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Ghost Story (TV)[2007]

Feature: There are two big historians in the village of Liao Zhai Qi and two battles in the town. The only daughter Lian Cheng and Shi TaiShou, the only daughter of Shi TaiShou, has also become a fight against everything The enemy. By chance, two women encounter scholar at the same time. Qiao Sheng Talented, kind-hearted. Both women invariably secretly promised. Qiao Sheng admires both Lian Cheng's leisurely and tender gentleness and admires Bin Niang's cleverness, but as a responsible person, he can not marry two women at the same time and is hard to choose from! At this point, Wang HuaCheng, the son of Jagal in the city, actually married Lian Cheng as wife. History test William willing to climb right expensive promise. Lian Cheng, who is not married to Qiao Sheng, is therefore depressed. After diagnosis, the chest of a man who loves her needs medicine to be able to recover. Wang HuaCheng refused to flesh, but Qiao Sheng willing to sacrifice themselves, but this was Bin Niang learned that after getting sick, with the same illness with Lian Cheng, the results of her father to save his daughter, the Qiao Sheng meat for go with. Lian Cheng on the day of his marriage and depressed. After Lian Cheng's death, Qiao Sheng is very sad. Bin Niang often accompany comfort, Lian Cheng is both dead, Qiao Sheng will naturally go closer with Bin Niang. Lian Cheng, who was dead, still remembered Qiao Sheng, and then borrowed from Bin Niang's body and went into Bin Niang's body every night to win the love of Qiao Sheng. Later, Lian Cheng learned that on the same day, Bin Niang killed her indirectly and decided to take revenge on him. As Bin Niang showed her love for Wang HuaCheng and vowed to break up Qiao Sheng and Bin Niang! A disturbing, Bin Niang finally learned that Lian Cheng make trouble! Bin Niang apart from anger, afraid Lian Lian ghost hurt Qiao Sheng, one ghost of a big fight! Qiao Sheng can not stop it, and eventually lose both. Bin Niang injures oneself and ends up killing oneself. However, even if made a ghost, two women still have to fight endlessly! The two ghosts reluctant to stay alone Qiao Sheng between the sun, could not help but appear in the evening, met with Qiao Sheng, causing his apathetic. At the same time, the two ghosts enraged Wang HuaCheng, suffer the family. Qiao Sheng denounced the two women harm themselves, decided to leave the two women! Lian Cheng, Bin Niang Both live to death, all for love. Now not only lost their lives, but also lost their love. Sadness, but also have to support each other, unconsciously, has gradually established a subtle friendship can not be found in life. Qiao Sheng original Qiao Sheng Qiao Sheng is the opportunity to secretly find the two ghosts of the sun again! Qiao Sheng to find out that the two historians, because of frequent fighting and waste of money, can remedy the two women if they can remedy the situation. Qiao Sheng on behalf of the two historians to do good, plot Yin. Fortunately, the emperor pays off, and finally for the two women seeking "still Yang Fu." However, there is only one copy of "Huan Yang Fu". In the meantime, Wang HuaCheng learned that the two women should return the sun and let the Dao Shi set fire to the bodies of the two women, so that the two women will never be able to survive! Fortunately, life and death, Lian Cheng, Bin Niang do not remember each other in advance. For the first time, Qiao Sheng did not hesitate to make a bold decision: he would rather sacrifice himself, so that the body of Lian Cheng and Bin Niang can be preserved. After the death of Qiao Sheng, the two daughters realized their dreams and resolved to eliminate the disagreements between the two great historians. Two historians moved deeply, and eventually the daughter of a dead enemy as a friend. Wang HuaCheng self-burned corpse failed, they suffer from a strange disease, sunshine will do, evil retribution.Lian Cheng, Bin Niang finally understand that to love someone, not owned, but to pay! Only one of the Yang Fu also decided to give Qiao Sheng, let him be a man again! Xin ShiSiNiang Xin ShiSiNiang, Shi Bai Niang, elegant and refined, although as fox demon, but kind-hearted, and fox father and eighteen sisters together in the wilderness dilapidated Among the Buddhist Temple, because of the fourteenth sisters ranked in nineteen, named fourteen mother. Fourteen mother does not like her 18 sisters in general, selfish obedience in order to draw the yang of the world to enhance their magic, deliberately good deeds, to help others, to cultivate immortality aspirations, the pursuit of spiritual level of detached. One day, Xin ShiSiNiang see sisters seduce the gentleman of Ping Sheng, Ping Sheng is not for beauty, fox demon sister even resorted to the means to take Ping Sheng pure yang, Xin ShiSiNiang save Ping Sheng, the destruction of a sisters good deeds , Saved Ping Sheng and escaped, and sewed out feelings for Ping Sheng. Ping Sheng was a beautiful and kind-hearted Xin ShiSiNiang, dedicated and in love