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Zhu Yaying

Zhu Yaying


  • Libras
  • 9-25
  • Shanghai, China
Zhu Yaying, actress in mainland China, chief performing artist of China Welfare Association Children's Art Theater. In 1996, starred in the TV series "love of children," played a lottery. In 2002 starred in "injury", play the role of Yao mother. In 2003, starred in the "Six Fingers Magic", as Murong Xiao. In 2005, Mrs. Ding was played in "Lotus Lantern". In the same year, she acted as Mrs. Stuart in "Unrequiring Princess"; subsequently, she participated in "New Last Night's Star" and played Deng Mu; later, in "Bath Fire Phoenix" In plays the crow mother-in-law. In 2007, in the "Eight Immortals Biography" played in the mother. In 2008, Bei Bei Ma played the role of "City Six." In 2009, starred in "Dai Yu Chuan", played in the play Xue aunt; the same year, in the "mother of Chinese family" plays Wei Gugu. In 2010, starred in "Who knows a woman's heart," played in the play Du Yunshan mother; the same year participated in the "injury", "Lennon affection" two works. In 2010, in the "Ji Gong 2" played a ghost Langmou mother; the same year, in the "Palace lock heart jade" plays a forest mother. In 2013, participated in the "virtuous wife", played in the play "evil mother" Li Shuixian. In 2014, starred in "Epaulettes", played in the playMa Ma. In 2015, starred in "Happy full house", plays in the play Lu Xiaogu mother. In the same year in December, starred in the "hummingbird", played Bao Tianjun in the play. In 2016, Zhu Yaying starred in the drama "Love Shining." 2017 in the drama "our love" plays Jin Dong mother.

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