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Maken sword of life and death chess (TV)[2008]

Feature: "Mogan life and death chess," tells about five hundred years ago, General Ying ShunTian in the Mirror Lake bottom build chess king, and set the game of life and death, but he still failed to win the Juggernaut. So curse set to win the game of life and death who will dominate the world. Five hundred years later, Supreme Court leader Guan YuTian wants to dominate the world and is determined to uncover the secrets of the treasure of life and death buried in the mirror lake five hundred years ago. Ren QianXing is the elite under the command of Guan YuTian. He was the brother of Yan Cang Feng, who was instructed to find the key to his game. Liu YiYi loves crazy, can be helpless Liu YiYi Yan FANG has a soft spot for the couple, desperate thousands of ambitious ambition to dominate the world ... ... Yan CangFeng favorite sea shark Palace He LianBa's daughter Bai YuEr , But between them they are separated by the hate wall of murder. Jian Xiong rescued Jiancang, who lost his memory due to heavy hitches, Jian Xiong endured incised acacia and did not reveal her daughter's face to Zhaifeng until Ren QianXing lost his mind . He forced Yan CangFeng to make a decisive battle, and at the close of CangFeng's exertion, he was unable to resist the crux of the line. Jian Yin, a descendant of the Arrowhead, spotted the battlefield and broke Lingshuijian, finally ending the catastrophe of the catastrophe Also forever buried in the mirrored lake. Five hundred years ago, Major General Ying ShunTian created King Chess City at the bottom of the Mirror Lake and set the game of life and death. Those who won the game of life and death would surely dominate the world. Five hundred years later, the chief leader of the alliance, Guan YuTian, Ambition and resolve to find the treasure hidden in life and death by General Ying ShunTian five hundred years ago, and the best sword in the world - Ling Shui Jian and Hai Sha Hai Gong He LianBa also plot treasures and enemy Guan YuTian, Assassination Guan YuTian attempted. Yan CangFeng has a life-saving grace for Bai YuEr. Bai YuEr secretly loves her. Lou Lou destroys the feelings of Liu YiYi, a Tibetan front and a female god of food. The hidden front is forced by the old knots of brothers and sisters who love and depend on it. , But caused the devil sword was born, a bloody upcoming attack arena.

Fulushousanxingbaoxi (TV)[2006]

