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BoystoMen (TV)[2015]

Feature: Li Chen (actor), Sun Qiang (Jing Hao), Song DaNan (Li Feng), an old friend from high school, are now all dad but have not really matured. Tiffany Tang guest "father grows fast" his wife's departure so that the bank deputy director Cui Hao battered, without the help of his friends, he may not be able to pass this Kaner, the character of Wang ShanShan's appearance is even more surprise him; Sun Qiang handsome narcissism, good at ambiguous, often to provoke his wife Feng JingJing angry, but he has always had a way to save; big Nan is "economic control", the successful brainwashing his wife Xiao Ting do not love to spend money Yin Huizhu, both in the experience Career change after the partnership venture. Cui Yong face the presence of rival and Shan Mu's opposition to parole; Sun Qiang because divorced wedding ring almost divorced; Nan Nan neglect of the family because of career take-off. In the face of an unprecedented crisis, the trio took their courage and played the role of salvage their own happiness. Experienced a career change together, the family turmoil, the three eve of the men have become more mature.

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