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앵그리 맘 (TV)[2015]

Feature: Kim Hee-sun (Kim Hee-sun ornaments) once used to be afraid of domineering one side of bad girls, and now, already "wash their hands" she hid all the cutting edge, became a mother. What Zhao Qiangzi did not think was that his daughter, Wu YaLan (Kim Yoo-jung), turned out to be the victim of violence on campus. What makes Zhao Qiangzi sad is that when she encouraged her daughter to seek justice for her, Choose silence. Zhao Qiangzi, who never managed to come up with a common idea, came up with a plan. In this way, she settled in her daughter's class and became her daughter's classmate. Full of conflict in the campus life kicked off, Zhao Qiang Zi want to solve the problem itself has become the biggest problem. Here, Zhao Qiangzi need to face not only the criticism and pressure from the students, but also inadvertently found the conspiracy of the conspiracy of the school.

맨도롱또똣 (TV)[2015]

Feature: A man who lives as ants honestly and diligently, but has been unlucky, meets a man like a cricket who cares about his work and only loves a woman who is in a lovesickness but who has suffered a romance on the beautiful island of Jeju. They are far away from the breathtaking city. In a relaxed and relaxed restaurant in Jeju Island, which is blessed with natural beauty, the mood is warm and warm, and a warm and warm relationship is gradually formed. Bai JianYu (Yoo Yeon-seok) Mu ZhiYuan loves Jeju Island because of her crush, and in order to win her heart, he opened a "good and warm" restaurant in Cheju Island as a chef and looked forward to fell in love with Chih Yuan. Li ZhengZhu (Kang So-ra ornaments) is facing a downturn in life, not only deceived by her boyfriend, brother was fraudulent, came to Jeju Island and received the company no warning layoffs of the bad news. Ten years ago Bai JianYu and Pearls because of misunderstanding, re-meet again, Jian Yu Yin mistakenly misunderstood Peizhu incurable disease, because of sympathy, Jian Yu allowed pearl in her lifetime can have a "good mood and warm" restaurant, Since then the two live in an eave, day and night get along, resulting in a warm 眛 feelings 愫. When the pearl misunderstood misunderstood untied, that feeling is really just sympathy. How to determine each other's mind, a period of both sweet and suffering love test their true love.

달콤살벌패밀리 (TV)[2015]

Feature: A man to middle-aged triad leader in the majestic, but at home is ranked fourth in the air bag, but in order to take care of the family to be a good father always make every effort, but when he wanted for the family gold Wash their hands when the pots, but all kinds of troubles have come one after another, for this scene ridiculous story after another. Underworld mafia leader Yin TaiXiu (Jung Joon-ho ornaments), but at home, but low status. In order to take care of the family when he decided to wash his hands in the gold bowl, he unexpectedly joined the bad gang in the campus. In order to get his son out of the mire of the underworld, he wanted to change his mind in various ways and gave the gang a chance to save his son A deeper understanding. By resolving various troubles, he gradually came to realize the worth of the family and became the head of a qualified family.

Empress Ki (TV)[2013]

Feature: Qi Qi'Ao's daughter, Qi ChengNiang, was introduced to the Yuan court as a Klikon woman after her parents were killed by the prime minister and her son during the Queen's death. Through a series of court rights struggles, Palm princess daughter, eventually became the queen of the Yuan Dynasty story. The drama was composed by Zhang Yingzhe and Zheng Jingshun, dramas such as "Giant" and "office worker Chu Hanzhi", and was directed by Han Xi who "crossed the Rainbow Bridge" and premiered on October 28, 2013.

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