Feature: God is the most loved Thousands of people in the eyes of the people of Lebanon the most loved fairy gods, and only the shining Samsung shine, the world can have the joy of auspiciousness of the gas, imagine if one day, people lost the arch of the God of Mercy, folk What will be like a situation. Samsung has a certain sense of justice, in Paradise is the three free, free and uninhibited gods, free to make fun of the fairy Ma Gu, also steal her drink for her royal mother He Shou immortality, the Ma Gu gas Quack. Stills Royal Mother empress big birthday feast, but because of the samsung saw Wen Shen year beast for the patients, Samsung decided descendants, capture the beast, but also to the world to settle down, make meritorious service, in order to win the Queen Mother Empress Huanhuan. Jade Emperor began to arrange folk festive New Year, Samsung thus more popular admirers, but also for their magnificent Samsung Temple cover, praising their songs, praised them as the mortal favorite among the mortal, top ten; Samsung on this Feel complacent, self-sustaining power is extremely high, from the eyes of everything, aggressive, a lot of enemies in the heaven, of which Fortune God kitchen led, especially dislike for Samsung. Samsung incense in the heyday of the temple, the god of mercy Samsung male and female believers are responsive, give blessing Tim Choi Tim life, since more by the worship of good men and women, neglect of other gods. Fortune God kitchen god bear the brunt of the gradual loss of favor in the mortal world, nobody cares, two gods unwilling, decided to play in front of the Jade Emperor a Samsung. Jade Emperor know that Samsung in the mortal blessing, so that everyone should enjoy longevity, all have the supreme blessing, every family and family are prosperous, serious intervention changed the laws of nature, although they once again defeated in Taoyuan Village no evil Wen Shen, also meritorious service; however, Longyan furious Jade Emperor, decided to confiscate Samsung Mana, dismissed immortals, expelled from heaven, into the mortal, relegated them to mortals. Jade Emperor discipline Fuxing become people who do not have the eternal happiness, doomed to life without success; longevity to be forever tortured by illness, premature death in young years; and Lu stars, although there are official fortunes in the mortal world, but doomed to eternal career unfair, People fool Fortune Samsung does not expect the Jade Emperor to impose such a heavy punishment on their own, immediately regretted their endless, young scholar Zhang GuoLao sympathetic to Samsung, but it is helpless. Xian classes will be removed from the Samsung God, the world lost three lucky star shine, from all over the world is full of catastrophes, Wen Shen once again ready to make the world upside down in retaliation to be revenge by Samsung Samsung . Samsung's brother Zhang GuoLao is very worried about the current situation, Samsung can not be immortal, in the mortal world was forced to be a "very problematic person", Zhang GuoLao afraid of "God of Fortune Samsung" video shot Samsung from where Between sink, unable to immortal, mortal will always be shrouded in the shadow of Wen Shen, Zhang GuoLao only secretly resorted to Ma Gu, ask her to disguise, secretly assist Samsung practice good, so that they can quickly Accumulate a certain amount of good fruit merit, good early return fairy class. Ma Gu never dislike the sweet tongue, the lucky star, of course, refused to rescue, Zhang GuoLao clever in all sorts of dollars, the temptation to coerce, finally got Ma Gu approval, urging her to rescue everything.Samsung was mistakenly born in a ruined Temple of Samsung was born together, the three became friends as a child, although hard to do, but it is never shared with the blessing, because they are all punishable immortals. At this time, Fuxing was reborn at a single-parent single-parent family named Wu FuQi. He was out of childhood and grew up under the guidance of Diao Shi, a step-frightening stepmother. He was a busy bum well and helped Diao Shi on weekdays Pay attention to the flower stalls, but also to help people solve the sign, and even went to the brothel when poor, very worthless, bent on making money just mixed. However, he is very unlucky and frequently offended by officials. County magistrate Shi YaoQian especially likes to find trouble with him, causing Wu FuQi to break the law often and go to prison. And he is still not a Yan Fu, Erfu, mouthful of people, in short, has been followed by the unlucky side. Reincarnated at the Mei family, named Mei ShouQuan, he grew up weak and sick and easily injured. He is a problem in the family. As a result of his often tormented afflictions, he has long been used to seeing others die in dignity. Lu Xing became Wei DeLu, family environment is good, however, his parents have been painstakingly asked him to study poetry, fame, but he is too arrogant, like wanton criticism of others, so offended examination examiner, repeated exams fall, Seriously hit his confidence. Because Wu FuQi is often overwhelmed by innocent government officials, he is beyond imagination. He wants to go to worship the Wang