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Huang Ke

Huang Ke

Senior gourmet

  • 1955
  • Chongqing
Huang Ke, a gourmet, was born in Chongqing in 1955 and moved to Beijing after 1983, where he has worked in various industries such as photography, media, film and television, catering and investment. In the recent more than ten years, we have banquets and parties at home and in the long term to form the famous "Huang Mengyan", which has been hailed as "the first cultural salon in the capital" and "home of the North Drift" , Huang Ke himself is called "Modern Mengchang Jun", by culture, art, business and other people from all walks of life respect. Huang Ke's deeds Because of its legendary coverage by hundreds of media at home and abroad, Huang Ke shows the unique enthusiasm of Chongqing people. Haili and hospitality are also regarded as one of the most precious characters in modern society.

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