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Pan Xiao Yang


Pan Xiao Yang, a graduate of the Shanghai Theater Academy, director of Mainland China, producer and director at the national level. In 1985, directed the first national folk drama "Basang and her siblings", the drama won the first prize of the 6th national television "Flying Award" single drama. In 1988, Pan Xiao Yang was nominated for the top ten film and television directors in the new era. In 1992, with the directed modern drama "South Travels" won the 12th drama Flying Award for outstanding director award. In 1995, directed the family drama "Son of the Earth", the play won the Monte Carlo International Television Festival in France "Golden Fairy Award", Japan Art Festival Award. In 1998, selected by the British University of Oxford published "twentieth Century Chinese outstanding contributors directory." In 2000, directed the love drama "Bauhinia Medal", the play won the Central Propaganda Department "five outstanding works of a TV drama award", the twenty-first Chinese drama Flying Award long drama second prize. In 2004, directed inspirational drama "small students." In 2006, producer love inspirational drama "Hong Kong sisters." In 2009, producer inspirational love drama "Lotus Rain." In 2012, she directed the youth drama "Angel Emily" and the police bandit "Eagle's Nest Preparatory Police Officer." In 2014, directed youth inspirational drama "school flowers that thing."

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