with fourteen mothers. Ping Sheng does not mind the identity of the fourteen god foxes. Under the unification of the uncles and the wives, she finally married her fourteen mother-in-law. One day she came to realize her immortality. She had always resisted human love. However, she found hell with Ping Sheng After the couple, fourteen mother for Ping Sheng true love touched, eventually willing to give up practicing immortality, want to fell in love with Ping Sheng. At the same time, sinister treacherous Chu Gongzi in order to get more power, with the help of demonic help, become Chai LangYao things, ambition overbearing, injuring the world and killing a flock of Fox, sister and fourteen to uphold the spirit, and To fox group sisters hate, justice, angrily Chu Gongzi, Chu Gongzi awakened, but helplessly Chai LangYao in turn control. The final fourteen mother decided to sacrifice love and life, set a hundred years of skill and one day, and bent over Chu Gongzi Chai LangYao things and atrocity battle. Finally save Chu son, kill the aunt and Chai LangYao. "Xin ShiSiNiang" Chu BanShan Chu Gongzi After the war, Xin ShiSiNiang regardless of the former victims of magic cast porridge, the final ash-flying extinct into a fairy. Ping Sheng and the Fourteen Mistresses Can Only Seek True Loves from Expectations but Faced with Fighting Fighting Things and Knowing Fourteen Motherlies to Exterminate Demons and Protect Peace between People, Ping Sheng Wishes Willingness to Complete Wives, Opposing Popular Customs, Sacrificing His Personal Love and Supporting His Wife . Fourteen Mother finally demons demons, and Chai LangYao things and demon Road to the end, in the ashes, Ping Sheng for the love of his wife sacrificed heartache, but for the righteous behavior proud, respectfully, finally moved Heaven and earth, the ultimate Tao immortality. "Xia Nv Gossip" Xia Nv childhood love martial arts, heroic and heroic character, father Yamen patrol, Xia Nv secretly help his father from time to time to arrest the assailants, the line of chivalric! Xia Nv saved the only daughter of the prefect, two women into friends. And Xia Nv was incarnated by Nan Hu incarnation of plucking wounded, to find a young caregiver treatment, mistakenly looked under the care of Dr. Gu, although the two became vindictive enemies, but Xia Nv heart secret ! However, Gu doctor fell in love with the innocent and incurable disease prefect daughter, prefect doctor for medicine, actually listen to witch doctor's words, to live human blood for medicine primer! Therefore, the city appeared vampire murder.Under the investigation of Xia Nv and his father, the revelations were made by the prefect and the daughter of the chief prefect was hit and thus died! Too saddened, and therefore to kill Xia Nv family, Xia Nv dedication to protect their loyalty, to escape! Xia Nv injured hiding in the mountains, Gu Gu doctor to help cure, and caregiver because the chief defender daughter is dead, and have the feelings of Xia Nv, the two interdependent life. Xia Nv hurt, kill the death guard down for the father! At this moment, the abbot woman remarried and seduced confusion to Dr. Gu. After Xia Nv learned prefectural daughter Bai Hu is the upper body, everywhere, confused to kill Zhuangnong, Xia Nv angrily Bai Bai, thus moving the fetal gas. Xia Nv painful experience, that the love of men and women, such as over the eye clouds, so cheat Dr. Fu fetus has been lost. Rescued afterward the woman, and the child to pay her and caregiver support. Finally decided to learn art on the mountain, in order to cut the evil demon, defend the world as its own responsibility! "Huan Niang of Liao Zhai Qi Woman" Zhao Huan Niang is a daughter, fell in love with popular young gentleman Wen RuChun, Wen RuChun talented, the daughter of opera class owner Ge Liang Gong also loved, but as spring only love Huan Niang, two Make a marriage vow. However, Huan Niang's father, playing the mandarin duck on the grounds of 'ruthlessness in the play' and jointly pursuing the design of Huan Niang's rich kin, made him owe huge debts. Huan Niang sought help from his father, As the spring repayments, as soon as the spring was discovered, the silver was sent back to the brothel for the redemption of Huan Niang. The two were in disarray, desperation, and finally decided to sacrifice their lives. Huan Niang drank poisonous alcohol. However, as the spring was in its survival, Sick parents, suddenly put away the idea of ​​seeking death, spit out the toxic liquor contained in the mouth, leaving Huan Niang alone to go to Huangquan Road. If the spring did not die, but was not guilty of Huan Niang's affidavit, the only motivation for survival was taking care of older parents. Such as the performance of spring plummeted, opera audience gradually diminished, Liang Gong has been around like Spring support, but also to help spring care parents. A year later, the parents of the Spring Festival passed away one after another. If they want to honor their promises made to Huan Niang on that day, they will go to death. Liang Gong painstakingly advised