuriating and replace its position in the demon world, ordered his men to grab A XiuLuo six ghosts, but grabbed Kong Que and the ghost. Kong Que Manqueurism was Gui Fei with Xuanbing sealed in hell, although the opera was sealed, but escaped from hell to earth, and found the inventor's sister Zhen. To save the ghost, A XiuLuo and Ji XiangGuo track Zhen all the way to Hong Kong. They rescued the juggernaut from Zhen's home. The ghost spent a day hungry and steal the food in Zhen's home, angered Zhen's brother. Ji XiangGuo had to go to the street to buy food to pay for it. Zhen also out of goodness A XiuLuo to the streets to buy clothes. A XiuLuo to the street, the sun, mana greatly reduced. In the evening, six ghosts came to Zhen's home to arrest A XiuLuo and was knocked back by three rounds. The next day, the six ghosts took the ghost, and Gui Fei applied a technique to it. He went back and took away the infuriating A XiuLuo while A XiuLuo was asleep. A XiuLuo later discovered that the ghost was Gui Fei magic to suck her infuriating, so remove the ghost body art, came to hell with Gui Fei liquidation, Ji XiangGuo and three rounds followed. Three rounds were killed by Gui Fei, but A XiuLuo and Ji XiangGuo rescued Kong Que. The three men together to kill Gui Fei with Kong Que Dafa.

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