Yang bandit as a teacher and take the grass as a bandit. Wei DeLu was frustrated because of the examination room, even with a suicidal mind. Mei ShouQuan's body has always been troubled and suffering. As a result, Mei was extortionate him for being a victim of unscrupulous medical gold tooth loss and suffered heavy losses. At this time, Ma Gu became an avatar catching fast and appeared in the trio, helping them to solve all kinds of difficulties and tribulations. First of all, she subdued a word brow and smashed Wu FuQi's dream of being a grassroot Kou and doing a great undertaking. Wu FuQi was annoyed by her and often tried to make fun of it or deliberately sarcastic and sarcastic, The relationship of man in heaven. Ma Gu was subjected to all kinds of grievances in the mortal world. Wu FuQi and Wei DeLu always targeted her. Zhang GuoLao still had a precedent. Because she was a celestial being, she could not freely use immortality in the mortal world. Otherwise, she would suffer a curse on her face Ma Zhuzi, the results, Ma Gu several times in order to save them, but also to make their own sufferings, natural beauty of her, to be suffering disfigurement, provoked belly pain. During the plague epidemic, there were many innocent and innocent people died in the disease. Ma Gu could not bear to point Mei ShouQuan and asked him to go to the East China Sea for an alchemy furnace. He successfully helped the common people to refine the fairy medicine and saved many people. Mei ShouQuan went to Ma Under the encouragement of Gu, he was determined to study medicine and became a famous doctor for a long time. Mei ShouQuan also fell in love with Ma Gu at this time. However, Ma Gu did not dare to accept his affection. The best in the world - Luoyang County Lord patrol, triumphant triumphant triumphant triumphant gratification, but the last choice of Luoyang county is the outstanding literary talent, talent Filled with Wei DeLu.When Wu FuQi fell into disgrace, Yu Fuchun, the innocent fisherwoman Yu Shuang Xi, was rescued. Instead, her unexpected affectionate treatment turned out to be Wu FuQi, a seemingly romantic affair. This made many people stunned. Yu ShuangXi once infected with the plague. Wu FuQi never wavering waiting for the Iraqis side, affectionate money, and finally moved their hearts, Ma Gu encouraged Yu ShuangXi to leave him, to bitterly forced Wu FuQi make a success. Mei ShouQuan, who often came into contact with Ma Gu, was the first one who knew they were immortal identities. Mei ShouQuan immediately realized that she hopes to become immortal as soon as possible and return to heaven as his birthday star to relieve suffering on earth. However, Wu FuQi , Wei DeLu do not believe what Rene Shou reincarnation, denounced as funny absurd talk. At this time, Wen Shen took the loss of God on earth and shone Samsung's fortune, bought a pair of clog cups that were poor at the hands of the god of wealth, so they become a pair of lovers who like to spread rumors and fears that the world is chaos Fei At the same time, Wen Shen also cooperated with the ambitious Ambassador Meng Menkang in an attempt to make the world chaos, so that Bingbing everywhere, wreaking havoc, the Devil won the Fisherman's benefit. In this troubled times, Wu FuQi, Wei DeLu finally finally awakened, changing the original bad character, good to the good. Wu FuQi and Yu ShuangXi, Wei DeLu and Luoyang County Governors, Mei ShouQuan and Ma Gu, the three men and women both experienced the precious love and made great vows to deal with the vicious forces represented by Wen Shen to save the people in dire straits in. Of course, immortality, how can there be such a simple, they encountered various difficulties, such as Fei Jing once posing as Luoyang gunmen, confused Wei DeLu, provoke the friendship between the three, and almost broke the three feelings, Crisis, thanks to their justice and deep friendship finally helped expose them is the fake nasty face of Fei Jing. At this time, Jade Emperor in order to continue to test the three people's intentions, deliberately out of a problem, to three life blessing Shoulong practice "happiness as the East China Sea, Shoubi Nanshan" auspicious weather, will be able to restore the supremacy of the three. Wu FuQi, Mei ShouQuan, Wei DeLu know that the sky is down, they vowed to contribute to the national soul of their own strength, to seek happiness for the people, but also to change their own destiny, so they work hard, concerted efforts and finally defeated Wen Shen, the end of all disaster, the completion of the mission, the world cheers. Wu FuQi, Mei ShouQuan, Wei DeLu finally got the blessing, possession of mana, ranked fairy class, then the three instead of reluctant to return fairy class, because they miss the human lover, put forward to the Jade Emperor "only envy Yuanyang not envy Fairy "argument, to persuade Jade Emperor put Samsung a day off, the so-called heaven one day, human one hundred years, whims and want to return to the mortal world, to enjoy the blessing of the world, after all, these three pairs Whether lovers can get married or not, whether Jade Emperor will give sin to Samsung again, Ma Gu can get it.