him to make him understand his own love, knowing that the deceased had passed away, and that he was moved by emotion as a spring to abandon death. Liang Gong, another rich family, had a soft spot for Liang Gong. However, when Liang Gong was as good as spring, Qian Gongzai promised to rebuild the play building and Liang Gong to marry him when he was facing a bankruptcy. Ge BanZhu a promise of marriage. Liang Gong is not from, Qian son threatened to his father to recover the huge amount of money to build theater. If the spring in order to keep Liang Gong, cheer up, make money for the troupe, repay money son debt. Qian Gongzi also assigned to kill such as spring, so that Liang Gong give up. Such as spring panic fall into the sea, I do not know whereabouts. Liang Gong firmly believe that the spring is not dead, defying hardships finally recovered like spring. But as the spring turns into a thunderous nerd at the moment, even the former memories are all lost ... Qian Gongzi thinks that her talent will be as good as her spring, Liang Gong will turn to her embrace, Liang Gong insists on her Spring remembers everything you get along with yourself. But if Spring can not remember a relationship with Huan Niang, Liang Gong feels it will be a good deed instead of a conscience, and deliberately fails to mention the previous events of Spring and Huan Niang.However, at this time, Huan Niang's ghost returned to the Yang room. On the day Huan Niang thought he was in love with his own life as a spring, but he found hell in the underworld. Later, he learned from the ghost he did not die like a spring, Huan Niang did not Solutions, back to the sun looking for the whereabouts of spring. Huan Niang hides in the attic of the playhouse, singing the tracks she made for her during the middle of the night in the middle of the night, causing haunted anecdotes in the theater. If Honda honets her piano playing skills, Huan Niang's songs can be accompanied, Huan Niang appears before the spring, but Huan Niang can not remember Huan Niang. She does not know if she is a ghost or a stranger . Liang Gong thought that Huan Niang deserved as a spring into a formidable ghost. Huan Niang said frankly not to claim a life just to prove that the spring is as true as others said. Why the day abandoned his food alone to go to Huang Quan? Theater haunted business plummeted. As the spring gradually remembers a passing affair with Huan Niang, it is a matter of sorrow and guilt. However, Liang Gong has the same affection for herself. If he is in love with Huan Niang, she will suffer Liang Gong and struggle like a spring. Huan Niang has the heart to accomplish such as spring and Liang Gong, making the illusion that the class teacher promised to allow Liang Gong to grant such as spring. At this point money son to make plans to put this ghost lover burned together. Liang Gong blazes fire to rescue him. Huan Niang looks at Liang Gong as if he saw his former self. After the fire, everyone thought both were burnt to ashes with Huan Niang. It was later discovered that on the very day of the fire, Huan Niang rescued him from spring and Liang Gong without hesitation, and smiled away with a smile of blessing. Sky gray, Qian Gongzi finally arrested Fa-rectification. From then on, Huan Niang's portrait was hung inside the house as a spring, playing a prelude to the portrait from time to time. Spring has never forgotten Huan Niang, Liang Gong also respects appreciation of Huan Niang, such as the spring of this affectionate, as long as the companion in the spring has been satisfied.

Flying Fairy (TV)[2006]

Feature: This is a beautiful romantic romance, the story adapted from the folk legend "angel match." In the majestic heaven, a group of happy little fairies live, they are the elves in the sky, gods pets. Xiao Qi is one of the smallest but most naughty. On the 1st, Xiao Qi was a self-serving fan of saving the fairy sister. The stories of Dong Yong, Shanggao Hao Qi and Fu Yuan Bao and the young girl Saqin from the three young Xianqian counties were also started with the arrival of Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi found the lover Lao FuZi on the day of the second sister and misunderstood his feelings about her sister Dong Yong also made her the opposite. Two people in the process of mutual goodwill. Xiao Di was captured by Er LangShen in heaven, and Xiao Qi, who disappeared without a trace, was like a dream to Dong Yong. Under the wrath of Yu Di unplugged Xiao Qi's sentiment, turned her into a stingy kid - Long GuangBiao and fell into the world to learn the truth of life. Honest and kind-hearted Dong Yong is a well-established example of the celestial immortal celestial bodies, so Xiao Qi was brought to Dong for instruction by Tu Di. Prank in the heaven was Xiao Qi moved to the earth, she mischievously mischief, stir up trouble everywhere, stir Chishan county cocks uncomfortable. Dong parents, Fu and his son, the Shangshangzuzu, Saijin mother and daughter and other people in her make fun of miserable!

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