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Krazycrazykrezy ... (Movie)[2009]

Feature: In a national cycling championship, the unlucky pro Geng Hao (Huang Bo decorated) lost to the runner-up with a slight gap of 0.01 seconds, and finished second in the runner-up. Then he was bullied by Li Fala , Was banned for life because of a positive drug test. As a result, his coach (Ma Shaohua) became so angry. Years later, Geng Hao rely on the car to transport aquatic living, feeding stroke coaching, and then the liar Li Fala relies on its marketing of supplements, "kidney silver" big fortune. Lee abandoned the stout burly wife, so the hiring of two amateur killers (Wang Shuangbao & Baduo ornaments) to kill his wife, the result killer was bought by his wife; Geng Hao coach urgent fire hearts, life alas, Geng Hao follow the teacher's last wish to find Li Fala Taiwanese gangsmen led by the East China Sea (Rong Xiang) came to the mainland to do business with Thai drug dealers (Worapoj Thuantanon), but the controversy between Geng Ho and Lee Fala led to a police car, too Stir up their good deeds. Originally irrelevant groups of people, due to chance and staged a series of good show ... ...

Do not love me (TV)[2006]

Feature: Fei Yang (Vivian Hsu) Just been graduated from the University of the United Kingdom was confirmed by the hospital that she had a family genetic disease, only one hundred days of life left, so she fled to Shanghai alone, choose the most happy way to cross Every day. Fei Yang met Shanghai painter Xu Feng (Hugh), both of whom felt happy. In order not to let Xu Feng feel the pain of death, Fei left Xu Feng. After Xu Fei's disappearance, Xu Feng discovers her and finally finds her. In order to gain more time with her people, Fei Yang promised to be treated. When all people thought Fei Yang's operation was successful, only Xu Feng silently endured the pain of Fei's leaving at any time. Xu Feng proposed to Fei Yang to arrange a princess-style wedding for Fei Yang and then took her Take the train to Shangri-La, the two spent the last happy hour.

TheChanceOfSunshine (TV)[2004]

Feature: Shen ShiTao is a very talented violinist, father because of his father Shen Jun obstruction of his career, and his father stills broke up, alone, rented in an old apartment building, daily music accompaniment , Life is quite contented. Every time he goes out, he is always used to going left. Cui LePing, who grew up in an orphanage, also lives in this apartment building. She is a translator full of romantic ideas and is currently translating a large work. Every time she goes out, she is always used to going right. Housing landlord a fire burned Leping's home and translation, Leping unemployed. To apologize, the landlord will Leping placed in the room next door Shi Tao. Shitou and Leping became neighbors, but due to different living habits, the two often interfere with each other and quarrel across the wall, but they have never met before. Leping helped a heart-attacking old man in front of the fountain at the park, and afterwards, two people became friends at the same time as the elderly, who was Shitao's father, Shen Jun. Shi Tao scalded his hand in the fire, sister Shi Xian to visit him. Shi Xian, who once fell in love with the poor sour chef Tang Ming, was obstructed by his father and misunderstood Tang Ming. Because of secular rumors, Shi Xian has been painful, the physical condition deteriorating. Again in front of the fountain, Leping unexpected encounter with Shi Tao, love at first sight, spent a beautiful afternoon. When a heavy rain, wet the two each other to stay on the phone. A wall apart, but difficult Acacia. Shi Tao finally stage performance. Leping but due to temporary events failed to meet Shitao. Shi Xian and Tang Ming have also been entangled in the feelings of the heart and people around the misunderstanding. Shi Xian fell ill, was diagnosed with leukemia. Leping and Shi Tao are looking forward to each other's call, but only reap the disappointment, have decided to leave the city. Before leaving, they spontaneously came to meet the pool for the first time, saw each other familiar figure. They decided to stay together for life. Their own business also have a turning point at this time. The future of life is bright. However, this time, Shi Tao suffered a car accident, lost his hearing. He decided to take the initiative to disappear in Leping's world. Leping Leping helplessly looking across the city. Tao staggered aimlessly around, back to the first encounter with Leping, memories of old happy fragments, and began to learn the life in a silent world. Shiyan recovered, untied misunderstanding with Tang Ming, decided to get married and showed his father Shen Jun that he would not trample on love for money and status. Shen Jun felt disappointed with the "betrayal" of her children. At the same time, I also have to admit that I also find it hard to give up some emotion when I was young. Coincidentally, this makes Shen Jun difficult to give up the woman was actually Leping's adoptive mother Xia KaiYan. Leping surprised Shitou's sudden disappearance and decided to find out the truth. After hardships. At the same time, they are also trying their best to help their parents grow old again. Once, Leping inadvertently heard the sound of the next door, followed the sound of prestige, surprised to find that the original find their own Tao is actually only separated from their own, and she also found the fact that Shi Tao deaf. Shi Tao, however, suppressed his emotions, indifferently rejected Leping, and only thought of Leping and apology into the music of his own creation.Leping back home, trying to break the corner of the two walls, then left. Among the manuscripts she left behind, there is a preface which states that true love should be shared by both men and women. Leping travel around. Shi Tao hearing recovery, began a tour. The passage of time, the people around the harvest of love Tang Ming finally married Shi Xian; Shen Jun and Xia KaiYan words go well; only Shitou and Leping walk in the left and right of this world, constantly missing in the thoughts and expectations. Leping returned home, came to Shi Tao first met before the fountain, cherish the memory of the past. In the grass, she saw a familiar figure, it is Shitao. Two lovers finally know that some people are destined to meet, but sometimes, fate will be joking with those who love each other.

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