Six finger piano magic (TV)[2004]

Feature: Cockloft lake, the sound of music in the dark pass array array murderous machine, it seems to tell the bloody 16 years ago, the six sects to seize the "Magic of the Day", siege a Xuemei, saw his parents died in the hands of the six major sects In fighting, his brother Little Lin lost, Xuemei piano into the deep valleys. Sixteen years later this day is the auspicious day of the tiger dart Lord Lv TengKong gold basin wash, there is a mysterious figure came to the dartboard, provided that Lv TengKong personally charge dart, the dart box to the Suzhou Han Xun mansion. Days Tiger Escort Lord Lv Lin, young and fit, without the knowledge of the parents took this trip dart, do not want to hide the dart box was actually "Magic Days." Six fingers love magic, Ning Jing, Nicky Wu "Tian Mo Qin" to reproduce the arena, the faction master has darter. Lv TengKong and Xi MenYiNiang fight major players, life Lv Lin escort on the road. Lv Lin, a big disciple of the Huo Gong Gong, spends Lv Lin on Gui Nu, takes away his dart box and changes his life to confuse Lv Lin. Crucial moment "Six refers to the piano magic" appeared, to help LvLin back dart box. Along the way on the Lv Lin Yuet Wah love affair. "Gui Nu" returns to "The Ghost Palace", opens the dart box and discovers that it is fake "Tian Mo Qin" and "Gui Sheng" is furious. Lv Lin met with Lv TengKong and Xi MenYiNiang and sent the dart box to the Han Xun Prefecture. Han Xun got a dart with Han YuXia and found himself in the head of lesser Han Ping. Suddenly everyone clashed and Xi MenYiNiang died. However, we found a six-finger handprint on the dart box. Han Xun and Lv TengKong and others decided to ask Liu ZhiXianSheng for clarification. The major factions gathered in Xianrenfeng and found that "Liu ZhiXianSheng" was dead, but Han Ping's first, left-right guardian and black-and-white corpse had already made it difficult for major parties to complain. In order to complain, everyone Rush. Lv Lin arrived, see parents indignant, mournful. At this moment, "Tian Long Ba Yin" sounded again. The manipulator was exactly the "Six-Finger Magic". Yuet Wah recognized her for helping Lv Lin to send darts and aroused controversy among the major parties. Lv Lin realized that she was being used and hatred of her. "Six refers to the piano magic," frankly himself is the daughter of Wang Dong Xuemei, the cause of the six major faction to kill each other, the purpose is to fight the Wulin, avenge his parents. "Tian Long Banyin" powerless, immortal peak casualties sleeping mat, fight Xuemei see Lv Lin chest birthmark, recognized as long-lost relatives younger brother, then away from the piano. The major factions in order to deal with "Six refers to the piano magic", recommended Dong FangBai when martial arts lord. Xuemei deep hatred of his parents to Lv Lin made it clear, but Lv Lin do not believe, referring to Xuemei to kill the enemy. Lv Lin worship Dong FangBai as a teacher, hard practice, determined to revenge. Fierce fire founder and Gui Sheng join forces to deal with the "six finger piano magic," Xuemei wounded, just met by Lv Lin, Lv Lin temporarily soft, let it escape. All the factions learned that they found Lv Lin a "six-finger piano demon," and in order to prove Lv Lin had no connection with the Six-Finger Magic, each of them forced Lv Lin to return to the head of the Six-Finger Magic. Dong FangBai killed Gui Sheng, blamed "Six refers to the piano magic," Lv Lin more hate Xuemei heart. "Six refers to the piano magic" Meet Dong FangBai meet, Dong FangBai frankly complain with Wang Dong difficult to clear. Yunjun Junqin scholar, has been earnestly to persuade Xuemei put down the magic piano, to abandon the enemy to kill, see the deterioration of the situation, worried that Xuemei again by the magic control of the piano, so a flesh and blood, dissolve the devil, try his best. Xuemei grief indifferent.Fierce fire peeps probing Dong FangBai conspiracy, Dong FangBai shot kill, Yuet Wah for the master plea, Dong FangBai destroyed the founder of the fire of fire skill, forced marriage and lock into jail. Dong FangBai is going to work with Lv Lin to eradicate the Six-finger Ghost. Seimei is wounded again for avoiding Lv Lin and abandoning the devil. "Gui Nu" rescues Yuet Wah and debunks Dong Fang Bai plot. Lv Lin together with Yuet Wah, Gui Nu, and Xuemei attack Dong FangBai, everyone was hurt by Dong FangBai and Dong FangBai won the "Magic Devil."

Double gun (TV)[2003]

Feature: The hero Ying Xiong is a hairdresser who just stepped into the hairdressing industry. One day he went to work on his way and accidentally hit "dead." Lv Xia {homonym: woman} met her father for the first time. And you wife {You Ping {homophonic: "oil bottle" bottle} see this will take this opportunity to request Ying Xiong to take up the responsibility to take care of mothers and daughters, and everything entangled Ying Xiong, Ying Xiong how to avoid the end will not escape the mother Girls two palms heart. Double ring gun publicity photos but did not expect Ying Xiong peach life constantly, often encounter some bloody, difficult to parry quality women, almost make Ying Xiong fall into the trap of beauty, which mother and daughter in order to protect their own men , Afraid of falling into the hands of other women Ying Xiong, always diligent, come up with his life-long treasure box unique, exhausted means Ying Xiong again and again. Every time I return, waiting for Ying Xiong's life is dark, so again and again, Ying Xiong finally eyes full of tears shouting toward the sky, "a man will eventually be enslaved by two women ---- wife and wife-in-law."

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