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密查 (TV)[2018]


电视剧《密查》剧情介绍:讲述了一九三八年,在抗日战争、国共合作背景下,蒋介石听信谗言授命西安特务组织,密裁第十八集团军高级参议、中共党员 Xuan XiaFu ,此举引发中共强烈抗议。迫于舆论压力,国民党被迫在西安成立破反专署,调查 Xuan XiaFu 失踪案。中共地下党员、原中统特工 Wu ZhongMing ,成为国共双方共同认可的破反专员。 Wu ZhongMing 彻查 Xuan XiaFu 案两个月间,不仅是刀锋上的对决,也是人性的较量。在地下党组织引领下,正义同道前仆后继追寻下, Wu ZhongMing 终于查明真相,拿到了密裁 Xuan XiaFu 手谕。迫于证据确凿,蒋介石不得不向中共认账,自吞苦果!


YouAreMySunshine (Movie)[2015]

Feature: Zhao MoSheng is back home. Seven years later, she is still back. In seven years, his first love, He Yi Chen, has changed from a great genius of former law to a well-known big lawyer today. Zhao MoSheng thought that this life would not have another intersection with He YiChen, but did not expect the boundless crowd, the two actually unexpectedly meet again. At university, as a great genius of He YiChen, surrounded by innumerable girls, she was eventually touched by innocent Zhao MoSheng. Zhao MoSheng concealed the identity of the mayor's daughter from He YiChen. He YiChen after he got the truth was hit hard and chose to leave Zhao MoSheng. Zhao MoSheng lost heart and listened to his father's arrangement to study in the United States. After the reunion of Zhao MoSheng and He YiChen, they found they still loved each other deeply. Zhao MoSheng told He YiChen she was married in the United States at this time, and had just divorced. He YiChen was in pain but with endless love for Zhao MoSheng and eventually decided to marry Zhao MoSheng. The emergence of Zhao MoSheng's former husband, Ying Hui, solved the truth of Zhao MoSheng's marriage and also made the two misunderstandings resolved. However, the presence of stepmother Zhao MoSheng and the grumbling between Zhao MoSheng's father and He YiChen's father completely surfaced. This has also become the biggest test of He YiChen Zhao MoSheng and their love will eventually go from here.

An Xiang (TV)[2009]

Feature: On the same day, the leaders of the Chinese chambers of commerce all over the world came to Nanyang and they were giving away the death of an old man while waiting for the return of a prince. Cheng Yuan, the fourth-generation heir to the Cheng family, came back from the United States. On the way home, Cheng Yuan was hiding marijuana in the cabins of his cabin, just as he changed the cabin with others and hid in the past. A pair of Chinese men and women changing room with him, the man named Li KeJin, the girl named Wu Yue. Li KeJin was wrongly arrested and Wu Yue came to the island and asked Cheng Yuan to rescue Li KeJin. Cheng Yuan is entangled in the family's chaos after his father's death. He must marry Fei XianSheng's daughter Leda and must stabilize all aspects of the family to get out of the mud. "Pirate" exquisite stills Sister's eldest son Pi Pi eyeing to seize power, love his Er Jie lone way, the family veteran Qi Shu, I hope he is a puppet, Rita's father always wanted to swallow Cheng family, there are too many To clear the context, there are too many truths to identify. From then on, two irrelevant and far-reaching young people, Cheng Yuan and Wu Yue, plunged deeper and deeper into the vortex of a complex family struggle. Wu Yue expects Cheng Yuan to save Li KeJin, Cheng Yuan relies on Wu Yue as a cover to resolve puzzles. In the family battle, Wu Yue took a shot at him, and Cheng Yuan found out that he was falling in love with the Beijing girl around him. But marriage with Lida, is also the responsibility of the family, responsibility is more important than life. Cheng Yuan knows that he can not get away from his own destiny. Er Jie sent him to Beijing for the safety of Cheng Yuan and swept him out of the family at his own expense. Frustrated Cheng Yuan met Wu Yue again and was once into trouble. When his career was gradually on the right track, he also found himself gradually swirling into the darkness, which came from hatred and retaliation. Wu Yue saved him little by little from darkness. Cheng Yuan, who is in turmoil, will continue his grandfather's legend. Cheng Yuan, instead of setting his office in front of the sea and overlooking the motherland like his ancestors,

Brother door (TV)[2009]

Feature: At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, Rong Zhonghua, a member of the League, was betrayed, resulting in the tragedy of the Rong family. Only the names of the three "brotherhood" TV series directors were left behind. Thirty years later, his elder brother Jin Shan was a tycoon on the beach. His brother Rong DaBiao was an iron-clad anti-Japanese warrior. The three brothers of Rong family, who have different situations, reunited due to their fate and set foot on the path of seeking revenge for their revenge for the same purpose. When the three brothers concerted efforts to defeat the enemy, but also because of different ideals and the same room. Greed and lust distorted the soul of Jin Shan. For the sake of his interests, Jin Shan did not hesitate to share his brotherhood with Rong DaBiao, who refused to join Jin Shan and eventually died in his brother Jin Shan. The tragedy of Big Brother made Hua XiaoWen, who has always regarded democratic law as its life, was deeply stimulated. From then on, he disillusioned the so-called government and laws of old China and personally took revenge guns. This drama depicts a sudden change in the old times, the three men intertwined love and hate, ups and downs of non-enemies.

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